Liability 740 - "Justice"
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Liability 740, as photographed during its attack on Trader's Guild.

Danger: High

Priority: High

Description: Liability 740 is a powerful entity that has impeded business on three B.N.T.G. trading outposts through the assassination of high-ranking B.N.T.G. members. The entity takes the appearance of a 2-meter (7-foot) tall stone statue resembling the mythological character, Lady Justice.

The entity has always been reported wearing a toga and a blindfold, as well as carrying a set of scales and a large sword. Despite all appearing to be made out of grey stone, its accessories, such as its clothing and scales, are able to flow and move as the non-sculpted versions of the objects normally would.

During its attacks, the entity has been seen to move at high speed, and it has been seemingly impervious to any attempts at counterattack or defense against it. Each of its three victims have been terminated via stab wound to the neck, presumably with the sword that it carries on its person. It has not been seen to attack any other bystanders, only focusing on destroying its end target by any means necessary.

The entity's end goals are unknown, as it has never been seen to speak during its attacks. The only three incidents in which the entity was sighted were attacks on Main Market, Trader's Guild, and Sweettooth Mount, respectively, with each attack ending with the assassination of a single high-ranking B.N.T.G. member and no other casualties. After completing this assassination, the entity has been reported to leave the level and not re-appear anywhere until its next attack.

Due to the high specificity of these events, it has been theorized that the entity has affiliations with a rival group that specifically intends to impede B.N.T.G. business operations, though no group has been identified that would both benefit from undermining the B.N.T.G. and have the resources necessary to create or contract such an entity. However, due solely to the strong thematic nature of the entity's appearance, the Eyes of Argos has been considered as a potential suspect.

Recommended Action: Due to the entity's pattern of specifically targeting and terminating high-ranking members of the B.N.T.G., it is suggested that particularly valuable members of B.N.T.G. Upper Management go into hiding in various bunkers and safehouses. Whether a B.N.T.G. member qualifies should be determined based on an evaluation that weighs the risk of losing the member and how much work it would take to replace them against the potential work that would be lost by going into hiding. As such, it has been estimated that only a handful of B.N.T.G. members qualify for the procedure at this time.

The Chief Financial Officer of the B.N.T.G. sits in his office, his original name forgotten long ago. Although there is a thick plate of steel between him and the level outside, the air is cold from what remains of Level 55, and his black business suit does little to warm him. But that's how he likes it; the frigid air feels refreshing on his shivering skin.

CFO closes the file in front of him and opens two drawers on his desk. The first for a pack of Marlboros and the second for an ornate seven-shot revolver pistol.

He taps three times on the back of the cigarette pack, pulls one out, and lights it. Taking a drag, he examines the revolver in front of him. He hopes he won't have to use it. It's an irreplaceable artifact after all, and the bullets are very limited. Still, in the unlikely case that whatever is after him is able to make it through the extensive fortifications that the Backrooms Robotics had installed, that gun had better get the job done.

His thoughts are interrupted by the loud sound of a hydraulic press blaring from outside, suggesting that the moment of truth has finally arrived. The press had been designed by the best of the Robotics to completely crush whatever it is that might intrude on his private office, even if that intruder might be made of solid stone.

Quickly, however, the sounds of the press are replaced by an abrasive scrape of rock against metal, and a stone fist pierces the steel wall in front of the desk. CFO quickly brandishes the gun and points it at the intruder as it tears a hole in the wall large enough for it to break through.

CFO pulls the trigger two times, sending two bullets into the spot where the statue's heart would be, breaking off chunks of rock on impact. The visage of lady justice doesn't flinch, however, and continues walking towards CFO with its sword raised.

"Why didn't the gun kill you?" CFO asks calmly, eyeing the figure in front of him. "I was told that gun could kill Gods."

The statue lets out an unnatural laugh and then begins in a strong androgynous voice, "That may be so, but I'm no God, though I've been here as long. However hard it is to make a God bleed, you cannot kill justice."

"Argos, I presume? The M.E.G.'s description of you is lacking."

"I take many forms."

"Well, Argos, my mother used to tell me that a bad penny finds its own way to hell." CFO places the gun back down on the table. "You know as well as I that the world will balance itself out eventually. The meek will soon see their day, and men like me will rot away in the sewers, spit on by proper society."

Argos raises its sword. "I don't wait for karma to go into effect. I am karma. It is up to me to keep that balance."

CFO keeps an aloof expression on his face and lets no emotion leak into his voice, but he is visibly shaking from more than just the cold. "What exactly are you trying to accomplish here, Argos. Killing me won't change anything. I'll just be replaced tomorrow."

"I don't seek change, Ebenezer, I seek justice."

"Ebenezer? That was my name? How ironi—" CFO is cut off by a stone sword impaling itself in his throat, his speech turning into gurgles.

"You have sinned, Ebenezer," Argos removes the blade from CFO's neck, releasing a torrent of blood as his body falls to the floor, "and now you must die."

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