Entity 8 - "The Hound"
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Entity Number: 8

Habitat(s): Level 3

Hounds don't tend to settle anywhere, though they stay near particularly warm areas.


Hounds are the only creatures that have been caught on video in the backrooms. From a distance, they look similar to a black dog, hence their name. They can be dangerous if they are provoked (mostly by eye contact). If you hear a sort of low rumble, back away slowly. Up close they look like contorted human shapes running on all fours. Hounds are one of the more common beings to be found. They are most common on level 3, however, they can be found on most levels.


Part of video of a Hound.

Do's and Dont's:


  • Avoid eye contact
    • If you do make eye contact, do not be afraid to break it. Look away, and Run.
  • Run away if you hear or see them
  • If you are cornered, engage it


  • Keep or make eye contact
  • Try to hide
  • Engage the creature
  • Try to slip past it
    • Yes, even when cornered
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