Entity 987 - "The God on Level 532"
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To: Oleana White, Research Team Circe
From: David Armstrong, Research Team Circe
Subject: Research into The Lost
Date: 9.21.2021

I think it would be in our best interests to finally investigate one of the Backrooms' best-kept secrets: The Lost. As you know, information about this group is scarce, and what little we have to go off is, at times, completely contradictory, which is why this avenue has not been given much attention in the past. However, I believe they are likely to be a valuable enough asset that any information we can find related to them will be well worth it.

These are a people who have lived in the Backrooms for thousands of years longer than anyone else we have on record, which means they almost certainly have a vast wealth of knowledge far beyond anything we have access to in the Database. In addition to that, however, there is one more detail about The Lost that makes them especially intriguing.

Several entries in the database make reference to individual members of The Lost living for hundred or even thousands of years, and while this may simply be myth or superstition, the world that we live in holds so many wondrous secrets that it may very well be true, and if there's even a chance that these people have cracked the secret of immortality, then this isn't something we can simply walk away from without investigating.

The difficulty, as always, is finding them. So, I have done as much research as possible in pinpointing any possible leads we can look into to see if there's any way for us to get in contact with The Lost. I have attached a list containing the most valuable of these below.

I have come upon the limit of my research into the information fully available, and these leads will need to be our next step. If you see even a glimmer of use in my studies here then I urge you to grant me the support I need, and together, we may finally be able to solve the secrets of the Backrooms.

Abridged List of Leads

  • Bibliotheca, Vol. 3 by Leo Castellos is part of an ancient encyclopedia that is said to have been created by an individual known as "Leo Castellos". This book was discovered by the M.E.G. and contains detailed descriptions of many entities. The book is still in possession of the M.E.G., so we don't have full access to it, but some of the more important sections have been uploaded to the Database. The search for the other volumes, as well as the author himself, is still ongoing, and it is still unknown how this book originally came into possession of the M.E.G.
  • A handful of M.E.G. interviews in the Database from over a decade ago. Unfortunately, we can't very well knock on Overseer Stretch's door and ask him how the M.E.G. was able to contact members of The Lost for interviews. Our contacts on the inside haven't been able to provide us with anything either, which is very curious, considering how big the M.E.G. is on freedom of information. My best guess would be that their access to The Lost rested with someone who is no longer with the organization and has been lost to time.
  • Level 37. It is believed that a large group of The Lost once called this level their home, but at some point, they were either all destroyed somehow or fled to another level. This level has provided us with a number of Lost-related artifacts. Unfortunately, most of them are effectively worthless outside of historical value.
  • Level 80. According to the Database, the M.E.G. received a note from a member of The Lost regarding the level's accelerated aging effect. Although this seems small, I am including it due to the fact that it involves aging, and therefore, may be intertwined with the mechanism by which some members of The Lost have survived for this long.
  • The Object 3 incident. This is the most extensive communication between The Lost and another group that we have on record. It is because of this document that I originally began realizing the vast knowledge that The Lost may possess. If they knew about these secrets, I can only imagine what else they might know. Unfortunately, not much is known about the locations or personnel involved in that incident, and the M.E.G.'s further attempts of continuing this contact have been fruitless.
  • Rumors of a member of The Lost residing on Level 648. Nothing concrete, but there have been some reports of someone residing there who is known only as "The Father" and is believed by some to be a member of The Lost. Although these rumors are somewhat questionable, I'm including them here due to the fact that they can be proven or disproven relatively easily, which is more than we can say about most of our leads.
  • The entity on Level 532. In the interview included in the Database entry for that level, the entity within describes a history that seems to go far beyond our known history, perhaps into the time of The Lost. However, due to the danger associated with this entity, it may be wise to leave this lead be unless it is absolutely necessary to explore it.

