Entity 76 - "What the hell is this?"
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Robert J. Quack is a 2 inch tall rubber duck with a black tuxedo on, with the duck being in a generally worn out condition. It is so worn out that squeezing it will result in no noise coming from it. On the bottom of the duck is a name, which says "Robert, I miss you.", which is impossible to wash off for some reason. Due to this note on the bottom, he was named "Robert".

The duck shows much importance to one who uses it, though the real reason why or how remains completely unknown.

A- Wha… what? What the hell? Where the fuck did this come from?

Did someone actually write this thing?

This isn't a joke. We need to take cataloging anomalies seriously, instead of posting what basically looks like a meme.

I'll try to contact David. He's one of the Database managers so he'll know for sure just who put this shit here.

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