Entity 81 - "Elevators"
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An Elevator found on Level 1. Note the black rust surrounding it.

Entity Number: 81

Habitat(s): Architectural


Elevators are entities that can be found in several Levels in the Backrooms. They can be used to access other Levels in the Backrooms. Not every single elevator is an instance of Entity 81 however, as some function as a normal elevator would. Pushing up one of the light panels inside the Elevator will give you access to the Elevator Shaft. The actual direction the Elevator moves to access other Levels is unclear.


The buttons found inside the Elevator will take you to whatever Level is listed. The assortment of available Levels is completely random, but common variations include the first nine levels (Level 0 to Level 8), Levels that are all extremely dangerous, or a completely random selection. In rare cases, the entire Elevator will be covered in thousands of buttons, allowing access to almost any Level in Cluster I. There are some exceptions to this however. "Outdoor" levels like Level 10, Level 37, and Level 998 will be inaccessible, as it does not have any architectural structure.

Failing to press a button in an unspecified amount of time will result in a Level being selected for you, often one that is undesirable. How long this takes depends on the Elevator, but generally not selecting in under 5 minutes puts you at risk. Sometimes instead of falling, the cable holding the Elevator will snap, causing you to fall to your death.


Elevators an identical external and internal appearance to a normal elevator, although there will often be a layer of black rust surrounding where is appears in the wall it resides in. The model and style of the Elevator is random but will typically correspond to whatever level you found it on. For example, an Elevator on Level 5 will appear old fashioned. The screen above the door, usually used to show what Level you're on will often say strange things. A list of phrases that are shown inside Elevators can be found here. They seem to be somewhat aware.


There is not much information about the "discovery" of elevators, as they have existed and been reported on since before the foundation of the M.E.G. The strange nature of Entity 81 was likely confused for how all elevators act in the Backrooms.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Press buttons that correspond to highly populated or safe Levels
  • Attempt to differentiate normal elevators from instances of Entity 81


  • Wait more than 5 minutes before selecting an option
  • Fall into/climb up into the Elevator Shaft

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