Entity 98 - "The Dollmaker"
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An artists representation of Entity 98, signed "Dream".

Entity Number: 98

Habitat: Level 389.1


Entity 98 is the sole Entity that inhabits Level 389.1. The Entity manifests as a humanoid entity made of cloth and thread, wearing a black Victorian-era dress, the sleeves of which extends endlessly to cover the entire Level. Entity 98 is characterized by glowing cyan threads sewn throughout the body and clothing.


Entity 98 is mostly docile unless provoked, and is as such not considered a huge threat. The Entity spends almost all of her time knitting and/or sewing different hand puppets, though the reason why is unclear. Upon completion, she drops the newly created puppet in front of her wherever she is, resulting in several piles spread around the Level. Other puppets can be found throughout the Level, suggesting she has moved places often. To current date, she sits in an area close to the entrance of Level 389.1. Each puppet exhibits strange properties upon interaction. A list of several notable ones can be found below.

  • A dog puppet, specifically a beagle. When grabbed, a bark was heard far away within the Level. When approached, nothing was discovered.
  • A puppet of a girl wearing a pink dress. When grabbed, Entity laughed, when questioned, acted as if nothing happened.
  • A puppet with a strikingly similar appearance to the current leader of the M.E.G., when questioned claimed to not know who the person was. When touched, a loud ringing is heard by any humans in the area, apparently not heard by the Entity.
  • A larger puppet that seems to depict Entity 83, with several torn pieces of fabric and cloth sewn on the side. Nothing happened when grabbed. Deemed anomalous as this is the only one that did nothing when grabbed.
  • A puppet of a boy in a blue shirt. When grabbed, Level seemed to experience an earthquake. Entity seemingly was not bothered.
  • A puppet matching the appearance of Entity 99. When grabbed, the Entity yelled, "DROP HER!" A connection between Entity 98 and Entity 99 is still under investigation. Continued in Interview Log 11/14/2020.

She hums a melody constantly, except when spoken to or otherwise stopped. Entity 98 acts calmly when interacted with, speaking in a low female voice. However, the Entity becomes aggravated when questioned or spoken to for long periods of time. Further behavioral analysis proceeding Interview Log 9/27/2020. If angered, Entity 98 will use her control over the sleeves throughout the Level to attack. Her most common and assumed favorite ways to kill are snapping of necks and asphyxiation, however other common ways may be hanging using the occasional pipes in Level 389.1 or dragging one underneath the layers of sleeves, at which point they are never seen again.


Entity 98 is a humanoid Entity made up of white cloth, characterized by glowing cyan thread keeping her body and clothing together. Two circles made out of cyan replace where eyes would be, it appears they have the capability to blink in some sense. Where a mouth would be a long slit appears in a locked smile toward the edges. Cyan thread holds the edges closed though a small portion in the center is left open, which she uses to talk.

She wears a black victorian dress with cream-white portions and frills, more cyan thread is sewn into parts of the dress, and a black victorian era sun hat, with a black flower, is placed on the right side. She looks to be kneeling at all times, as the dress folds over itself slightly. It is estimated at full height she is approx. ten (10) feet tall.

The sleeves of her dress seem to extend endlessly, covering the floor of Level 389.1 completely, and it is unknown how deep they go on the Level's floor. She has control of the entire length of the sleeves and can move them freely at any point throughout the Level. She is seen constantly making puppets with the use of arms hidden under the start of the sleeves. These arms do not continue through the entire length of the sleeves, but rather are proportionate to her body size. Her hands do not seem to have any fingers, rather shaped like mitten-esque appendages. It does not appear that she can remove them from the sleeves of her dress, it also seems this bothers her in some way, visibly becoming annoyed when having difficulty knitting or sewing.


On a routine questioning, the doll that anomalously leads to Level 389.1 was discovered. Entity 99 was questioned to varying results about the doll, until the doll was interacted with. Entity 98 was discovered soon after Level 389.1 was entered.

Interrogation Log 11/16/2020:

Begin Log: Time Unavailable
Interviewer: M.E.G. Operative Michaels
Interviewee: Entity 98 - "The Dollmaker"

(Second recording started after puppet was found and Level entered, Entity hums a melody as interviewer Michaels approaches)

OP Michaels: Um… Hello? Who are you?

The Entity continues to hum and craft puppets.

OP Michaels: E-excuse me? Miss?

