Entity 71
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Entity Number: 71

Habitat: Level 131


The Wandering Static is a very large humanoid skeletal entity that lives within the hive-mind of televisions inside Level 131. This Entity, better known to wanderers as "The Wandering Static," uses the many televisions inside of the Level that it resides in to transport itself. It appears to need to eat in some way and has been seen consuming different Entities and wanderers alike.


Entity 71 moves in a very destructive manner, crashing through the many shelves filled with televisions in Level 131. This is to catch prey, which is to current knowledge any living organism or Entity inside of Level 131. The Entity is not relentless in its pursuits and will leave back into a screen after tiring. When not doing this, the entity will enter back inside of a television screen displaying static. Somehow using the static on the televisions to transport itself. It is unknown whether Entity 71 goes to a different place when it enters a television screen, or whether it moves to another area immediately. When 'eating' something, one of the larger screens in its face will begin to play static, and it pushes the creature inside, consuming it in a similar way to how it transports.


Entity 71 is a large — assumed sixteen (16) ft. tall while standing at full height — skeletal humanoid with grey skin and a large head. The head of this Entity, instead of human-like features has multiple rounded television screens. These screens act similar to the televisions in Level 131, but instead are tied to the Entity rather than the other TVs. Unlike the other televisions, however, the screens in the face of Entity 71 are almost always switching through channels, the only exception to which being when the larger TV near the bottom of its face plays static while eating. Its limbs, four (4) arms, and two (2) legs are thin, despite what its strength suggests, and its joints can rotate to any angle, aiding its quick entry into TV screens.


Discovery was upon first entry of Level 131, following a wanderer stumbling to the Level. Followed close behind by his companion they explore the Level until Entity 71 appears. They flee, though one of them is quickly caught by the Entity, who then consumes him and leaves into a screen. The other wanderer spends days more inside the Level and soon escapes. Quickly reporting to the nearest M.E.G. task force.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Run without stopping until it returns into a television screen.


  • Stay in one spot, especially while it is active.

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