Environmental Research Team
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Environmental Research Team

What is the Environmental Research Team?

The Environmental Research Team specializes and studies environments of the backrooms. The study of these enviroments includes: Level 115, Level 45 and more. Outposts have been setup in these levels, whilst studying and will be closed and or destroyed after complete.

The outposts usually consist of five to ten people, sent from an unknown level to study said level whomst which people are prepared and armed with weapons required for that level. Supplies usually consist of Almond water, First Aid, Non-Perishable Foods, Smiler Exterminator and more.

Data Collected


Level 115 seems to be a cold indoors area that appears to be a place for skiing. Facelings and hounds occupy these areas. The halls twist for miles with a slight occurrence of finding the main lobby.
The lobby is a fair crimson-red with a Faceling at the desk. The entities here are quite friendly with the exception of hounds. The lights sometimes turn off, like Level 0 and Level 1, for minutes or hours. We've talked to the rest about this and they think smilers may exist here as-well and come out in the dark. Smiler Exterminator was dropped off today 9 days, 21 hours, 33 minutes and 20 seconds after we've entered. We're going to log the times that the lights turn off at and how long they stay off.



We've decided to log this one, time seems to flow faster in this level of the backrooms; my point is that the lights turn off faster, staying off for longer. We've seen smilers outside, there's at-least over 20 of them. Our lights are turned off, we're sealing most exits and entrances - we don't think we're prepped.
After the lights have turned back on, we're leaving this level as soon as possible. This may be a transition to Level 115.5. We'll make another log if anything interesting happens., expect us in Level 11.


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