Entity 60 - "Scramby"
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Entity Number: 60

Habitats: Unknown



A scramby discovered in a banquet room.

Scrambies are humanoid entities with peculiar body structures, often characterized by possessing more than four limbs or, occasionally, fewer than four. Their bodies typically exhibit a completely black appearance resembling a stick figure and may resemble giant spiders.

The precise nature of these organisms is still under investigation. Without exception, all witnesses and researchers have thus far failed to closely observe any scramby. These entities appear to possess certain traits that induce an unavoidable and intense sense of fear, thereby repelling individuals. Even ones with extensive military training are incapable of withstanding the profound terror it cause. Further research is needed to understand the mechanisms underlying this phenomenon.


The current investigation indicates that scrambies pose no harm to mankind. Similar to spiders, they have been observed to suddenly appear, adhering to walls or corners of rooms, only to vanish when unobserved. It remains unknown how they move around, where they come from, and where they go.

Although scrambies do not demonstrate tangible behavioral characteristics, their presence follows an observable pattern. If an individual consistently frequents or occupies a specific space, typically their residence, workplace, or similar locations, the likelihood of a scramby manifestation becomes significantly elevated. They have a propensity to position themselves in inconspicuous locations that often evade human notice, such as the ceiling, the uppermost corners of a room, or beneath a bed. Of particular significance is that a sound similar to that of nails screeching against a chalkboard is heard during the manifestation of a scarmby.

It is reported that scrambies switch positions after being left unobserved for a brief period of time. Certain amounts of wanderers have claimed to notice that upon re-entering a room where a scramby was previously observed, its limbs had been repositioned or it had moved to another location. In rare instances, scrambies were discovered with some of their limbs slipping from the wall, resulting in the body hanging and potentially even swinging. However, they continue to maintain the motionless state they adapt to normally.

Under a singular set of circumstances, scrambies present a inreclaimable threat to humans, namely when an individual becomes unconscious in the presence of a scramby. In instances where the observer is absent, all living entities within the proximity of a scramby will simultaneously vanish alongside it.


There is an abundance of conflicting accounts regarding the biological characteristics of Scramby, among which three theories are widely recognized.

Many witnesses claim that Sramby can not be classified as any organism but a life form of thick intelligent clouds of black particles.

According to this hypothesis, the enigmatic nature of Scrambies, appearing and vanishing without trace, can be elucidated. The composite body of a scramby consists of numerous particles, each possessing individuality yet collectively sharing a hive mind. This unique assemblage exhibits the capacity to disperse and coalesce at will. These particles pervade enclosed spaces ubiquitously. Moreover, individuals experiencing fear upon encountering a scramby are believed to inhale these particulates, thereby inducing apprehension.

This theory is based on multiple accounts of observers sighting indistinct outlines of scrambies, which lacks substantive video or photographic evidence.

Note that none of these theories have been proved yet.


Some samples of the Scrambled Tears.

The currently established understanding is that scrambies secrete a substance that may contain Liquid Silence, which is detected in many sighting spot of Scramby. This substance is named the Scrambling Tears, also known as the ST Liquid. It possesses an anti-gravity characteristic, causing it to flow upwards rather than downwards when exposed to air, which is particularly evident when the liquid comes into contact with a wall surface.

Previously, there was a belief that the ST Liquid served as the source of Scramby's fear inducing ability, but, as a matter of fact, the ST Liquid itself does not possess the same repelling characteristic. On the contary, the ST Liquid may function as a preventive measure against the appearance of scrambies.

Among the wanderers, there is a rumor that applying the ST Liquid to all surfaces within a room can effectively prevent any scramby from manifesting. However, it is strongly advised against adopting this method due to its lack of factual evidence and the potential side effects it can cause, including hallucinations, nausea, and severe headaches, which has been reported multiple times.

The physical and chemical properties of the ST Liquid are still under investigation. Although relevant research on this substance has been initiated, significant challenges remain due to shortage of manpower and the rarity of this substance, which is yet to be overcome.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Leave the room calmly when seeing a scramby or hearing upsetting noises.
  • Bring company if it is needed to enter a room occupied by a scramby.
  • Check for scrambies before sleeping.
  • Clean the room after a scramby manifestion, especially up on the ceiling.


  • Fall asleep or let yourself unconcious in the presence of a scramby.
  • Leave your partner alone in a room where any scramby shows up.
  • Consume or use any amount of the ST Liquid.

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