Entity 74 - "Argos"
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"P..please… i didnt know, a..and how i am supposed to know wha..what law to follow?"
"I am the law"

Entity Number: 74

Habitat(s): - The Backrooms

Argos usually stays in the The Headquarters, but once a hunt begins he will chase his prey to any level or room.




The Entity 74 "Argos", has not been observed so far by any alive operative of The M.E.G, the only known subjects with direct evidence of his existence as well as the evidence itself disappeared, the information presented has been collected from various files that make reference to this mythical figure, for this reason it is noted that this entity may be being overestimated or underestimated.

Entity 74 has the appearance of a tall humanoid, who wears tactical clothing under a ragged black cloak and wields a strange spear. The origin of this entity like that many others is unknown, although its known that his antiquity dates back to at least 500 years, although it seems that even then he already possessed a large amount of knowledge about the Backrooms. Even so, the testimonies and evidence about his existence were very scarce, that is why it was thought that Argos was a legend, a mythological being created by the Eyes of Argos. This perspective changed after the events that occurred in the Log 1523. According to these reports, the entity Argos doesnt have any problem to move through the backrooms, so it can be found at almost all levels.


Argos is the self-proclaimed judge of the Backrooms. Due to this he has taken the quest together with his subordinates to hunt down all the sinners that they can. He is brutal and so far only one person is known to have managed to survive being chased by this entity all his known prey have been killed / punished.

He is known to act according to a kind of code called "The Law" which is believed to have been written by himself. When someone performs a truly heinous action, Argos goes hunting to kill or punish this target, this also means that Argos is prohibited from killing someone who is "innocent" to his eyes (it is not known if this is due to his own nature or a self-imposed oath).


Very little is known about the operation of this entity, although it has a humanoid appearance, its capabilities surpass those of an ordinary human. Regarding his physical capabilities, he has increased stamina, speed and strength, In addition to this, his level of planning and strategic knowledge imply that he has an above-average intelligence, some reports also talk about how he seemed to ignore the pain and how his wounds healed faster than they should.

There is also reports of a "True Vision" that allows him to see through all kinds of deceptions and hallucinations. M.E.G Operative Paxton described it as "if thousands of eyes were watching at him", it is unknown if this ability has something to do with how Argos is able to detect sinners with relative precision, although it is what's believed.


For a long time the entity Argos and its "knights of terror" were a myth, a story that was told to newbies to scare them and control them a bit. Of course, the "bad people" disappeared little by little, because Argos was trying to stop the control. Everything was confirmed however, when [REDACTED] reached Base Omega, the events that this triggered are found in Log 1523

In order to protect [REDACTED] from the Eyes of Argos, all information about him and his current position has been deleted.


The following are documents that refer to the entity Argos, the date of most of them is unknown, but according to some investigations they must date from the founding of The Lost.

The following recording was recovered from the subject [REDACTED] during Log 1523, most of it was lost during the infiltration that occurred on ██/██/████, only the fragment shown below is saved

Argos: You have committed a very great sin.
[REDACTED]: W-what a-are you talking about?
Argos: A double murder in cold blood.
Argos: …
[REDACTED]: Leave me … leave me alone
Argos: I saw it [REDACTED].
[REDACTED]: How.. How do you know my name?
Argos: You saw the opportunity, and you killed them, isn't that what happened, [REDACTED]?
[REDACTED]: Stay away from me, you're insane!
Runing noises
something hits the ground
Argos: You can't escape me. I can see you, I can see everything.
Argos: It hurts, doesn't it. Normally I would give you a clean death, that's what my honour dictates.
[REDACTED]: hyperventilating
Argos: But… seven murders?, my Sin Hunters are going have fun with you, boy
Argos: Huh, what-

Do's and Don'ts:


  • There is not much that can be done once Argos is after you, because he only goes for the worst criminals, you can only flee.
  • To prevent this, the only thing you can do is try to lead a righteous life, if you have committed a sin, try to make up for it with a good action.


  • Finding this entity is very difficult, but if you do, never interrupt one of his hunts.
  • Disturb him whilst he is searching for a sinner, especially if you are a sinner yourself.
  • Somehow be noticed by him if you have committed a sin and haven't made it up.

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