Entity 709 - "The Behemoth…?"

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That was a close call, wasn't it? Hiding inside of a small, wooden crate, you try your best to recollect what you had just seen minutes prior—a crimson silhouette with an appearance inconsistent with the entities currently logged in the database. The chilling screaming you heard earlier has dissipated by now, and the silence has returned. Seizing this opportunity, you climb out of the crate and bolt toward the nearest door, avoiding the pile of bloody bodies on the floor. You don’t recognize them, but no matter; it’s not worth pondering something this insignificant. However, the indiscernible being startles you, and you're stuck staring right at it.

You blink your eyes, and the nightmarish entity is nowhere to be seen. Just a hallucination, it seems. Of course. They were common occurrences in this area, after all. You turn around, feeling obligated to report the bodies you saw earlier to the M.E.G., though a wave of confusion hits you suddenly. The bodies weren’t there. Surely, it was those hallucinations from… no. Definitely not. The puddle of blood was still on the floor.

Or was it? You try to focus, but an overwhelming sense of nausea consumes you. You try extending your hand to a wall to keep your balance, but seconds later, you're laying down on the floor. Though you're fighting a losing battle to stay conscious, you briefly overcome your unbearable headache to catch a glimpse of the blood on the ground. You think you just saw the blood bubble, but before you can verify whether your eyes are deceiving you, you pass out.


Entity 709 is an urban legend originally conceived on /x/ - TheBackrooms on July 6, 2021. Though initially celebrated as an unsettling and short work of fiction, Entity 709 gained notoriety several months later after wanderers traversing Level 1 reported experiencing the exact situation presented in the post.1 Unfortunately, further investigation of these claims has yielded no results, and subsequent interviews with alleged witnesses of the entity have garnered very little, if any, useful information. To date, there has been no evidence corroborating the existence of Entity 709 or any bubbling blood puddles in Level 1. However, scientists have hypothesized that the infamous post on /x/ - TheBackrooms may have accidentally, in Senior Researcher Dr. Hearst's words, "willed the phenomenon into existence."

Witnesses described the entity as a miasma—a floating amalgamation of some toxic, red gas. It can allegedly be phased through, though those who come into direct contact with the entity will begin suffocating. It is believed to be able to "suck up" blood on the ground and convert it into vapor, adding to the entity's size. It has no discernible features whatsoever and, in its most basic state, appears as nothing more than just a static, indoor cloud. It is unknown whether this cloud is the entity itself or whether it is merely an "inconspicuous disguise" for an entity that resides within the cloud.

Despite these theories, sightings of the entity remain unverified, as no images of the entity (excepting the photograph in the original post) have been discovered. Many wanderers have claimed to take photos of said entity and the corpses it leaves in its path, but upon inspecting the camera rolls of their devices, no such photos were discovered, much to the wanderers’ confusion. This revelation, of course, raises a new question about how the original image was taken.2 Some individuals surmise that this paradox is definitive proof that Entity 709 does not exist, while other individuals believe that the original poster, only known to be an anonymous user, was actually the work of the entity itself.

Hoax or not—the unanswerable questions haven't stopped a solid portion of wanderers from believing in Entity 709's existence. Out of sheer curiosity3, many wanderers have stumbled through Level 1, hoping to capture pictures of bubbling blood, which would allegedly support the claims. The M.E.G., however, does not recommend this action, as many people who ventured into Level 1 to "prove a point" never returned. Whether this common occurrence is due to some internal psychological manipulation done by the entity or whether such disappearances are consequences of fractured minds remain unsolved mysteries.

I’m done with this clown show. I'll prove to you spineless pussies that this entity exists. Just watch.


Entity 709 was allegedly found in Level 1 multiple times by freelance explorers, who would report any suspicious observations that seemed relevant to the /x/ - TheBackrooms post. Each of these explorers felt some sort of "obligation" to prove the entity's existence, though the reason why currently remains unknown. Several days after the dismissal of their reports, the wanderers would have no recollection of their journeys into Level 1 or even of the /x/ - TheBackrooms post that led them to attempt such a dangerous objective in the first place.6 However, all of them remembered a basic description of Entity 709's physical appearance, which supposedly manifested as a recurring mental image in those who have returned from this voyage.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Stay away from /x/ - TheBackrooms under all circumstances until further notice. Drastic measures, such as cutting your computer's power cord, may be necessary.
  • Constantly remind yourself that Entity 709 does not exist, never has existed, and never will exist.7


  • Read the post titled "The Behemoth" in /x/ - TheBackrooms. If you have already done so, resist every possible urge to journey to Level 1. There is almost no benefit to doing so—you will not discover any evidence of Entity 709's existence—and the risks are plentiful.8
  • Report sightings of Entity 709 to the M.E.G. or any of its associated groups. There is arguably no reason to do so, as nothing posted on /x/ - TheBackrooms is considered real. /x/ - TheBackrooms is a thread for fictional pieces of creative writing.9

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