Entity 90 - "The Steel"

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A drawing based on the Pascagoula abductions, which is very similar to The Steel.

Entity Number: 90

The Steel are an intelligent and mysterious race within the backrooms that serve The Reverence.

Habitat(s): - Majority (Native to Level 6 and Level -15)


The Steel are sometimes referred to as aliens within the backrooms due to certain theories about their nature, however nothing certain about The Steel can be ascertained due to their private nature.

The Steel are roughly 6 foot tall, humanoid beings. Their skin is made out of a hard metal or steel, and their hands are comparable to claws. They have no discernable eyes or face. The Steel can also levitate through unknown means.

The Steel communicate through some form of telepathy, allowing them to send messages and thoughts to a human.


The Steel work for and represent The Reverence. They are not and have never claimed to be the leaders of The Reverence, however. The Steel are not necessarily hostile to anyone lost in the backrooms, and have at times saved people's lives in near death experiences.

They do not attack anyone, and usually only reveal themselves to give warnings to or make dealings to important people in the backrooms (aside from occasionally saving lost survivors). They claim to not be Reverence representatives, however, and instead label their profession in the group as “Marketers”

In The Reverence, “Marketers” of the group are typically non-human species that serve The Reverence out of an unknown obligation to them. These members can never ascend up the groups ranks and are somewhat on par with a representative.

The Steels speech patterns are very stilted and awkward, as they may simply be trying to replicate the language of the person they're speaking to instead of properly understanding it.


What exactly they are and the specifics of their biology is unknown, however we do know they come from an area within Level 6 they refer to as “The beginning.” According to some members of the species it was where they were all first created.

The Steel do not reproduce in “natural” ways, instead they create more of themselves in secret manufacturing areas such as the beginning and sections in Level -15. They claim to not be remotely human, however, and never in the process of the creation of a Steel is a human involved in any way.

Every Steel looks mostly identical, however some may have noticeable damage from being attacked by backrooms entities. Those that survive attacks from notable entities are considered very valuable to The Steel for unknown reasons.

Discovery and Theories:

The Steel were well known and respected by the The Lost, and trades between the two are very common. The exact forming of the species does not pre date the supposed existence of The Reverence, however, and it is likely the species was created by The Reverence in some way.

A popular theory among M.E.G. scientists is that this species is the same as an unidentified alien species (that was considered to be a hoax) that abducted two conspiracy theorists on earth in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Pascagoula abduction

For those uninformed in the field of ufology, the Pascagoula river abduction was a famous encounter with “aliens” in 1973, in which two fishermen were reportedly paralyzed and abducted by alien creatures that heavily resemble our Steel species in the backrooms.

At the time, the incident gained very notable popularity, however modern earth ufologists are not sure on the credibility of the apparent alien sighting. The Steel seem to look and act identically to the alien creatures that the two men on earth described.

Do's and Don'ts:


Attempt to trade with The Steel for information regarding important topics. The Steel are “Marketers” meaning that they trade for information that might be useful to The Reverence, in exchange for information you might not know.

Speak to The Steel slowly and carefully, as they do not comprehend verbal language as easy as telepathic language.


Do not try to lie to The Steel, as their telepathic abilities means they likely understand that you are doing so.

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