She completely stops moving and humming. Sleeves start moving rapidly, wrapping around the person's upper arms and holding them up off the ground.

OP Michaels:Woah woah woah woah! Ok sorry-!! So sorry! I didn't mean to cause any trouble!

Entity 98: (Entity moves OP Michaels close to its face.) I haven't seen your kind before.

OP Michaels: Ok, for one, rude- and also, you didn't answer my…

Entity 98: Ah. It seems I am mistaken.

It seems to be remembering something for a second, then throws him violently away with the sleeves.

OP Michaels: Hughh!

Entity 98: I am a mistake of nature, barely a trace of what I used to be. I believe you've met my sister. She cannot remember, only the hatred remains. But I remember.

OP Michaels: Oh great, so she has a sister. Wonderful…

Entity 98: What child doesn't have a doll to play with? (Entity pauses for a moment before tearing the doll in its hands to shreds.)

OP Michaels: Well, I don't know if you two have been in close contact all that much, but even she seems a little more hospitable. (Groaning can be heard as he attempts to get up.)

Entity 98: You are not wrong. My sister has given herself a title fit for a king. Pitifully ironic, is it not? What court jester wears a crown? She is the master of games, I am the maker of dolls. You will call me the Dollmaker.

OP Michaels: If you think your 'sister' is some kind of pushover, she's not. Some of our best operatives have ended up dead because of her.

Entity 98: As if these endless mazes are not but for the most capable. (She starts humming a happier sounding tune, which echoes through the Level.)

OP Michaels: So… You know what its like out there. Why stay cooped up in here then? You've clearly been doing this for a while… (OP Evans points the camera at the ground, showing a considerable pile of dolls scattered around Entity 98.)

Entity 98: Call it a passion. Or prison. Whichever suits you best.

OP Michaels: (He looks down to the pile of dolls laid out in front of her, he bends down to one, its a doll of a dog. He reaches down to examine it, but freezes for a moment, before turning to the dollmaker.) Erm.. may.. I?

Entity 98: I do not mind what you do with my dolls after I have created them.

OP Michaels: (He reaches down to grab it, suddenly hearing a loud bark echoing out of the darkness. He freezes in place as he drops the doll, letting it drop softly on the floor)

Entity 98: (Entity lifts her head, the cyan circles on her face blink curiously) What is the matter?

OP Michaels: Y-you didn't hear the bark just now?

Entity 98: I did not, what are you talking about? (She tilts her head much like a curious dog)

A sleeve flies out of the floor and grabs his back shirt collar, pushing him face down, before sliding him on the silk sleeves up to the Entity. The sleeve lifts him in front of her, she looks angry. The camera was dropped and is now filming them from the floor.

Entity 98: What is your purpose here? Are you here to torment me? Tell me why I should not wring your neck as we speak.

OP Michaels: I was sent to Entity Ni-.. your sister's.. level, we were trying to see if an easier way to escape existed. And I stumbled across that doll. And I fell in here.

Entity 98: Doll? (She says, though it's hard to tell if she's being sarcastic or not. She turns away and then back to him suddenly.) Do you wish to leave this place?

OP Michaels: Y-yes I- gak-! (A choking noise is heard as a third length of sleeve wraps suddenly around his neck.)

Entity 98: What if I killed you right now? (The sleeve around his neck tightens and he gasps for breath, the smile on the Entity's face widens as if she is enjoying this.) Wouldn't be difficult…

OP Michaels: I- wait-

Entity 98: (Her smile fades quickly to its usual locked grin position, her grasp loosens and her expression stiffens.) Do not return here.

OP Michaels: (Gasping) Wai- what-

Sleeves drop out underneath Michaels, he holds on for a second but slips down. The entity sits for a second before glancing at the camera. Silk is heard moving extremely fast as multiple different sleeve portions fly up and then at the camera, feed stops.

Summary: OP Michaels ended up falling into Level -1, and returned to Base Alpha in Level 0 after 36 hours, with only minor injuries. Camera was recovered upon the next expedition, broken. NOTE FOR O.P. MICHAELS: Stop being such a snarky asshole, you almost got killed there. I don't care how aware you think these things are, they're not human.

End Log: Time Unavailable

Do's and Don'ts:


  • If you do come across her, be kind and respectful.
  • Leave Level 389.1 as fast as possible.


  • Touch any of her puppets, with or without knowledge of their anomalous properties.
  • Act in any way antagonistic toward her, or anger her in any way.

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