David Armstrong, Research Team Circe

To: Oleana White, Research Team Circe
From: David Armstrong, Research Team Circe
Subject: Results of the Expedition to Level 37
Date: 11.17.2021

As suggested by you, we first investigated what more we could find from The Lost temples of Level 37. This expedition has now been completed successfully. For the majority of our expedition, we didn't come across anything that hadn't already been recorded in the Database entry. Most of the rooms that we came across were completely devoid of anything that we could use, but we did come across one chamber which had a few artifacts of note.

Artifacts Found in Level 37

  • A box of 12 arrowheads. This ornate box was crafted out of wood, with an inscription in Greek that translated roughly to "Thorns to slay a lion". Notably, these arrowheads all seemed to be made of iron and had a number of undeciphered runes carved into them.
  • A small metal bell without a clapper; despite this, it still rings when shaken. Significance unknown.
  • An elaborate glass sphere crafted in the shape of an eyeball. It has the strange property that it turns around to "look" at various people in the same room as it.
  • A wooden key. Anyone who touches it instinctively knows that it corresponds to a door on Level 135. After touching it, I felt a feeling of dread associated with the idea of opening the door that it corresponds to, and the others who have touched it have felt the same. I am unsure if this is an effect of the key.
  • A few pages from a book written in what appears to be Egyptian hieroglyphics. We have not yet been able to translate it, but we have been scouring several library levels for literature on hieroglyphics, and we should be able to translate it soon.

Although this expedition was fairly fruitful, I would not recommend going much further. We had some close calls with the dangerously non-Euclidean architecture of the temple, and it almost seemed like the temple itself was moving in a way designed to make explorers lose track of their surroundings. This led us to exit the expedition early. Although we made it out this time, I fear that the more expeditions we do, the more likely it is for something to go wrong. Still, I am optimistic as to the contents of the untranslated pages, and I will keep you updated with the details.

David Armstrong, Research Team Circe

To: Oleana White, Research Team Circe
From: David Armstrong, Research Team Circe
Subject: Expedition to Level 648
Date: 12.01.2021

Due to difficulties finding literature to help translate Ancient Egyptian, we have decided to shift our focus to another of our leads, that being Level 648. This one was pretty easy to look into; we simply went to the level and asked around for a wanderer known as "The Father". He wasn't nearly as reclusive as I expected, and we were able to get access to him pretty easily. I have included my interview with him below that took place in his home in the level's main community.

U.E.C. Interview Log 11.28.2021
Interviewed: The Father
Interviewer: David Armstrong

<Begin Log>

David Armstrong: Now that I've started the recording, I have some questions that I would like you to answer for me.

The Father: Of course! Let's begin.

David Armstrong: Here's my first question. You introduced yourself as "The Father", but it feels very strange to call you that. Would you mind providing me with your real name?

The Father: [Laughs] Well, no. I wouldn't mind providing you with my real name, but I'm afraid it wouldn't do you any good. I only call myself "The Father" because it's easier for other people.

David Armstrong: Try me.

The Father: [Unintelligible]

David Armstrong: Alright, "The Father", it is.

The Father: [Laughs]

David Armstrong: I suppose I should get straight to the point. I'm here to ask you about The Lost. Is it true that you are or were a member of The Lost?

The Father: [Pauses] Well, I would say that yes, I am— or was part of the group that you call "The Lost", but I, personally, wouldn't describe it as that. After all, you are just mashing every culture that's been here longer than you in one box and calling it a day. But yes, to answer your question, I am a part of "The Lost".

David Armstrong: I see. And thanks in advance for answering my questions. If you're curious, I'm part of a group called the "Unbound Explorers Coalition", and I think our values actually match up quite well with yo—

The Father: I'm fine with answering your questions, but I will ask that you leave me out of your politics. I, unfortunately, already know all about the squabbles between you and the M.E.G.

David Armstrong: I apologize.

The Father: Oh, no need. Next question?

David Armstrong: Is it true that you're immortal.

The Father: Ah, so that's what you're here for. Yes, that is true, though I can't say I'd recommend you go too far down that path. It's not nearly as exciting as you might think. I mean, you might not expect it, but eventually, you're going to finish everything you set out to do, and when that happens… Well, it gets boring, to be completely frank.

