Entity 75 - "Wranglers"
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An image of a Female Wrangler taken in Level 669.

Entity Number: 75

Habitat - Levels with cave-like systems or damp areas.


Wranglers are snake-like Entities that use their bodies to distract and confuse their prey in an almost hypnotic-like state. These Entities usually appear in cave areas like Level 669, Level 52, and Level 8. Wranglers can also appear in damp areas like Level 2, Level 2.1 and Level 14. Reports show that wranglers have been spotted in Level 9. These Entities are dangerous, and it is advised to stay away from them at all costs.


Wranglers are massive creatures that use their bodies to burrow through the ground for fast travel. Their bodies twist and turn in a drill-like motion to cut through the hard material of the Level. Their bodies can cause hypnotic effects on Wanderers to lure them in. They can use this ability to their advantage as a hunting tactic. When physically burrowing, wranglers are very loud, and one can hear them approaching. The appetite of a wrangler is very large, as they will eat anything in sight, including Wanderers.

The abilities of a wrangler vary depending on its sex and age. Males usually attack to eat and will consume anything its path. Females do not attack Wanderers and will usually retreat when noticed. They will instead eat vegetation or rock minerals. The females will, however, eat Wanderers when pregnant to feed their young. These eggs are seeds that grow on the female's body. Once the female lays the eggs, they are implanted in the ground or walls as a seed. These seeds will then sprout into a branch holding many different offspring. During this phase the female will return regularly to deliver food. Once the offspring outgrow their branch, they will break off from it and travel with the mother until they are old enough to live independently.

Young wranglers use their bodies to physically burrow. This tactic is abandoned once they get older, as the wrangler starts to No-Clip to burrow. They will eat anything their mother gives to them.


Wranglers are large snake-like creatures that can twist and contort their body in many ways. Their skin is moist and sticky. Their body is translucent, and the insides are visible, but as they get older, their skin will become grayer and more opaque. Their eyes glow a bright white which helps them to see through the dark. Their bodies are different depending on sex. Male wranglers will have a more human-like face and a broad smile, and their skin is rougher. Females will have a more worm-like look, with pincers where its mouth is. The length of an adult can go up from ten (10) to ninety (90) miles.


Wranglers were discovered when Wanderers were reporting large snake-like bodies extending from either side of a cavern or hall. This was further proven when a male wrangler attacked M.E.G. Regiment "Wild Warriors" while on a mission to save a small outpost from Hounds on Level 2. Since then, more sightings were being reported until, Eventually, an event on Level 8 had occurred.

Incident Log

Foreword: The following is detailing a large blockage in Level 8.

Radio Chatter:

Begin Log: 00:47
Interviewer: M.E.G. First Response Operator
Interviewee: Unknown

Unknown: Hello?

M.E.G. Operator: Hello, this is "First Response." What can I help you with?

Unknown: There's this large mass on Level 8. I've gone around the whole area. It's blocking it all off.

M.E.G. Operator: Ah, sir. That sounds like a wrangler.

Unknown: I don't care what it is. It's fucking blocking the only way out within miles.

M.E.G. Operator: Is it moving?

Unknown: No. The thing's dead. It looks halfway No-Clipped through the walls around it.

M.E.G. Operator: Did you say that it is blocking off multiple pathways?

Unknown: Yes. It's fucking ginormous.

M.E.G. Operator: I see, sir. We will be sending a team shortly. Please stay on hold.

Unknown: God damnit.

End Log: 00:48

Operative Log:

The rest of this log will be an M.E.G. Team from Regiment "Quick Match" sent to investigate the situation.

They told me I have to keep a log of what is happening with the wrangler on Level 8. So. It's around midnight. Our squad is halfway to Level 8. We're being led by some weird guy whos appearance no one can agree on. He is silent and constantly writing. I have to admit. The fucker knows his way around here.

The time is around, I'd say 3 AM. We're in Level 8. Command says it's near an exit. I keep seeing baby Wranglers around. Stomp on everyone I see. The fuckers up at command supplied us with Pyroil and matches. They told us to stay vigilant.

It's 7 AM. We found it. It's a wrangler, and it's dead. The thing's huge. This thing is old, ancient. We went around the entire area, and it's everywhere. This thing is a tunnel on the inside; that's how large it is. I can vaguely make out skeletons and other shit inside of it. Pyroil won't burn this fucker. We need a goddamn firesalt launcher for this. This thing stretches for miles. Parts of the caves are clipping through this thing. It's fucking strange. The command doesn't believe us. They say that one can't grow that big.

A second team arrived with more Pyroil. We finally burnt a path to the exit. The guy that contacted us got through. However, there was some weird shit in here. From old guns and skeletons to undiscovered shit. We need to clear out the rest on our next trip. We are on our way back to base.

Official Report:

December 17th, 2019, 12:30 AM. A large, deceased occurrence of Entity 75 has been found in Level 8. It was discovered after an unknown wanderer reported it to M.E.G. Team "First Response." A team was promptly sent and took 7 hours to get to the location with the help of M.E.G Operative 'Dzer'. These operatives tried burning a path to the exit. However, not enough Pyroil was supplied. A second-team arrived with more supplies. This allowed a path to be burnt through the Entity. At a later date, the rest was burnt away—the amount totaling to 2 cubic miles.

This anomaly is an old male wrangler and it's the biggest wrangler, possibly the largest Entity recorded. Many public cavern systems in Level 8 have been blocked off by a mass of decaying plant-like flesh of a wrangler. The wrangler died during No-Clip Burrow. It seems to have died of starvation. The number of skeletons and indigestible objects found in here was considerable. These skeletons belong to some unknown entities. Some human-made objects and other essential supplies were found. Other mysterious objects were found as well. The M.E.G. have sent back-up teams of Regiment "Quick Match" to help the Wanderers trapped in the caverns of Level 8 due to the large wrangler corpse.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • If rumbling vibrations occur, evacuate the area.


  • Do not interact with any wrangler.
  • Do not interact with the younglings, as their mother will sense this and attack.

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