Entity 999
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There's something strange about my friend today. It's like he's been replaced with a totally different person ever since the day he got infected with that disease. Unlike before, he hides in the corner with that gaping smile and weird delusion of taking over the human population. Or is it just me?

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Sample of the entity locked inside a petri dish. Picture taken: April 1st 2016

HABITAT(S): Majority


Entity 999 refers to a specific array of extreme hallucinations and pathogens often infecting solitary wanderers in the Backrooms. The entity has been witnessed to appear near isolated areas, infecting food items and supplies; however, due to the unnatural appearance of Entity 999, the pathogen is difficult to identify. On occasions where human beings or other organisms are within its vicinity, the proliferation rate of Entity 999 has shown to decline abnormally. This effect has indicated that the entity possesses some variety of sentience and consciousness.

It has been reported that the microorganism can adapt and evolve from hazardous chemical environments with an unnatural efficiency and speed. Consequentially, a majority of attempts to replicate the process to kill off the disease have all been unsuccessful. Additional results have divulged that Entity 999 is capable of acclimating to near-infeasible environments in contrast with normal bacteria. Due to the entity's biological trait, it is currently forbidden for anyone, including personnel assigned to work on biomedicine, to attempt to create an antidote or treatment in order to eliminate the possibility of creating an accidental superbug.

Under observations, Entity 999 has failed to fully reflect light from the visible spectrum,1 causing a semi-translucent appearance under a dark ambiance. Due to the transparency of Entity 999, distinguishing non-contaminated food items from pathogen-infected supplies requires thorough inspections. Additionally, as a consequence of the unnatural size of the entity and its ability to convert ultraviolet light to visible light, poorly built microscopes that can emit UV light can instead be utilized to conduct significant research. Flashlights that emit light from or close to the ultraviolet spectrum are also used to spot contaminated food items under darker ambiances.

Observations of the entity using certain adjustments through UV light have indicated an abnormal biological characteristic analogous to bacteria; however, it hasn't been fully confirmed. Although reasons are unclear, during stricter surveillance, Entity 999 has been reported to lose all capability of proliferation.

Subsequent to an experiment conducted on April 1st, 20162, results have shown certain irregularities in the entity's behavior near mobile cells. During testing under ultraviolet microscopy, certain research members within the facility reported witnessing red blood cells within a 10-millimeter radius of Entity 999 malfunctioning in a "chemically induced manner". This has further illustrated the possibility that the microorganism is capable of releasing chemicals into the bloodstream that could agitate and disrupt the red blood cells, causing fatigue (as they carry oxygen). Latterly, this theory has been accepted as a general axiomatic belief after numerous observations; however, no explicit evidence has supported this hypothesis.

Symptoms and Logical Methods:

Patients who have been infected with a strain of Entity 999 have been documented to experience varying degrees of severe side effects. It is hypothesized that the criticality of the symptoms is determined by how the pathogen enters the bloodstream. Currently, there are two known biological methods that Entity 999 utilizes to penetrate through the arteries to intercept the immune system. They are often categorized and named as internal and external entries.

An internal entry refers to being infected with the pathogen by the means of consuming beverages and food items that have been contaminated with Entity 999. Many involved research members have theorized that the process of internal entry is a prime cause of acute and severe symptoms in accordance with certain accounts. The current reason for this effect can't be precisely understood. However, a significant conclusion, brought up through biological and statistical observations, is that the severity of the symptoms has been witnessed to be dependent on the method of entry. As a result, since contaminated food often contains more disease, the seriosity of the symptoms becomes greater.

External entry is a method for the pathogen to enter the human body through the eyes, nose, mouth, or any entry point that allows access to the lymphatic system or the bloodstream. The symptoms are, under normal circumstances, milder when juxtaposed to infections caused by a method of internal entry.

These are the current recorded series of symptoms that have been authenticated to occur:

  • Swelling of lymph nodes
  • Delirium
  • Confusion
  • Anemia
  • Jaundice
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss
  • Loss of Consciousness (~4 Nycthemerons)
  • Possibly Death
  • Major change in personality

(The symptoms are listed in chronological order.)

Additionally, the disease is often divided into two different stages. The time interval between each stage has been reported to be inconsistent, as multiple factors determine the overall reproduction rate. However, the average calculated interludes between the two stages using statistical methods is approximately two nycthemerons3.