David Armstrong: How exactly did you become immortal?

The Father: Ah, a long time ago, the leader of my village made a deal with a God, and one thing led to another, and here I am.

David Armstrong: Made a deal with God?

The Father: Well, not a God God.

David Armstrong: Can you expand on that?

The Father: Son, if I explained it all to you, we'd be here all day, and I want to take a nap soon. Actually, you know what, I think I'll go take a nap right now.

David Armstrong: Wait, one more thing.

The Father: Yes?

David Armstrong: Do you, by chance, know how we could translate something from Ancient Egyptian?

[The Father wordlessly goes over to the bookshelf and pulls down a book titled "Ancient Egyptian for Dummies"]

The Father: Don't worry, you don't have to return it.

<End Log>

I'm not yet sure how fruitful the interview was, but at the very least, we now have a contact who has knowledge of The Lost, which is pretty important. I have a feeling we'll be talking to him many times in the future. Either way, we now have a way to translate the pages from Level 37, and my gut is telling me that this might be important. Additionally, that line about becoming immortal by "making a deal with a God" may be the biggest lead we have ever found, despite how esoteric it is. I will keep you posted with further developments.

David Armstrong, Research Team Circe

To: Oleana White, Research Team Circe
From: David Armstrong, Research Team Circe
Subject: Translation of Documents Acquired from Level 37
Date: 12.19.2021

We have finished translating the necessary documents. With the help of the book that The Father provided, it only took us about a week to get it all down. I've been in this place for years, but it's still hard to get used to not having the internet. I guess I kind of took the fact that I had access to all the knowledge of the entire human race for granted, but I digress. It's pretty clear at this point that it's only a couple of pages from a more complete source, but it still may be very useful. I have included a sample of the translation below:

Document Received from Level 37
…and in his hubris, he grew complacent. He relied on the worship of his subjects. He grew to trust those who only worshiped him out of fear, and when that fear was relaxed, they turned on him.

On the 984th day of [untranslatable]'s rule, the people grew sick of him. They grew sick of the manipulation. Sure, they still feared his power, but now they knew they could surpass his with their own. He may have been a God, but he was one God, and they were many men.

On the 985th day, the Butcher decided to organize the rebellion. He went to the Blacksmith and ordered a set of chains. These chains would be covered with the symbols that had been passed down for generations. And yet, they knew that these chains would not be enough, so they found eleven volunteers to give their lives for the cause. These eleven were mothers and fathers who had lost their kin at the hands of [untranslatable]. And so, they had nothing else to live for but to see [untranslatable] fall, and they agreed to give their lives valiantly.

On the 986th day, the people decided to carry out their plan. [untranslatable] agreed to a cloak fitting. The Taylor brought him to a location that they had declared ahead of time. They threw the chains on him, and the iron burned his skin. This gave them enough time to start the ritual. Eleven arrows pierced his skin as the volunteers began to shed their flesh in the fire. They kicked him down the stairs and beat him into submission until everything had fallen into place.

On the 987th day, they closed the door.

One thing I've noticed here is that this bears a lot of similarities to the entity and location mentioned in the Database entry for Level 532. The Father said that we needed to make a deal with a God for immortality, and I think we've found our God.

David Armstrong, Research Team Circe

Retrieved M.E.G. Document on Entity 987


A painting, which is believed to be of Entity 987, recovered from Level 37. Notably, the face seems to be unfinished.



Entity 987 is a large humanoid entity that was found locked within a room in Level 532. The entity has dark-grey skin and only wears the tattered remains of a red robe and black chains covered in ornate runes. It has no facial features save for a large eye in the center of its face, which has a blue iris and no pupil. Despite a lack of a mouth, the entity is still able to produce vocalizations through unknown means. The entity speaks a number of languages, including English, and seems to have intelligence at or above that of humans. Although the entity cannot escape from its prison cell, M.E.G. members are prohibited from going near the bars, as the entity is considered highly dangerous, and the full effects that it can produce through physical contact are not fully understood at this time (see the Interview Log attached to the Level 532 file for more information).

