Entity 59: Gat
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Gat is a large mass of fur, measuring approximately one meter in width and height, although he can change his size and volume at will. His fur is thick, black and resembles that of a cat. His eyes are large and yellow, and he has a mouth that he rarely shows, only visible when Gat is injured or consuming something.

Gat is intelligent, capable of communicating through vocalisations, and appears to understand human speech. He is also capable of basic problem-solving and has shown to be highly curious about its surroundings.


A picture of Gat in an unknown level.


Gat seems to rest in Level 210 sometimes, though he mostly noclips from the ceiling and falls next to or on wanderers completely at random. It is theorized that Gat does this on purpose to mess or play with wanderers. A wanderer can also ask Gat directly to come by calling his name, and most of the time Gat will listen to this demand and noclip through the ceiling next to the wanderer.


Gat is highly sociable and friendly towards wanderers. He has been observed to approach and attempt to play excitedly with any wanderer, even in situations of imminent danger. Hostile entities appear to be scared of Gat and will attempt to avoid his presence or flee. Friendly entities show no particular reaction to Gat's presence.

Gat has a unique ability to consume anything that is no larger than approximately two meters in size. He does this by changing his body size to match the object's dimensions, consuming it, and then returning to his original size. This ability has earned Gat the nickname "Walking Trash Can." Gat appears to understand all human languages and will comply with requests to consume objects.


Another picture of Gat.

Gat will never attack a wanderer unprovoked, but will retaliate if physically or emotionally harmed. If hurt, Gat will show its mouth and attempt to bite off the wanderer's hands, arms, legs, or in rare cases, even the head of the wanderer. In this state, the best course of action is to offer Gat a piece of candy and attempt to calm him down through gentle physical contact.


Gat possesses unique physical traits that aid its survival in different environments. The creature's eyes are capable of emitting a faint glow, making them visible in pure darkness.

This unique trait allows Gat to navigate through dark areas with ease, making him highly adaptive to different environments. Gat’s eyes are exceptionally sharp, allowing him to see small details from afar.

Gat also possesses two large ears that do not appear to capture sound in the traditional sense. Instead, they are believed to detect movement from level to level, allowing Gat to track and locate entities with pinpoint accuracy.

It is theorised that Gat is aware of the location of every wanderer at any given time, which may explain his seemingly calculated movements.

When hurt, Gat's eyes will disappear, and he will show its mouth, which is about a meter wide. The creature's teeth are strikingly similar to human teeth, which has raised questions about its origins and potential connection to human genetics. Gat's bites are powerful enough to sever limbs, making him highly dangerous when provoked.

When Gat bites off a limb or receives candy, its mouth immediately disappears, and its eyes reappear. Anything that enters Gat's mouth is never seen again, which has led to the belief that Gat possesses a unique digestive system capable of dissolving any material consumed.

Additional Info:

Gat moves by rolling. His eyes and ears stay in place while doing so - it is currently unknown how he does this. It is theorized that he modifies his volume as he moves to keep his ears at the top and his eyes in the middle of his body. When Gat loses the wanderer he is currently following, he will immediately panic and noclip next to the wanderer again. Asking him nicely to leave will lead to Gat noclipping through the ground.

Dos and Don'ts:


  • Pet him.
  • Give him anything to eat, with candy being a particular favourite of his.
  • Keep him near you in imminent danger.
  • Play with him if he ever wants to.
  • Ask him to leave nicely if needed.


  • Hurt him physically or verbally.
  • Get bitten by him.
  • Run away.
  • Ask him to leave in a mean way.

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