Entity 95 - "Reality Bugs"

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So we meet again, dear reader. I see you seem interested in my research on these little fellows. Very well, then. I’ll share it with you.


Reality Bugs take the appearance of small, iridescent, animals, bearing plenty of resemblance to the Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules), a species of rhinoceros beetle native to the rainforests of Central America, South America, and the Lesser Antilles. The largest measured specimens were seven (7) centimeters long, not accounting for their horns.


These adorable little fellows can be found in a myriad of levels. While the full list of levels they inhabit is still unknown, they seem to be quite the common sight around the Backrooms.


As mentioned before, Reality Bugs bear resemblance to the Hercules beetle. As such, they also feature six legs, wings, elytra, and, on the males, a sizable horn, in some cases reaching four (4) centimeters. Sexual dimorphism is also quite prevalent, with female Bugs being noticeably smaller, not to mention their lack of horn and different elytra coloration. However, unlike their Frontrooms counterpart, that seems to feed mostly on fruit, Reality Bugs have shown a rather unique diet. They feed on the fabric of reality itself. More research is necessary to understand the means by which Reality Bugs digest their food. It is also unknown how or why Reality Bugs move through Levels in search of food.


They are usually harmless, even in swarms, and never display hostile behaviour towards wanderers or entities, unless two swarms are involved in a territorial dispute, or their nests are threatened. Due to their diet, a single Reality Bug can cause minor damage to Levels, though this damage is promptly undone, as the fabric of reality repairs itself. However, a large enough swarm can cause the appearance of void areas, holes, and other distortions, eventually leading to the widespread destruction of a level, and, if nothing is done to prevent it, its erasure. Such phenomena are incredibly rare, however, since Reality Bugs tend to not eat much.

Images and Illustrations:


A male Reality Bug that was kind enough to open his wings for the picture.


An illustration of the Hercules Beetle, taken from the book "The Naturalist's Miscellany" by George Shaw.


A female Reality Bug. Do note the lack of horn, and their gorgeous coloration.

Do's and Don'ts


Leave them be. They are harmless, and can prove quite handy in the removal of corrupted realities.
Alert the M.E.G. if you spot a large swarm (100 or more individuals) or holes in levels.


Threaten their nests. They have shown to be quite territorial.

That is all I have to share on these darling little bugs. Farewell, dear reader. Do take care, and we will meet again soon.
- Blanche

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