Entity 96
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HABITAT(S): Level 9



A image of a strider taken by DrawzALot (Sydney).

Entity 96, also referred to as The Neighborhood Watch, consists of human eye-like entities predominantly found in Level 9 of the Backrooms. While occasionally spotted wandering near the borders of Level 9, they never intentionally cross into other levels.

These entities possess keen sight and touch but lack hearing and smell. They don't require food to survive and have never been seen consuming any.


The Neighborhood Watch is an exceptionally dangerous entity due to its aggressive behaviors towards any encountered living beings. The cause of this aggression remains unknown. If you happen to be spotted by The Neighborhood Watch, it's advisable to leave the level promptly.

They are also known to intentionally interfere with video and image recordings, causing static disruptions, and have the ability to destroy electronic devices by staying in proximity.


The Neighborhood Watch consists of three distinct categories of beings: Watchers, Striders, and Swimmers.



An image of a watcher
recovered from a dusty phone.

Watchers are characterized by their gigantic eyeball-like structures with multiple optic veins protruding from their surfaces. They appear to levitate effortlessly at walking speeds and silently glide over the suburban areas of Level 9, searching for life.

Upon spotting prey, watchers emit a beam of light from their pupils that instantly turns any living matter fully absorbed in the light into fine, gray dust. This light only affects living things and does not harm other instances of Entity 96.

There have been many online reports that victims retain their consciousness throughout this process, leading to physical and mental anguish, but they are unbased, as any who are turned to dust are unable to communicate.

Additionally, the surfaces of watchers are highly resilient, rendering conventional weaponry ineffective against them. There has never been a documented case of a watcher being destroyed by any type of man-made tool, weapon, or object. Wanderers are encouraged not to engage whenever they spot a watcher, or use backrooms objects such as Firesalt to destroy them.


Striders possess six 8-foot appendages composed of choroid, nerves, and veins centralized under their main eyeball. The main body is less resistant than that of a watcher's, allowing ranged weaponry to be effective against them. However, using firearms or Firesalt can attract the attention of nearby entities.

Striders are remarkably flexible despite their size, which makes them expert hunters and allows them to reach into buildings, making hiding in shallow rooms unadvisable.

They have been recorded reaching speeds of up to 90 mph, making them impossible to outrun. They are the most vigilant of the three, often seen looking into buildings and using their arms to grab beings hiding inside. When they locate a wanderer or entity, they use their arms to grab hold of and pummel their target onto nearby surfaces until they expire.


Swimmers, the smallest category of The Neighborhood Watch, are roughly the size of a dog and are adapted to aquatic life. They possess a soft, flexible, yet strong muscle structure that allows them to navigate tight spaces, such as pipes and hoses.

With eight optic nerves arranged similarly to octopi, swimmers can crawl out of water to slowly chase any organism they spot in an attempt to destroy them. Despite their small stature, they can latch onto victims with great strength and will attempt to submerge and drown them. If drowning is not an option, they will resort to tearing off exposed appendages in order to incapacitate their prey. After a kill, they abandon the corpse and continue searching for intruders.


The Neighborhood Watch entities are considered extremely dangerous. They exhibit medium levels of intelligence and are capable of tracking down wanderers and occasionally creating ambushes by leading them into one another. These entities also use the dark and unpredictable environment of the backrooms to their advantage, making themselves less visible.


Bringing Pockets into Level 9 is not advisable as they will immediately alert The Neighborhood Watch to your location. The cause for this is undetermined but may be related to their desirability among wanderers, and the exposed areas they appear in. After retrieval of a pocket, either a strider or a swimmer will collect the artifact and return it to its original area and resume patrolling the level. No other known object exhibits this property.

Electronic Distortion:


Example of Unknown Level.

Efforts to surveil Level 9 using electronic devices have consistently failed due to the unique nature of Entity 96.

When near Entity 96, electronic devices are prone to corruption. Even brief exposure can lead to screen malfunctions, distorted audio, and erratic behavior. Over time, devices become completely unresponsive and irreparably damaged. Sometimes, they fill with random images and audio, including unfamiliar creatures and places presumed to be in the backrooms, along with static and music. However, the reliability and origin of these files remain unknown.

Relying on electronic equipment is not only futile but also dangerous, increasing the risk of harm due to their unpredictable performance. Malfunctioning equipment may also attract other entities.

Testing Logs:

The following is a multitude of tests conducted by placing streaming devices in different areas of Level 9 to discover how they are affected by Entity 96.

Total Stream Time Before Destruction Category Device Additional Info
24 Minutes Strider Laptop The device was swiftly crushed by tendrils. The entity was out of frame but presumably spotted the device.
45 Minutes Swimmer Cell Phone The device was picked up by the swimmer and thrown around the environment multiple times. The video feed cut off when the cell phone was exposed to a bathtub. There was an increase in video quality when exposed to the swimmer.
34 Minutes Watcher Tablet Video feed shows a watcher approaching and lingering in front of the device. The video feed was slowly filled with black splotches and was eventually fully covered. The retrieved device no longer functions. There was a slight increase in video quality when exposed to the watcher before corruption.
29 Minutes Strider Cell Phone The video feed shows the strider picking up the device to inspect it and then throwing it against the ground. There was an increase in video quality when exposed to the strider.


The exact time they were discovered is uncertain, but the Lost possess old deteriorated records that describe their characteristics and title them "The Ones That Gaze Into Souls".

Research Logs:

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Stay hidden while traveling through Level 9.
  • Carry a weapon. You can fend off striders and swimmers if necessary.
  • Stay away from bodies of water.
  • Keep a level head at all times. The Neighborhood Watch will attempt to trick you.
  • Document all information about them in writing.


  • Power on electronics in Level 9.
  • Attempt to fight against a watcher.
  • Bring a Pocket into Level 9.
  • Run blindly through the level.
  • Panic.
  • Be afraid to make noise near them.
  • Take a picture of me

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