Entity 63 - "The Mangled"
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An artist rendition of The Mangled.


An artist rendition of different Mangled facial expressions.

Entity Number: 63

Habitat - Level 9, Level 9.1


The Mangled is a large and very tall Entity That roams the streets of Level 9. These creatures have long limbs, and are very spider like, with a more human like head and face. These Entities are extremely dangerous, but are also very rare to encounter. These Entities will be typically seen alone, among the trees or crawling over houses. They are very hostile and will attack on sight, but they can only appear during a special event.


These Entities only appear when a Wanderer has been inside Level 9 for a few days. During these days the Wanderer would see large sections of fog randomly in Level 9. This fog is not harmful, but can damage hearing for a short amount of time, due to the large amounts of distorted wind noise emitting from the fog. This fog also can go down to temperatures below zero (0) °C, so it's freezing cold. After the Wanderer has encountered these fog clouds enough, The Mangled will start to appear. They hunt via crawling around large structures in almost impossible ways. When these Entities spot you, they will emit the same distorted wind noise from their mouths, and this sound can be heard from miles away. This wind effect can erase ones memories randomly, and can even give false memories, but this seems to be temporary. The wind effect can also drive one insane, so please use Almond Water when possible. When close up, you can hear low pitched screaming and sobbing coming from the Entity when close. They will attack by stepping on you, and attempting to lift you off the ground. They can No-Clip through structures on command, and can attack you very easily while inside a structure. These Entities hunt alone, and according to witnesses, they will even attack each other if this Entity is next to another one. The Entity's eye sight seems to be very minimal. So try not to get too close.


These Entities are usually around thirty (30) to fifty (50) feet tall via their long leg structure, and are very easy to spot out, but these creatures seem to have the ability to change their size and thickness of their limbs on command. These Entities have four limbs that walk in a strange manner, and in unnatural ways. Their joints can be bent in many ways, and they seem to be able to create new joints if needed. Their body is very bone like, and old sagging skin. Their head is the size of an average human. Their eyes are pitch black, and reflective as shown in the photo above. The Entity also has a large open mouth, which always seems to be open, and emitting a distorted wind noise mentioned before. These Entities can crawl across large structures in impossible ways, even to the point where their joints seem mangled. These Entities are very fast for their size, and can easily catch up to Wanderers running from it.


This Entity was discovered when many Wanderers had been inside of Level 9 for around twelve (12) days. And has encountered the strange fog. Once the Wanderers had seen The Mangled they ran as much as they could, but kept getting attacked by The Mangled. An M.E.G. Officer who will remain anonymous, has had an interview with a survivor of The Mangled known as 'Ollen'. This is the report.

Interview Log 07/09/2020

Begin Log: 15:18
Interviewer: M.E.G. Officer
Interviewee: Ollen

M.E.G. Officer: Please state your name for the interview.

Ollen: Ollen… Well, at least that is what I can remember.

M.E.G. Officer: Well, do you recall the events that took place two (2) days ago? And if you do, please elaborate.

Ollen: Yes, from what I remember I was just going about it in that Suburbs Floor, and everything seemed fine… Until I saw this fog.

M.E.G. Officer: Please explain this fog.

Ollen: (Ollen starts to feel uneasy) Well uhh… It was just a huge patch of fog. I never seen it before, but it came closer to me. Way too close…

M.E.G. Officer: What happened inside?

Ollen: It was cold… I felt alone, trapped like there was no way out. And this noise… It's still stuck in my head… I want it out. I want it out! I WANT IT OUT OF MY HEAD! GET IT OUT!

M.E.G. Officer: Sir please calm down! you need to relax.

(Ollen calms himself down)

Ollen: Ugh, I- I'm sorry I… It's just like I'm going insane, it's like wind but, as if so many instruments are breaking at once.

M.E.G. Officer: Hmm, take some of this, it will help you.

(Ollen takes and drinks from a bottle of Almond Water)

Ollen: Erm, thank you…I kinda feel like it's getting better now.

M.E.G. Officer: Please, continue.

Ollen: Okay, this cloud thing kept appearing for a bit, like four (4) times, I think. Then 'it' showed up.

M.E.G. Officer: What is this 'it' your referring to?

Ollen: This giant… er- thing, I don't know what to call it. But it was huge, bigger then a tree in a forest! It was walking around the suburban place looking for food I bet ya'. He came up to me and screamed at me. I was so terrified I couldn't move. But I managed to get it back together, and ran in the house beside me. I went to hide in a closet that was there… I'm damn lucky the door to the house was unlocked. But it was no use… I opened the closet door to see that things head through the wall, like there is nothing there screaming at me! It's head was as big as me alone!

M.E.G. Officer: Sounds petrifying Mr. Ollen Sir, but how did you manage to escape this 'Thing'?

Ollen: Well, I… I- I don't remember… I think I ran away, and it left me… But I can also remember falling through the floor to a Strange Car Lot looking place.

M.E.G. Officer: Mr. Ollen Level 5, or the "Hotel Place" is where you were located after you ran rampant across the Level.

Ollen: Uhh Sir, that's not a car lot… I was there, I… I think… Was it red? You guys picked me up in a car!

M.E.G. Officer: No Sir, unless you were found after your experience in Level 22, we never found you there, nor did we have a car. Vehicles are dysfunctional in this place. We will now end the interview, and we'll give you some time to rest Mr. Ollen.

Summary: Ollen was sent out of the Interview room, and was sent to Level 1's Trader's Keep from The B.N.T.G.. A lot of information was given from the Wanderer, and we will use this info for this Entry on The M.E.G. Database. Some info may be false due to an ability with The Mangled Entity.

End Log: 15:28

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Stay away from the fog, although this may be impossible.
  • Keep a far away distance from The Mangled.
  • Try to run as fast as you can if you get spotted.


  • Approach the strange fog.
  • Run towards The Mangled to try and attack it. It will result in failure.

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