Entity 91 - "Mr. Freeman"
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An image of Mr. Freeman, taken during one of his lectures.

Entity Number: 91

Habitat(s): - Level 117


"Mr. Freeman" appears to be a Caucasian male of average height with short grey hair and a receding hairline. He is always seen wearing a tweed suit and wire rimmed spectacles. Although Mr. Freeman is only known to be on Level 117, there have been several unconfirmed sightings of him on other floors. Some say there is more than one identical Mr. Freeman. These reports are unconfirmed.


Mr. Freeman can occasionally be seen during the daytime "teaching" in empty rooms on Level 117. This usually consists of the entity giving lectures about topics found in High-School level Algebra and Geometry classes to the empty classroom. Mr. Freeman is friendly to Wanderers, may invite them to listen to his lectures if he sees them.

Supplementary Documents:

M.E.G. Interview Log 8395

Interviewer: Rita Cain
Interviewee: Mr. Freeman

<Begin Interview>

Mr. Freeman: …so for what values of x does f(x) equal zero? That's what people are really asking when they say 'Find the zeroes of f(x)…

Interviewer Cain raises her hand

Mr. Freeman: Yes? You in the front.

Interviewer: May I ask you some questions about yourself?

Mr. Freeman: Of course, but make it quick.

Interviewer: Why do you teach math here every day?

Mr. Freeman: Well, because it's my job of course.

Interviewer: Okay but, why here? Why in this empty classroom?

Mr. Freeman: Well, Ms…

Interviewer: Cain.

Mr. Freeman: Well, Ms. Cain, I've worked for this school for over 40 years; longer than you've been alive I'd imagine, so I'm not going to quit just because a few students are playing hooky.

Interviewer: But there's no-one here.

Mr. Freeman: Well you're here, aren't you?

Interviewer: Yes, but…

Mr. Freeman: And just because you can't see anyone doesn't mean no-one is listening.

Interviewer: Can you elaborate on that please?

Mr. Freeman: I'm sorry, but I really need to get back to my lecture.

Interviewer: Wait. One more question please.

Mr. Freeman: Alright, but that's all.

Interviewer: Where do you go at night, when the lights turn off?

Mr. Freeman: Well home of course.

Interviewer: What do you mean by-

Mr. Freeman: I'm sorry, but I really do need to get back to my lecture.

Mr. Freeman: Maybe in some situations you'll have an expression where both factors equal zero. So for example you could say that 'x - 5' equals zero and…

<End of Interview>

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Sit in on his lectures. Maybe you'll learn something.


  • None. Mr. Freeman doesn't seem to have any intent to harm Wanderers.

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