Entity 80 - "Hen"
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Entity 80: ”The Hen”

Habitat(s): Level 1, Level 8 Level 147


A Hen sketched by an M.E.G. biologist


Hens are bird-like creatures somewhat resembling normal chickens that are bred for their meat and eggs on the stage. They are not dangerous if you do not approach them or touch their eggs. Hens live exclusively on the Level 147. The Hens eggs are very valuable due to them being nutritious and also due to the possibility to grow them domestically.


They are very protective of their eggs and will not hesitate attacking anyone even if the perpetrator is much stronger and bigger than them. Hens are known to organize themselves in packs of five or more it becomes extremely dangerous to engage the Hens because four of them can and will grab you by the limbs and the fifth one will bite through your neck. The Hens have been observed to be extremely aggressive with the Clumps going as far as tearing them apart and then consuming them.



Autopsy Diagram drawn by Dr. Keshbekov

The biggest and most noticeable difference from a normal chicken is that the Hen has a beak that can open up to 160° revealing a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth placed in rows going around the mouth. The throat is separated from the beak by a membrane opening when the Hen is swallowing their food. They are also known to be completely blind but have keen hearing and can hear the slightest disturbances around them. They appear to be communicating using echolocation producing a sound resembling clucking followed by a series of clicking. The Hens can be tamed by using the almond water, as they are very attracted to almonds and almond water. They are also hermaphrodites which was discovered after doctor Keshbekov's autopsy of a tamed Hen.


The First sightings of Hens were recorded by a small group of The Lost passing through the Level 147. The official discovery of the Hens was made by M.E.G. explorers.

Recorded Conversation between a M.E.G. Soldier and Dr. Keshbekov:

Recording Start

M.E.G. Soldier : Hey Doc! Are we are the first people who discovered this place?

Dr. Keshbekov: No I don't think so we can see the hay has been disturbed.

M.E.G. Soldier : Could it be the entities that disturbed it and not humans?

Dr. Keshbekov: Could've been.

Dr. Keshbekov: Hey, did you hear that?

M.E.G. Soldier: Hear what exactly?

Dr. Keshbekov: The clicking noises

M.E.G. Soldier: The wh-


Dr. Keshbekov: What did you do?

M.E.G. Soldier: Looks like I stepped into something…

Dr. Keshbekov: You stepped in the egg, hey what is that?!

M.E.G. Soldier: *Screams*

End of Recording…

Do's and Don'ts:


  • If they become aggressive, spill Almond Water near them.
  • If you see a pack of more than 5 hens retreat slowly producing the least amount of sound possible


  • In any circumstance break their eggs
  • Try to pet/touch the hens even if they appear passive and calm

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