Entity 86 - "Jess"
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Jess on a leaf in Level 11.

Entity Number: 86


Level 11, Level 9


Jess is a small frog from the Ranitomeya reticulatus species. She usually likes to be on wet areas of Level 9 and Level 11. She is usually very attentive and can help you if you need help while dealing with an entity. It's recommended to only go to her for help or if you have an emergency. Otherwise you should only go to Jess to befriend her.


Jess usually likes to be in water or ponds in Level 11 or mud in Level 9, where she usually spends time chasing flies or eating food. Jess is usually polite and calm, and she will not attack, except in rare cases. She usually attacks under stress or when she sees there's a wanderer being chased or attacked by an entity. If you feed Jess, she will start following you. This is because she will consider you as a friend. However, trying to no-clip with Jess will fail.


Jess is a baby Ranitomeya reticulatus frog. She has a red and black skin with white lines. Her skin is poisonous, and it's recommended to not touch it. Jess's diet is based off little flies and leafs. Jess is also very intelligent going to the point of being considered even more intelligent than a normal human. She is very fast and she can run up to 68 kilometers per hour. She is also able to jump 23 feet in the air. This frog has been reported to be very strong, being able to defeat a skin stealer in 10 seconds or so.


Jess was discovered on 8/8/19 by an M.E.G agent escaping from Entity 63 in Level 9 that was heading to Level 36 in an attempt of escape.

Entity 86 rescue log.

Begin log time: 0:01

Joe Harries : "Reco- recording log." *breathes heavily*

Joe Harries : "I- I am being chased by a Mangled.."

Joe Harries : "Any M.E.G agen- agent to help..?" *continues to breathe heavily*

*Radio loses connection for 32 minutes*

Joe Harries : "Heck! I need to hide in one of the hous-, wh- what's that.. is that a frog..?"

*Jess notices he needs help*

*Jess jumps to the Mangled and tried to take it down but fails*

*Jess tries to stop the mangled again*

*Jess stops the mangled before he gets attacked*

Jess : "Ribbit."

*She jumps to the shoulder of Joe*

Jess : "Ribbit."

*She jumps off his shoulder and tries to stop The Mangled once again*

Joe Harries : *Breaths heavily* "Ahhh, ahhh, ahh…"

*He hides on one of the houses*

*Jess gets in the house through a window*

Joe Harries : "Thanks…. froggy.. I think *breathes heavily* you're stronger than you seem.."

Jess : "Ribbit."

*She tries to guide him to an exit*

*Jess notices a glowing window in the house.*

Joe Harries : "Isn't that… and exit to Level 283..?"

Joe Harries : "Thanks.. froggy.. you saved my life…."

Joe Harries : "From now on I'll handle it myself.. thanks, again."

Jess : "Ribbit"

*She leaves the house.*

Joe Harris : "To M.E.G, I think we have a new entity on Level 9.."

End log 0:46 August 8, 2019.

Interview Log 09/09/2019

Interviewer: M.E.G officer.
Interviewee: Joe Harries

Begin log: 9:01

M.E.G Officer : "Please state your name for the recording."

Joe Harries: : "Joe.. Joe harries."

M.E.G Officer : "Do you remember events that happened in the morning of August 8th?"

Joe Harries : "I was on Level 9, I remember a Mangled was chasing me.."

M.E.G Officer : "When did you find that frog?"

Joe Harries : "Oh! The frog? Well, as I was running to hid in a house I saw a little frog in the mud, and it tried to stop The Mangled from chasing me, giving me time to hide in a house."

M.E.G agent : "Alright, did the frog successfully stop the entity?"

Joe Harries : "For 3 seconds, but I just don't remember what she did, I just took the time it gave me to run as fast as I could.

M.E.G agent : "How was the frog in appearance?"

Joe Harries : "I didn't see quite well. It was very dark, but it had luminous white lines and a red skin. But I don't recall a lot.."

M.E.G agent : "Hm, it's.. surprising how a little frog could stop a giant entity like The Mangled.."

*Joe shows the M.E.G agent the recording log on the tape recorder.*

M.E.G agent : "Interesting."

Joe Harries : "Yes, indeed it is.."

Joe Harries : "Oh! I forgot, I also have a photo of it." *He shows photo*

M.E.G agent : "I will need that photo…." *he sends the photo to the M.E.G headquarters.*

M.E.G Agent : "Wait did you saw the frog twice? Because Level 9 has an infinite nigh-"

Joe Harries : "Sorry to interrupt, yes, it is on Level 11, I found her once I exited other Level."

M.E.G agent : "Alright, thanks for your time."

Joe harries : Bye. *He starts no-clipping*

End log: 19:32

Summary: Joe gave all the information to the M.E.G agent to detect where the frog was found twice and they went to investigate her. Jess was cataloged as a confirmed entity with habitat on both Levels they were detected.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Be polite.
  • Try to approach slowly.
  • Try to be her friend.


  • Invade her personal space.
  • Try to hurt her.
  • Be mean.
  • Touch her skin.

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