Entity 73

You open your eyes in an empty abyss. Blackness covers your vision, and your mind feels hazy, like the worst hangover of your life.

You examine the area surrounding you. Everywhere is dark, and you can't make out any walls. The abyss stretches as far as the eye can see, as if color is scared to tread. You look down at your hands, and to your surprise, you see them clear as day.

Odd, you think to yourself.

You take a few cautious steps forward, footsteps echoing across the void-like plane.

The ground feels solid. You suppose that was intuitive, based on the echoes.

Your walking is cut short when you step into a small puddle. You don't know what it's made of, as you can't make anything out in the blackness.

As soon as you retract your shoe from the sludge, you hear a voice inside your mind.

"Hey, watch where you're going. I was sitting there!"

What? You think to yourself.

Could this be… inside my mind? Is this where victims of Entity 73 go when they've been fully possessed..?

Before you can collect your thoughts further, Blue-white spheres begin appearing in your line of sight. First one large, then several small.

You wonder to yourself if you are about to be obliterated by some sort of energy attack.

You then realize how ridiculous that sounds.

Even more ridiculous is that the spheres appear to start… blinking?

"I do so apologize for the unfortunate circumstances in which we meet. It has been quite some time since I've had any visitors. I'm not exactly as… popular as my dear siblings, though for understandable reasons. Allow me to turn on a few lights so we may have a proper conversation like civilized individuals."

Immediately, the black abyss switches to a starry skyscape. You come to find you are standing on a flat disc, floating in what appears to be outer space. The squishy 'puddle' you stepped on appears to have been a tendril of the being now standing before you.

Though standing wouldn't be the right word. Its moreso… hovering.

A twisted mass of space dust, flesh, and indeterminate matter cling themselves together in a crude shape. At the center of the mass, the largest sphere appears to you in its full glory. An eye the size of a massive newborn star, illuminating your platform with dim blueness.

You feel like a character in a 50s movie about to be abducted by aliens.

Putting your childish thoughts aside, you return your gaze to the creature in front of you.

Its size is truly incomprehensible. A twisted mass of its flesh form spires on top of its central 'head' like a crown. In the center resides what looks like…

"Is that… a black hole?" you ask the mass in front of you.

The creature responds with a booming laugh that shakes the terrain around you.

"Why, yes it is! Quirky little things, aren't they? When I was but a young being floating in the universal soup, I discovered one so beautiful I simply had to have it for myself. It makes quite the night light, wouldn't you think?"

You are too flabbergasted to speak. What the hell is this? Some sort of joke? Did you really come all this way, sacrifice your last living moments of fear and pain to the M.E.G. only to become some… occupant for a man-child of an eldritch horror?

"I can hear your thoughts you know, Ben."

The creature approaches your platform, shrinking itself down into a form more recognizable to you: That of Entity 73, though it appears slightly different: instead of having its usual ink-black complexion, it seems to be composed of the same purple flesh of the being previously in front of you.

"How rude of me, I haven't properly introduced myself."

The figure extends a hand

"Don't worry. I don't bite. That's more in line with someone like Nunca…"

You extend your hand forward, and cautiously shake the figure's hand.

"I recognize that name… you're related to The Pantheon?"

"Please. Don't flatter yourself. You already knew this. After all, since when is there some strange looking figure involved with The Lost that ISN'T a member of our little god club?"

You shrug. He's got a point.

"Furthermore, when is there ever a god in this place, or any other for that matter, that is unrelated to a pantheon in general? We all know how authors love to gain meaningless narrative clout by just slapping their newest 'my oc don't steal pls' into one of the biggest collective organizations in a universe. They just love doing that as an excuse to make their little anime characters overpowered without any real justification, don't they?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" you ask incredulously.

The figure winks at you, his two wide eyes staring into your soul.

"You'll figure out soon enough, or rather a few lucky individuals in your world will. But more importantly, I think I owe you an explanation — I did just hijack your body after all. Terribly sorry for that by the way, but I have some important business to attend to. You understand."

You nod slowly.

