Entity 61 - "Coconut Snares"
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Entity Number: 61

Habitat(s): Level 149


Entity 61 spotted sleeping on the ground. Notice the holes, which usually distinguish them from ordinary coconut fruits.


Coconut Snares are aggressive frugivore rodents that hide in coconut shells, and are the only native entity on Level 149. They feed primarily on the coconuts in Level 149, eating coconut meat and drinking coconut milk to sustain themselves. Coconut Snares also occasionally drink rainwater from the occasional rainfalls in Level 149.


Coconut Snares rarely show their actual bodies, and instead spend most of their lives in the coconut shells which they hide in. They are usually aggressive towards wanderers, hissing at them should they approach.1 Coconut Snares have a habit of biting out holes on the exterior of their coconut, which they use to breathe out of and stretch. These are commonly referred to as "breathing-holes". Coconut Snares do not attack wanderers often, opting instead to simply hiss at people who approach them, as previously described. However, should a wanderer display hostility towards them, they will bite the offending wanderer, which results in a deep wound due to the Coconut Snares' sharp teeth.

Coconut Snares are also notably fast, covering large distances in mere seconds by rolling their coconut over the terrain. They are also notoriously hard to spot, mainly due to the fact that when they are in their shell, they are practically indistinguishable from a normal coconut fruit. This is not helped by the fact that they spend about seventeen hours each day asleep in coconut trees. Due to their elusive nature, encountering live Coconut Snares is extremely rare and difficult.


The true body of a Coconut Snare is a very rare sight, mainly due to the fact that they don't emerge from their shell much. Coconut Snares appear to look like large, hairless rodents, which have a rather spherical body. Their bodies are partially fused with the coconuts they inhabit because of the fact that they spend most of their lives in them, and their sweat acts as some sort of "glue", slowly sticking them to the shell over time. Coconut Snares have wide, strong fangs which can easily crunch tree barks, shells, and other materials found in Level 149.

Due to the fact that coconut shells impair the Coconut Snares' hearing, their ears are extremely small. However, contrary to what one would assume, Coconut Snares have an extremely good vision. They have been known to identify and spot uncollected coconuts from a whole kilometer away.

Much like any other type of mammal, they reproduce sexually; specifically, through the tiny holes they make in the shells. The average gestation period of a female Coconut Snare is approximately one month. During this period, male Coconut Snares gnaw off the coconut shell from the females2, and find good hiding places for them. Female Coconut Snares can give birth to a litter of 1-5 babies. After this process, they go out to find new coconut shells for them and their babies to live in. Parents drop pieces of coconut meat into the babies' shells so they could feed on them. Coconut Snares reach maturity at two months of age — this is when their parents let them hunt on their own. Their average lifespan is 8-10 years.


It is currently unknown when and how exactly they were discovered, but it seems that they were known to the Lost Suns society since they began living in Level 149. It is hypothesized that Death Rats and Coconut Snares have common ancestry, and they moved to Level 149 from Level 1 and Level 46. The Lost Suns of the Coconut Isles have made paper drawings of the Coconut Snares dating back to the 15th century.

Coconut Snares are considered a delicacy among the Lost Suns community of Level 149, mainly because of their rarity and their peculiar taste. Inhabitants usually prefer used coconut shells of Coconut Snares to average unused coconut shells — Coconut Snares' sweat makes the shell nearly twice as durable. They use them as helmets and bowls.

Several dead bodies of Coconut Snares were found outside of Level 149: two near the Forest of Level 140, and three in the deep jungle of Level 37. It appears that they didn't manage to settle in these levels due to the lack of the coconut palms.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Ignore them if they're trying to hunt for coconuts.
  • Keep them off of your body.


  • Irritate them.
  • Try to remove the coconuts from their body forcefully.
  • Let them bite you.

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