Abnormally, it has been witnessed from a majority of cases that the reaction from the immune system to external pathogens becomes slowed and weakened upon infection, indicating that Entity 999 is capable of intercepting or killing off a significant portion of specific immune cells. This causes a sudden deficiency within the immune system that is often believed to be associated with fatalities. However, symptoms often dissipate without treatment after one to two weeks of infection.

In addition, delusions experienced during infection are believed to be caused by the malfunction of essential cells in the liver and the brain due to the effects of the unidentified chemical compound. Consequentially, toxins that are normally filtered out in the liver will be present within the bloodstream, causing a deficiency of brain functionality. This is accompanied by the deactivation of neurons which results in vivid and perceptive reality-altering hallucinations experienced by the victims of Entity 999. Aberrantly, spatial awareness, conscience, and consciousness are greatly preserved under these conditions, as patients are often able to maintain comprehensive abilities and semi-proper communication. During the last stage of the disease, approximately 60% of the documented patients have been reported to experience a total loss of coherency and communicative abilities. White anthropoidal figures have additionally been witnessed by infected individuals at this stage; however, their purpose can't be properly determined4.

As a result of the unique behavior of Entity 999 in close proximity to human beings, symptoms caused can be suppressed when the victim is accompanied by other people or biological organisms. This has also been proven to function as a preventional method for alleviating side effects and reducing the number of reported cases. It is heavily advised to avoid food items that are coated with a thick semi-translucent gel and not to come within close proximity to other wanderers in remote areas. An additional recommendation is for all individuals to properly preserve food items and water and to, on all occasions, create alliances within a safe location to prevent further spread of the infection. If the presence of symptoms is to be indicated, Almond Water is to be used to treat and alleviate the side effects.

Entity 999-B

Entity 999-B is a parasitic worm often believed to be associated with Entity 999 as its presence is often observed inside the brains of individuals infected with the disease. There has been no distinctive correlation found with the physical symptoms experienced by victims. However, the worms is seen to be capable of intercepting the brain, resulting in the loss of consciousness and long-term memory. The origin of the worms is unknown, as no publically reported correlation has been found with the pathogen.


A specimen of Entity 999-B. Picture taken on: December 29th, 2014

The appearance of Entity 999-B has been reported to vary inordinately between individuals; however, their biological complexion (structure) and genetics appears to be highly related to bloodworms. In addition, many reports have stated that the parasite, when removed from the brain, has shown "anomalistic and preternatural behavior beyond comprehension". No public information has been released depicting the potential anomalies that the entity can cause; resultantly, due to the the lack of evidence, it has widely been ignored5. Abnormally, the population of worms inside the brain of infected individuals has shown to be in high proportionality with the population of the disease, indicating a potential correlation.

Stage R and NR

Stage R and NR refer to the two stages of the disease that are often diagnosed visually by determining the victim's mental and physical state. Stage R is the first stage of the disease, where Entity 999 has progressed to the bloodstream and the lymphatic system. The virulence of this stage has been reported to be dependent on the population of Entity 999 within the body and its initial method of entry. As a consequence, symptoms are prone to vary extensively. However, a majority of the confirmed cases have documented minor side effects which often include:

  • Swelled lymph nodes
  • Jaundice
  • Subtle loss of memory
  • Delirium
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Loss of concentration

Illustration of illusions seen when suffering from stage NR. Created on: November 4, 2015

Stage NR is often referred to as the last stage of cognitive desolation caused by the pathogen. During the transition to Stage NR, infected people have reported witnessing white anthropoidal silhouettes that are observed to imitate memories. These events that occur during the last stage of the disease have been documented to increase anxiety and blood pressure as a result of extreme nostalgia. It is hypothesized that the illusions are caused by Entity 999-B managing to access the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex, causing vague flashes of memory to be displayed. As a result, rapidly developing memory loss and derealization tend to arise due to severe, progressing cognitive influence caused by poorly understood factors.

Individuals who have recovered from Stage NR have shown signs of moderate to extreme personality changes; however, cognitive disability has never been officially reported. A safe distance should also be kept from an individual that exhibits erratic behavior, such as extreme aggressiveness and delusional thoughts, as there is a possibility of becoming infected. Due to the loss of cognitive disabilities subsequent to an infection, wanderers have speculated that Entity 999 possesses supernatural properties and can by unknown means switch consciousness. However, no evidence has supported this claim.

The Hidden Truth

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