Entity 776 - "Junkhunks"
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HABITAT(S): Fields, Deserts, Forests

A Junkhunk about to ambush the photographer on Level 184.


Entity 776, otherwise known as "Junkhunks" are entities resembling dilapidated, rusted, or broken-down vehicles, usually as cars from the late 1900s or vehicles used on farmsteads. Junkhunks tend to have features such as broken taillights and/or headlights, flat tires, shattered windows, a large amount of rust and/or dents, as well as many other signs of wear or damage to the vehicle; the primary sign distinguishing a Junkhunk from a regular scrapped vehicle is the existence of a variety of mechanisms, items, or weapons that Junkhunks use to attack, such as many types of saws (mechanical or manual), flamethrowers, and light machine guns.


Junkhunks are mainly docile entities when unapproached and undisturbed, roaming large outdoor levels such as Level 184, Level 140, Level 172, Level 46, Level 10, Level 50 and Level 565. in groups of 1-6, designated "fixes". When docile, Junkhunks have been unknown to do very much besides roaming the Backrooms seemingly aimlessly and resting on the ground. A Junkhunk will only equip its weapons if it feels threatened, therefore most weapons will remain retracted or hidden when the entity is sure that it is in no danger.


A pair of Junkhunks found on an unknown level. The photographer escaped to M.E.G. Base Alpha but died shortly after from blood loss due to many lacerations and a missing arm.

Behavior when Hostile

When approached, Junkhunks in a resting state will suddenly begin to emit steam or smoke, accompanied by the loud roar of motors and an engine. Headlights and taillights may also begin to flicker on and off, signaling that the machine may attack momentarily; during this "waking up" period, it is easiest to escape an antagonized Junkhunk. If the Junkhunk's target is still in its line of sight immediately following the previous actions, it will drive forward in an attempt to run over the target while it equips its weapons; these weapons, usually up to 6 sawblades, are standardly hidden behind a Junkhunk's wheels or treads and also underneath the vehicle, whereas ranged weapons like machine guns and flamethrowers are stored under the Junkhunk's hood or other compartment-like hatches in most scenarios.

Once a Junkhunk has its weapons drawn, it will begin to charge the target relentlessly, attempting to trap prey in its saws and kill it. If neither hitting the prey nor slicing it with the Junkhunk's saws works, the entity will resort to using its ranged arsenal, firing off bullets from a low-quality machine gun or small flamethrower. Although both of these weapons always show many signs of wear, and neither weapon is particularly accurate, these two components of a Junkhunk are known to cause the most chaos, accidentally burning down sections of forests in many cases.

Finally, if a Junkhunk's prey is successfully able to avoid being seen and stays out of sight of the entity, Junkhunks will show little effort or skill in regaining a line of sight with its target. Junkhunks will retire from their search after a short period of time, but due to their incredible memories, have been known to give unrelenting chase after wanderers that disturb them, some Junkunks even having been proven to remember their potential prey from months prior.

Diet and Hunting Habits:

All Junkhunks are omnivorous scavengers, consuming both plants and meat; Junkhunks have also been known to cannibalize other deceased Junkhunks, tearing them apart with their saws and consuming the scraps using a large hatch found under the Junkhunk's undercarriage containing multiple metal grinders. If a Junkhunk kills a wanderer or other organic entity, it will proceed to sever the limbs and consume them individually.

Despite being primarily scavengers, eating corpses of once-living creatures, many Junkhunks will hunt and/or stalk prey; they do this by quietly following prey until its target appears most vulnerable, at which point they will attack using their saws and attempt to kill the prey.


Junkhunks live in many different environments including deserts, temperate forests, tundras, badlands, and grasslands; throughout these environments scattered on levels of the Backrooms are 3 different primary variants of Junkhunks, each with their own habitats, weapons, and construction.

Car Variant


A dead Junkhunk Car Variant.


Car Variant Junkhunks can be found in almost all environments, excluding dense forests and jungles and extremely cold, snowy regions.


Car Variant Junkhunks look very similar to many brands of cars in the late 1900s and early 2000s. There are no differences between these vehicles that are particularly notable or worth mentioning, save for the presence of larger pickup trucks and freight trucks.


This variant of Junkhunk has a tendency to have the most stagnant variety of weapons, almost always having at least 2 rotary saw blades, a flamethrower, and on rare occasions, a machine gun; even though they are categorized as the 2nd least dangerous variant, Car Variant Junkhunks are still extremely dangerous and should be avoided.


Car Variant Junkhunks are almost always seen traveling in small fixes of 3-4 and exhibit strange hunting habits; this particular variant will most often approach prey in a group, slowly circling and closing in on the target to prevent escape. When not hunting or scavenging, Car Variant Junkhunks will remain inanimate unless provoked.

How to combat:

If one sees 1 or more Car Variant Junkhunks and is undetected, the best plan of action is to slowly retreat, keeping an eye on the Junkhunk(s) to ensure they do not attack. If a fight is inevitable, Car Variant Junkhunks can be easily combated by either shoving a large object into its wheels to inhibit its movement or by throwing any heavy object through its windows, as the inside of all Junkhunks remains its weakest point.

Farm Variant


A Junkhunk Farm variant found on Level 184.


Junkhunk Farm Variants are primarily found on levels 184 and 10, but are not unknown to be found throughout other spaces. Farm Variants can be seen in nearly any outdoor habitat, excluding water, and are the 2nd most common variant of Junkhunk.


