Entity 62 - "Clinker Toys"
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An image of a supposed Clinker Toy.

Entity Number: 62

Habitat: Level 800


Entity 62 have an appearance similar to a zombified corpse with clockwork apparatus attached to various parts of their bodies. Clinker Toys can vary in appearance and shape, but all act very similar. They normally wander around aimlessly until alerted to the presence of a human. They act with hostility towards humans and will attack humans when they are present. Clinker Toys are not capable of speech but have been heard making sounds described as groaning, and a metallic ticking sound, much like a clock ticking. They have not been reported on other levels.


Clinker Toys are typically docile creatures when not in the presence of humans. It has been determined that Clinker Toys cannot see or hear very well, so they will only attack if a human gets very close to them. Clinker Toys do not need to eat or drink to survive.


Clinker Toys are humanoid figures with rotten flesh and many distorted features. Clinker Toys are usually missing body parts or segments of flesh, and in their place are parts of clockwork machines, typically being metallic joints replacing knees and elbows, torsion springs, and metal ribbons replacing the pivotal points on the neck and groin, small 9mm camera lenses replacing eyes, and many more examples. One thing all of the Clinker Toys have in common appearance-wise is a key located in the center of their backs; and are most commonly seen on wind-up toys, these keys move in a clockwise rotation when the Clinker Toys walk.


Clinker Toys were discovered on 3/12/21 when two of the entities were seen aimlessly wandering around the exit of Level 799.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Walk away slowly and calmly when encountering a Clinker Toy.
  • Try not to make any loud sounds.


  • Run in the presence of a Clinker Toy (Unless being chased).
  • Make loud or alerting sounds.

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