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The interior of an Elevator found on Level 0, which seems to be going through a glitch phase.

Elevator Phrases Archive

As mentioned, Elevators appear to have some kind of sentience. This most notably manifests in the screens that are built into them. Some appear as a digital screen showing only two characters, while others can be computer monitors that tell what Level you are on. Often these screens will spell out full messages to the wanderers inside the elevators, some normal, some direct, and others completely incoherent. The following is an archive of all of the unique messages found inside Elevators, as well as what to do if you see some of them.

Passive Phrases

These phrases are the most common and will not affect you in any way if you see them.

  • Hello! =)
  • Going up?
  • Going down?
  • Have fun
  • Have a nice day
  • Are you an angel?
  • Welcome to [Level], [Name of wanderer]! =)
  • Hi [Name of wanderer]

Alert Phrases

If the Elevator says one of these phrases, leave the elevator immediately, or do not enter at all.

  • Endless green pastures… are you an angel?
  • Come in and watch the sunset
  • [Name of wanderer].
  • I'm different
  • I can see you
  • Wanna learn about the numbers?

Situational Phrases

If the Elevator says one of these phrases, follow the instructions. Otherwise the Elevator could fail.


You will feel as if the Elevator is rapidly declining, but it is not. Lay down on the ground and spread out your arms and legs and wait for it to stop.


The Elevator will begin to smell like flowers. Close your nose and breathe heavily from your mouth. Wait until the Elevator reaches its destination, and exit.

  • Wanna have some fun? =)

Say "no" out loud, audibly.

  • [The screen will glitch out, or simulate a Windows/Macintosh crash screen]

Do whatever you can to cover your neck. The Elevator will shake around. This could cause the light panels to fall on you, or knock you into the walls.

Two-Character Phrases

Some screens inside Elevators are only able to fit two characters, so these phrases are also only two characters.

  • H I
  • O H
  • M Y
  • N O
  • Y N
  • [The first and last initial of the wanderer's full name]
  • B R

Miscellaneous Phrases

These are some phrases that have only been documented once.

  • Arriving at your destination. Or whatever.
  • Going ???
  • Be not afraid
  • Failure tastes so good
  • My brother and sister are foolish
  • The distinct taste of almonds
  • Asxcbskvshvavfhbdfcdcn
  • Though its the end of the world don't blame yourself
  • Have you heard the tale of the Mischief King?

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