Entity 704
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Entity Number: 704

Habitat: Originally Level 64, now domesticated in almost all widely inhabited levels.

Entity 704, also known colloquially by many other names, is a species of domestic cat with extremely thick fur and slight anomalous properties.



An instance of Entity 704 immediately after its cat wool had been harvested.

Instances of Entity 704 bear resemblance to domestic long-haired cats with fur that is far longer and thicker, having properties more akin to wool than the fur of an ordinary housecat. Entity 704 come in a wide variety of breeds, with fur patterns ranging from those typical of regular cats to vibrant colors that aren't observed in any other feline species. Notably, all instances maintain their thick, wooly fur.

Fur from these entities, known as cat wool, is widely used in the making of clothing and other textile-based products, which, combined with their docile and friendly nature, make them an incredibly popular choice for domestication across nearly all levels with a substantial population. Cat wool is particularly good for making blankets and preparing outfits for winter levels, as it is excellent at trapping heat.

Due to their small size, instances of Entity 704 are typically shaved with electric razors when they are available in order to gain as much cat wool as possible. These entities do not display any amount of distress from this due to a heavily suppressed pain response. Additionally, minor nicks and cuts heal unnaturally quickly through means that are not currently understood.


Most instances of Entity 704 are incredibly docile and playful. They spend much of their time napping, though they don't seek out warmer spots like ordinary housecats would, presumably due to their wool keeping them well insulated.

Instances of this entity often spend their waking hours seeking stimulation and people to play with them. They are known to hunt other small entity species such as Entity 40 when they are particularly hungry or do not receive proper stimulation from play activities. However, their desire to hunt is far weaker than that of typical housecats.

Entity 704 are known to display almost no response to pain, even when severely injured. It is believed that their bodies' pain receptors are severely hampered. While this does make them far less irritable as companions, it also means that they will often display no outward symptoms of severe health problems, even when they are potentially fatal.


The most notable difference between instances of Entity 704 and ordinary felines is the entities' thick, wooly fur. When shaved, this fur grows to a short but noticeable length after only 10 minutes; however, it takes almost a full day for it to fully regrow after this point. Notably, these entities can produce an amount of cat wool with a greater mass than that of the nutrients they intake through unknown means.

While their wooly fur does serve to keep them warm and protect them from the elements, it also has the function of protecting them from predators. Entities such as Archravens will often ignore them while hunting, as their thick fur makes consumption of them difficult. It is believed in many communities that the bright colors of some varieties of Entity 704 mimic those of poisonous frogs and centipedes, causing further aversion to them as prey, though it is unknown if their colors actually serve this purpose.

Due to their vast array of different colors, Entity 704 are very popular among breeders, and there are several popular annual contests for the most vibrant and well-groomed instances. The most notable of these contests are The Backrooms' Most Vibrant Sheep Cats, held on Level 4, and Wool Kitty Color Royale, held on Level 11.

It is hypothesized that Entity 704 may have originated from cats from the Frontrooms interbreeding with or otherwise being altered by an unknown predecessor entity due to Level 64, where these entities were originally discovered, being directly connected to Level 81.

Colloquial Names

Due to the widespread domestication of Entity 704, there is a wide array of common names for the species. A comprehensive list is included below.

Name: Sheep Cat
Used by: M.E.G. documentation, M.E.G. members and allies, Level 4 residents

Name: Kamb
Used by: Level 178 residents

Name: Lamat or Lambitten
Used by: U.E.C. members and allies

Name: Wool Cat or Wool Kitty
Used by: Level 11 residents

Name: Shat or Shitten
Used by: Level 11 residents, especially B.N.T.G. members, as slang.

Survival Guide

Excerpt from Wanderer's Guide to the Backrooms vol. 1

Awwww, look at these little guys. If you're like me, you just adore Wool Kitties. Everyone does! And for good reason, too.

Not only do they raise morale like your mother in-law tripping at her wedding, but they produce cat wool, and a lot of it. Cat wool is about as easy to make clothes and whatever else you need out of as wool is, and it doesn't even need to be dyed with how many colors Wool Cats come in.

Make sure your community has a Wool Kitty or two, and it'll feel a lot more like living than just surviving for everyone.

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