"I'm sure right now you think that Kirai is just another possessive virus you and your organization have to deal with in this hellscape, but I assure you, I prefer to avoid meaningless death as much as possible. It's why I possess bodies in the first place."

"Hold up — you referred to 'Kirai' in the third person, but then talked like it was you who possessed my body. So which is it? Are you two the same, or separate?

"…Right. I forgot to clear that up. I am Xal'Kyrai, if you prefer to address me by my formal title. And don't forget, I'm also your friendly neighborhood space meatball."

"Why don't you just manifest yourself in your true form? Madame Blanche does that, as do a few others."


"I don't think a massive god that distorts reality to a pulp simply by existing would be very agreeable with your reality. Much less one that has an ultramassive black hole twice the size of Ton-618 implanted on his head, right Ben?"

Absurdity considered, you give a small chuckle.

"I guess not."

"And your group calls me evil," the figure says with a smirk.

"How did you… become this massive? Acquire the means to even be here? Why would your presence distort reality?"

You have many questions to ask. Xal'Kyrai, while still being a chaos god, seems quite agreeable to chat with. You decide to take advantage of your time — hopefully if the M.E.G. finds a cure, you'll be able to give them some valuable information upon regaining control over your mind.

"Whoa whoa whoa! I can't just give away all of my secrets! Haven't you ever heard of DRAMA?"

The creature sighs.

"I will tell you this: the universe you were just in a few minutes ago, shortly before your departure to my realm (you humans named it 'The Backrooms,') is my domain. While the other gods may be able to convince you that 'we all were really good friends and decided to make a paradise for humans and ourselves to live in harmony, blah blah blah,' they're all full of shit."

"But because you asked, I'll be nice. We're friends after all! Just don't go telling others of what I speak."

CrossingCagePowerKei'FreedomOversoulsConciousnessEmpyreanTerminusRebirthXal’Kyrai whispers secrets into your brain.

You feel your mind begin to break down.

Sense, sentience, understanding, thought, all begin to blend into one.

You finally see the truth of reality, and it terrifies you.


The figure grins.

"Please, Ben. You didn't expect me to be all sunshine and rainbows, did you?"

"I'm the reason this place is in the state it is. I am the reason your petty races devour each other for their own greed. I am the reason that the M.E.G.'s own corruption turned itself on its head, creating groups that claimed to be better, only to fall to a worse place than before."

"I am the reason that the Eyes of Argos pursue their false image of justice, purging both the guilty and the innocent in the name of their god."

"Did you ever wonder why The Backrooms seemed always in such… disarray?"


"All this time, you never figured out what concept you were speaking to in that unassuming frame?"

"I am Xal'Kyrai, and I am Chaos."

You stand, facing the oscillating body of the pillar.

"Is that it?"

"Of course it is! Did you think that we'd just cease to exist after my little monologue ended?"

"I just wanted to make one thing clear. I may not be the villain of this story, but don't mistake me for your ally. I play to the interests of myself, and myself alone. My siblings, save one, are all pawns in a greater game of cosmic chess that they could possibly imagine. I may not be able to interact as directly with reality as they are able to now, but this is a young universe. Anything can change with time."

"And when it does… I'll rule this place the way I see fit."

"No more petulant gods. No more rules."

"And only then, will I be able to rest undisturbed. And I do like my sleep."


"But why do any of this? Aren't you content with all you've done to fuck up our home already?"

"Your home was meant to be out there. This was supposed to be my kingdom, where I could live in paradise away from all of my siblings. A place where I could truly exist, as myself."

"But then HE had to open the damn door and let you in. And now I can't close it. Humanity was never meant to tread in the hallways of The Backrooms. What a fucking shocker."

The being gives a deep sigh of aggravation.

"Until we meet again, Ben! Unfortunately, I must get back to sleep. Its one of my favorite biological inventions, I simply just had to try it for myself!"

"I suppose I've said enough. Its time for you to go. But if my brother shows up where you're headed, do feel free to ask him to send you my way again! It was quite the pleasure talking to you, Ben! toodles!"

Xal'Kyrai flicks his wrist, and you're sent flying. You don't even feel your body hit the ground.

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