Entity 72
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Entity Number: 72

Habitat: - Level 196 (More specifically from the 20th floor of the level)


A Red Kin found within Floor 25 in Level 196


The Red Kins are entities that only appear within level 196, on the highest floors. They are usually defined as immortal beings who have the purpose of contaminating the mind of those who believe that they are not fit to worship them. They are surely one of the most dangerous and unpredictable entities due to their almost unintelligible behaviours described by different vagrants who explored the level.
The only colony of the level "The Followers Of The Red Gods" describe them, as their name indicates, as their most precious gods, the only ones who worship them and who have given a place in their hearts for them.


According to many reports, they behave erratically and randomly, they do not seem to be aware of what they are really doing, but they really do pose a great threat to your sanity. They will start watching you, sometimes approaching and moving away in strange ways that do not seem to make sense, after that process, the Red Kin will come closer to you and position itself behind you without you noticing it. From now on the Red Kin will enter your mind and ask telepathically if you adore them, if they detect that it is not like that, they will go to the process of mental contamination, there is not much information about this process but an example of how people are after the effects it would be the aforementioned colony.


They are mostly amorphous humanoid beings that glide with a strange mass of gigantic and sticky flesh located underneath them and seem to replace their legs. They look like rusty red figures and holes cover their entire body, behind these holes you can see bright white eyes that rotate in strange ways and throb, letting out a black substance that falls on the ground.


The Red Kins were discovered thanks to a call for help from an unknown explorer, the following is mentioned in the call.

Call record about the discovery of the entity ??/??/??

Schedule of the record ??/??
person who answers the call: MEG investigator
called person: ???

M: How can we help you?

?: Oh god, please help, I am at level 196!

M: Please give your location, since the level has so many floors that it is impossible to tell just like that.

?: W-Well, I'm probably on the 21st floor and there's something behind me, it's a Red Kin, it's not doing anything but it's following me and I doubt that it won't hurt me …

M: Taking advantage of the fact that the entity does not do anything at the moment, could you give us its name and tell us that it is a Red Kin? please specify which entity you are talking about and fast!

?: OH GOD !! HELP-

M: oh man! come on, you have to-

The call is dropped suddenly and the person was never found.

End of record (??: ?? - ?? / ?? / ??)

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Try to do your best to find a reflective object in case you feel like a Red Kin is behind you


  • Try to attract one or not accept the fact of worshipping the red gods

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