Entity 79 - "The Hikari"
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Entity Number: 79

Habitat(s): Level 2.1

This entity lives only in Level 2.1, although one was rumored to be seen in Level 6. This cannot be confirmed.


A photo taken of Entity 79, seconds before entering an attack state.

Survival Guide:

When traversing Level 2.1, the pathways are almost always dark, making it easy to spot a Hikari. Lights that have been affected by the Hikari will always flicker, and will attack when you get close. This is most obvious if they attempt to use a torch to attack, as the fire will erratically 'switch on and off'. Take another pathway if you spot one.

If you have a rock or other small hard object, breaking the light source seems to neutralize the entity and force it to use another light source. However, this also makes the path perpetually dark, so only do this if absolutely necessary.


Entity 79 is a spectral light-based entity that can effect light sources, which has been named 'the Hikari'. The Hikari are invisible and intangible, with their only physical form being when inside of a light source. This includes light bulbs, flashlights, office lights, and even torches.

When one travels inside of a light source, it will wait until someone comes near it. At this point, it will load huge amounts of energy into the light, causing it to become bright and hot enough to cause blindness and 3rd degree burns. This almost always causes immediate death, either from a part of the brain being scorched, or shock. As stated, they can be neutralized by destroying the light source, but the ones that use fire have to be extinguished with Almond Water.

Do's and Don'ts:


Bring at least one bottle of Almond Water with you when traversing Level 2.1. Also, bring a couple of rocks with you just in case.


Bring a flashlight to Level 2.1, it is an extremely bad idea, as the Hikari will turn your own flashlight into a ticking time bomb.

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