Scream Eaters
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An artist's depiction of a Scream Eater, as described from several survivors and sightings.

Entity Number: 97

Habitat - Level 93

Scream Eaters are ghostly entities composed purely of Liquid Silence. They are rarely found in Level 93 during severe blizzards and are hostile when hungry. They have an unorthodox food source, namely sound waves.

A Scream Eater's Liquid Silence remains are normally stored for safekeeping, as it is quite useful.


Scream Eaters are humanoid creatures, similar to old legends of ghosts in the Frontrooms albeit with several differences. They have no organs or central nervous system, instead being made out of Liquid Silence and nothing else. They are solitary creatures that aimlessly wander for many years at a time, before eventually having to feed.

Scream Eaters have no discernable legs or feet, and a long ragged hood and cloak formed from Liquid Silence disguises their true features. They levitate a foot off the ground generally, and their face is an inky web of Liquid Silence, with two gaping holes representing their eyes. A picture of a Scream Eater has never been taken, due to them only being seen in extremely poor weather conditions.

Four tentacles up to an inch in diameter can erupt from the Scream Eater's body at will, moving at very quick speeds in order to trap their prey. Many thinner inky tentacles emerge from where a mouth would normally be on a human, waving around gently midair. It is theorised that Scream Eaters locate their prey and study their surroundings with these tentacled appendages, as they do not have noses or eyes. Scream Eaters use their mouth tentacles as a primary feeding apparatus as well.

Scream Eaters cause emotional changes in most entities up to thirty meters away. Initial uncomfortableness or a sense of being watched develops into full blown hysteria and screaming within half a meter. This fear inducing capability is used by Scream Eaters to feed. They also have the ability to phase through thin walls and objects, however this capability is not represented in Liquid Silence for an unknown reason.


Scream Eaters are generally harmless, able to survive for decades on one meal1. It is impossible to kill Scream Eaters who have not recently fed, due to them being composed of sound-poor Liquid Silence.

Once hungry, Scream Eaters will roam during blizzards and hunt down stray entities. After trapping them with their four thick tentacles, they will envelop the entity with their mouth appendages, clutching the entity's head tightly and holding the rest of the body still with the four torso tentacles. According to survivors, several of these thinner tentacles are forcibly shoved down victims' esophagi, and can leave a film of Liquid Silence for many months, preventing the survivor from making loud noises.

Due to the fear inducing capabilities of Scream Eaters, victims will begin to exhibit extreme hysteria once trapped. This includes behavior such as screaming, thrashing and crying. Scream Eaters absorb all sound produced from this using their web of mouth tentacles over the victim's head. This means a victim of a Scream Eater will not be able to alert others to their predicament, no matter how loud they shout for help. After up to three days of intense screaming and fear, eventually the Scream Eater will detach. The victim's vocal chords are often left with irreparable damage, as well as their mind. Often the victim will die due to the extreme temperatures where Scream Eaters are found. Surviving victims have severe mental damage and often become Wretches within two to three hours after a Scream Eater has finished. Meals can last up a decade before a Scream Eater has to feed again.


A recently fed Scream Eater will have a large amount of soundwaves stored within its body. The special properties of Liquid Silence - what a Scream Eater's body is made of, can be applied in this scenario. Simply run an electrical current of 1 volt or more through the Scream Eater. Be wary, as the creature will spontaneously detonate with a power ranging from a hand grenade to a small bomb. Liquid Silence can be collected from the remains. Because a Scream Eater has only a single weakness, it is considered extremely dangerous when hostile.


Scream Eaters were first discovered by M.E.G. search team 09-3. Records recovered from their short stay in level 93 before their eventual deaths speak about faint humanoid shadows in the distance. Later teams documented Scream Eaters in more depth, discovering the properties of Liquid Silence and the hunting behaviors of Scream Eaters.

Do's and Don'ts:

Not enough is known about the general behavior and reactions of Scream Eaters outside of feeding, so there are no definitive recommendations on how to approach or deal with a Scream Eater.

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