Entity 59 - "Splat!"
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Entity Number: 59

Habitat(s): Level 0

All known sightings of the Splat have appeared to be in well lit, long hallways located in Level 0. They are often sighted moving along the ceiling of long corridors and residing in small rooms to lure prey.


The first hallway known to be traversed by the Splat. Avoid if possible.

Survival Guide:

As with most entities that make their home in Level 0, the Splat are very rare and low in numbers. They are not a huge threat to the average person walking through Level 0. However, if you spot one, walk past it slowly. They tend to be attracted to fast moving objects, and will jump on you if you attempt to run. If you hear wet sloshing noises behind a door, do not open the door. Otherwise, they are a moot threat.


The entity known as 'the Splat' is an amorphous blob of flesh, with a thick liquid-like consistency. It has several "eyes" which move around the body, only to emerge to the surface and pop, folding back into the main body. Its described as a 'boiling' like effect. It clings to the ceilings of long corridors located in Level 0. They are extremely rare, and can hide extremely effectively.

The Splat will move into a small room in these long hallways, and make sploshing noises to attract prey. When someone enters the door, the Splat will latch on to their neck and inject a "poison". This poison causes hallucinations and extreme nausea. Most notably, the victim will believe the small room they are trapped in is another hallway, stretching on forever. In their state of confusion, the victim will inadvertently trap themself in the room until they die (either from starvation, dehydration, or suicide). The corpse is assumed to be eaten by the entity.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Wear clothing over your neck
  • Walk at a normal pace past the Splat if you see one
  • Look down when walking down a long corridor


  • Leave your neck or back skin exposed while walking through corridors in Level 0
  • Open doors if you hear sloshing noises behind a door
  • Allow yourself to keep on living if you succumb to the Splat's poison

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