No Farm Variant is identical to another, much unlike Car Variants, and all Farm Variant Junkhunks vary greatly. All Farm Variant Junkhunks do, however, resemble large vehicles commonly seen in farming or agricultural environments, commonly bearing large tires and scoops. The most dangerous Farm Variants brandish large saws, chipper or mower-like machines, and more potentially harmful mechanics.


Farm Variant Junkhunks bear the widest range of dangerous machinery of any Junkhunk variant, typically having at least 3 primary dangers attached. Rotary saws up to 5ft in diameter, large, sharp rakes, rows of teeth-like saws used for mowing, and flamethrowers. Flamethrowers are much less commonly found on this variant of Junkhunk than any other but are still common enough to consider a very possible danger.


When docile, Farm Variant Junkhunks act as if they were being driven by a wanderer, almost always seeding the ground, harvesting crops and plants, and towing carts of materials or other Junkhunks. Although they do not require sleep, Farm Variant Junkhunks will occasionally power off and rest and will do so in a barn or shed-like building when available. This variant only requires occasional sustenance, as their large bodies are able to store more calories. Finally, when hunting, Farm Variant Junkhunks demonstrate very hostile behaviors, killing everything and everyone in their range of vision.

How to combat:

The best way to avoid being harmed or killed by a Farm Variant Junkhunk is to avoid them altogether, but if one must pass through the vicinity of one, it is useful to move very quickly. This variant is not known to have great movement speed or vision, hence why staying swift and low is key to escaping one. In the unfortunate case that one is spotted by a Farm Variant Junkhunk, there is very little way to escape. Running away is the only known way to effectively escape a Farm Variant Junkhunk, but research is underway to find more efficient means of avoiding them.

Construction Variant


A Junkhunk Construction Variant on an unknown level.


Junkhunk Construction Variants, the rarest of the 3 variants, are primarily found to reside in more industrial levels, specifically Level 220, Level 35, Level 386, Level 817, Level 901, and Level 990.


This variant of Junkhunk is known to typically be the largest type of Junkhunk, getting up to 774 ft in height (Crawler Crane). Different vehicles Junkhunk Construction Variants have been known to appear as include different types of cranes, backhoes, dump trucks, steamrollers, bulldozers, excavators, and trenchers.


With very few weapons and the mildest tempers of any Junkhunk variant, Construction Variants are the least dangerous. The Construction Varaiant Junkhunk usually only bears beams and claws that are regular for the vehicle type, many of which are very slow-moving, but will often make up for this fact by bearing 2 fast-firing but faulty machine guns.


Unlike Farm Variant Junkhunks, this variant of Junkhunk will rarely fulfill the purpose of its Frontrooms counterpart, mostly just wandering around aimlessly. Although difficult to anger, some Construction Variant Junkhunks can move at surprisingly fast speeds and have incredible senses reaching far beyond the limits of other Junkhunks. Traveling in fixes of 2-3, they require large amounts of food to power their equally large bodies, hunting smaller and easy-to-catch entities such as Clumps and Bone Thieves.

How to combat:

If one is put in a scenario where there is an angered Construction Variant Junkhunk in the area, it is best to cause a potential distraction that may grab the Junkhunk's attention, such as knocking over barrels or breaking a window. Hiding is a poor decision as the Construction Variant Junkhunk has very well-developed sight, hearing, and smell, but they do have very low attention spans. If there are no feasible ways to distract the Junkhunk, it is best to run in circles around it and take advantage of its low stamina. When it becomes tired, quickly attack from behind with any heavy, metal objects that could penetrate its tough metal outside and do damage to its delicate insides.


The very first documented Junkhunk was discovered on 6/10/2014 by Andrew Wallace on Level 184, where there were previously thought to be no entities. A 1950 Ford Country Squire, this Junkhunk was surprisingly killed by Wallace, who reported the event to Base Alpha. The carcass was donated to Castello's Museum and is now displayed as the first ever Junkhunk found.

Junkhunk Pacification Association (J.P.A.)

The Junkhunk Pacification Association is a small and secretive group in the Backrooms dedicated to researching Junkhunks. Very little is known about them, and interviews do not provide much information, as their leader, Samuel Montag, has stated that "We have acquired knowledge that I think would spell despair if shared with too many people. That is why we have a very strict application process, as to limit the knowledge shared. I promise this is for the better."

The J.P.A. has also been seen to have harnessed multiple Junkhunks for their own use, hauling materials and providing easy transportation for the group. It is unknown how the J.P.A. has pacified many Junkhunks and put them to good use, as well as removing all of their weapons, but when asked about it, Sameul has refused to give any further information. Montag has said that "Our process of training Junkhunks is very grueling and requires more work than healthy, but the payoff is huge. Please do not attempt to train a Junkhunk under any circumstances unless given explicit permission from a member of the J.P.A." Luckily, this group is very peaceful and will trade with outsiders, as well as give shelter to those who need it.

Dos and Don'ts:


  • Avoid Junkhunks whenever possible
  • Follow the unique safety precautions needed to defend against each variant
  • Tell the M.E.G. of any sightings of large fixes
  • Remain on high alert in Junkhunk-infested areas, especially at night
  • Stay safe
  • Fill out this form if you are interested in joining the J.P.A., as recommended by Samuel Montag


  • Approach Junkhunks
  • Attempt to tame a Junkhunk
  • Fight a Junkhunk unless absolutely necessary
  • Try and research fixes without proper safety
  • Ignore safety tips
  • Be reckless

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