Entity 99 - "The Game Master"
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An artistic depiction of Entity 99 by "Angel Dream".

Entity Number: 99

Habitat: Level 389


Entity 99, more commonly known as "The Game Master" is the sole entity that inhabits Level 389, "the Gaming Hall". This entity has full control over all 'games' on this level, and to an extent, the level itself. She has the appearance of a doll with a jester hat and dress, and appears to be suspended like a puppet. Photos of the Game Master are often replaced with an image of two eyes (though sometimes it will be blank), similar to the self-censoring mechanisms of Level 12.


The Game Master moves in a similar way to a marionette, where she will move around in gravity-defying mannerisms, as well as her hands having the appearance of being tugged on/around. She will typically be found tinkering with the games she creates/edits, or laying down on the ground like a rag-doll. The Game Master will often go several hours or even days completely limp. While the Game Master exhibits control over the entire Level, she cannot leave and claims to be trapped inside.

When playing a game with a survivor trapped inside Level 389, the Game Master will always attempt to cheat at the game without the player knowing. However, if called out on her breaking the rules, she will instantly be forced to stop. This same rule applies to the player. It is still unclear what actually happens when a game is lost. Her personality could be described as chaotic.


What happens when a picture is taken of Entity 99 without her permission.


Almost nothing is known about the mechanical biology of the Game Master. It is assumed that she is a puppet in the literal sense, and something unknown to us currently is in control of her physical body. Appearance wise, she wears a jester hat, half yellow-beige and half blue, with a matching dress fit with red buttons. Her face resembles a doll, with X shaped eyes stitched in.

The Game Master seems to have powerful telekinetic and reality-altering abilities, being able to create games that break the laws of physics, and edit these games without making physical contact. In addition, Level 389 itself seems to move and change layout to her will. Fortunately, she does not use these powers to harm survivors in this level. May also result in censorship of photos of her.


The earliest known reference to something similar to the Game Master was in a diary from 1997. The first encounter with the M.E.G. was in 2019. See M.E.G.: First Encounter - Entity 99 for more information.

Interview Log 99 - 01/29/2020

Preface: The following is an attempt at an interview with Entity 99. Researcher Jordan Kim-Lee volunteered to find Level 389, in an attempt to further understand the motivations behind the Game Master. Audio received was streamed back to Base Alpha.

Summary: Researcher Kim-Lee returned to Base Alpha missing several fingernails, and in need of immediate emergency surgery. While he did survive the operation, he unfortunately regressed into a Stage 2 Wretch due to the immense psychological trauma. It took several days to resuscitate him, and many more weeks of counseling before he made a full recovery. In later interviews, he reported the pile of bodies to look identical to his own friends and family members.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Try your absolute hardest to win the game
  • Pick games that are more straight-forward
  • More convoluted rules means more chances for her to cheat


  • Get caught cheating
  • Attempt to escape the Gaming Hall before winning
  • Try to take pictures of the Game Master

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