Entity 720 - "Tiny"
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Artist's depiction of the Entity based on witness reports.

Entity Number: 720

Habitat: Level 7


Entity 720, more commonly known by the ill-fitting nickname 'Tiny', is a humanoid entity residing almost completely uncontested in the freezing waters of Level 7. Standing at around 244 centimeters, this entity can reach swimming speeds of up to 80 mph and has been shown to survive rapid changes in depth and water pressure with ease.

'Tiny' is believed to be the main reason as to the emptiness of his home, as his only competition, The Thing on Level 7, only seems to inhabit the lowest reaches of the ocean. This is further evidenced by the fact that Tiny is always seen wearing the hide of what appears to be another fish-like entity.


Despite his elegant appearance and stride, Tiny is unequivocally hostile and should be avoided as much as possible. Conversations with Tiny should be carried out through the safety of Level 7's entrance room, if at all. Any attempts to physically interact with him have ended in the initiator's swift and ungraceful demise at the end of his spear1 or claws.

Tiny's character is of a similarly ungraceful manner. He has been shown to be incredibly intelligent and is capable of a form of telepathic speech. His demeanor has been observed to be largely dismissive, excessively confident, and openly malicious. He appears to be largely unwilling to listen to reason and entirely devoid of empathy.


Much of Tiny's body is coated in a thick layer of tar which he can expel off of his body at will to disorient or slow his victims. Under this layer, his body, dotted with bioluminescent markings, appears to be vaguely amphibian; the skin is rubbery in texture but unusually durable like a form of natural armor. His face is largely obscured by a similarly tough carapace that leaves only his eyes exposed. Observers have reported that Tiny's eyes glow brighter at lower light levels, and are almost completely dim outside of water.

The carapace that covers Tiny's face opens to reveal a large, toothy mouth, his most fatal form of attack. This rarely visible mouth is likely the last thing his victims see.

If one is to attempt exploration of Level 7, be aware that Tiny is exceptionally perceptive and has proven to be able to detect impact on the water's surface from a sizable distance away, estimated to be at least 30km. The safest way to reduce the chances of an encounter is to bring along an object capable of making prolonged loud noises underwater or by exploring in short trips.

As of now, no known methods of attack have been able to cause Tiny any physical harm. It is of note, however, that Tiny has two main weaknesses: loud noises and a notable inability to walk on land. These two factors allow explorers of Level 7 to potentially subdue him for short periods of time and ensure complete and total safety outside of water.


Entity 720 was discovered in June of 2019 by an unnamed wanderer. This wanderer, after repeated communication with the entity, gave him the ironic nickname 'Tiny' as a means of "getting at his ego." When asked about his actual name, Tiny has given no answer.

The following is the transcript of an attempt at contact with Tiny on January 21st, 2021.

Interviewer: So, uh, Tiny… do you live here alone?

Tiny: Mostly. As alone as I can be.

Interviewer: Meaning… what, exactly? In regards to the Thing on Level 7?

Tiny: Is that what you call it? Yes, the Fish is the only thing left alive. We don't talk. I stay above, it stays below. That is our agreement. That is our contract.

Interviewer: I see. And, uh, what happened to everything else?

[Tiny glares at the interviewer.]

Tiny: I will give you one guess as to what happened.

Interviewer: …Right. Does it ever get to you? Y'know, being down here, all alo-

Tiny: No.

Interviewer: …Oh.

Tiny: Why are you here? What do you hope to gain from asking me questions?

Interviewer: Information, I guess.

Tiny: To do what with, exactly? To pass me? To subdue me? To kill me?

Interviewer: No! I mean- I don't know, I don't think so…

Tiny: Your kind is interesting. You think you're so clever because you can run from things, because you can band together and take down whatever might be trying to hunt you… but you always forget that when it truly comes down to it, you're all still soft and pink. No teeth or claws. Just flesh.

Interviewer: …You know, I think this has been a pretty productive conversation, but I-

Tiny: Good. Take your findings back to your people. I'm sure they'll serve you well for the rest of your little life.

[There's a sound of splashing water as Tiny appears to swim away.]

Tiny: Just remember what you are when you're in the water. Research won't help you swim.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Approach with absolute caution Approach only if necessary Attempt any and all contact from the safety of solid ground.
  • Keep as far away from Tiny as possible underwater.


  • Attempt physical or up-close contact.
  • Attempt to harm Tiny. We've tried. It isn't worth it.

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