M.E.G. member, Fortina Sorens, was able to provide a partial translation of the runes found on the chains. The most complete sections have been included below.

Eleven [bodies/souls/lives] to [capture/imprison] one.

Fire [seals/cauterizes] the [???] of [life/energy].

The [ghosts/spirits/souls] of the [???] [watch/protect].

The burned [edges/ends] of [time/space] [remove/kill] the [exit/escape].

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Avoid coming into contact with the entity.


  • Speak to the entity.
  • Touch the entity.
  • Trust the entity.

U.E.C. Operation AMBROSIA


Performed On:

Operation Leader:
D. Armstrong, Research Team Circe

Involved Personnel:
O. Santiago, Servants of Ponos
S. Litovsk, Servants of Ponos
C. Hamilton, Servants of Ponos
Z. Ahmad, Servants of Ponos
X. Delgado, Servants of Ponos

The intent of this operation is to scope out Entity 987, and if an opportunity presents itself, secure detail with it by leveraging the fact that we have access to the world outside its cell. More likely than not, however, this mission will simply be used to gather intel for a future mission.

Plan of Action:
D. Armstrong will approach the entity and question is about making a deal while the rest of the personnel guard the main part of the level. D. Armstrong will attempt to negotiate a deal with the entity that will advance the U.E.C.'s goals. Such a deal would most likely involve anything that would give the U.E.C. more power, but due to how little we understand the entity's abilities, it will be up to D. Armstrong's judgment to determine how to proceed in the moment. The members of the Servants of Ponos are to trust D. Armstrong during the course of the operation and do what he orders them to without question.

Video Log:

<Begin Log>

[D. Armstrong enters Entity 987's chamber while the other personnel wait in the main part of the level]

Entity 987: Hello David.

D. Armstrong: How— How did you know my name?

Entity 987: Just a parlor trick. Are you that easily impressed?

[D. Armstrong laughs nervously]

D. Armstrong: I'm here to make a deal.

[Entity 987 lets out an animalistic laugh]

Entity 987: What could you possibly offer me?

D. Armstrong: Freedom.

Entity 987: I'm listening.

[D. Armstrong pulls out one of the iron arrowheads found in Level 37]

D. Armstrong: Do you see this? We have 11 more of these up there, and if I've done my research correctly, one of these in each of those urns should be enough to free you. Is that right?

[Both are silent for a moment]

Entity 987: Interesting. And what, pray tell, would you like in exchange for giving me freedom.

D. Armstrong: I just ask for immortality. That shouldn't be too hard for you.

[Entity 987 laughs]

Entity 987: And what about your friends upstairs? What's in it for them?

D. Armstrong: To hell with them. Do we have a deal?

Entity 987: Sure. Tell them to bury the arrowheads, and then shake my hand.

D. Armstrong: Immortality first. Then your freedom.

Entity 987: Fine.

[D. Armstrong sticks his hand through the bars in Entity 987's cell, and Entity 987 grabs it greedily]

[A jolt of energy visibly goes through D. Armstrong's body]

D. Armstrong: Yes.

D. Armstrong (yelling up the stairs): Bury the arrowheads.

[D. Armstrong tries to pull his hand away, but Entity 987 holds firmly to it]

D. Armstrong: Aaaarghhhh.

[D. Armstrong pulls his hand away from Entity 987, and the entity slumps backward]

[D. Armstrong drops the arrowhead that was in his other hand, and a deep burn scar can be seen on his palm]

D. Armstrong: Have fun with your immortality, David.

[The room is visibly shaking now]

[D. Armstrong stretches and then climbs up the stairs]

D. Armstrong: Ah, freedom.

[After D. Armstrong leaves, the door to Entity 987's chamber suddenly slams]

<End Log>

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