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Commentator 1: …and you can bet I never looked at my goldfish the same way after that.

Commentator 2: Wow. Just— wow.

[both laugh]

Commentator 1: Oh! It looks like we have the winner of the 13th annual Level 11 Fall Festival Pumpkin Growing Contest! The winning pumpkin is… Drum roll, please.

[Table drumming can be heard from Commentator 2]

Commentator 1: Tweedledum!

Commentator 2: Wow.

Commentator 1: Tweedledum was grown by a group of young women from Level 205, calling themselves the "Coven of the Pumpkin Patch" and weighs in at a whopping 1,313 pounds.

Commentator 2: Wow! Who knew such an unlucky number could win the whole contest?

Commentator 1: I know, right?

Commentator 1: Now, I know the Bible says not to coven thy neighbor's goods, but man, it would be so cool to have a pumpkin of that size. I mean, imagine how much pie you could make with that bad boy.

Commentator 2: I think it's "covet", with a "t".

Commentator 1: Oh sorry. The Covet of the Pumpkin Patch.

Commentator 2: Not quite what I meant, but close enough.

[both laugh]

Commentator 2: Wow. 1,313 pounds?

The Field of Bones

from The Otherland Planes: A Witch's Compendium by Theorisia Bishop

The plane known as The Field of Bones is an infinite stretch of foggy grassland that is very spiritually rich with a particular abundance of necromantic energy. This energy is so abundant that a skeletal Romerian necromancy1 will naturally occur if a skeleton or partial skeleton is buried in the soil of the plane and left there for several weeks before being dug up. This natural process can be hijacked relatively easily for powerful results. In addition to the plane's naturally occurring necromantic energy, the soil is also very high in nutrients used for agriculture, so this plane is also a very good place to perform agricultural rituals and perhaps the most suitable plane in the known Otherlands for agricultural necromancy.

When it comes to creatures, this plane has a large variety of animated skeletons that roam the it. Due to the large variety of these creatures (including, most peculiarly, a pack of animated tanks), it is believed that these bones are either a natural feature of the plane or have been teleported to the plane by unknown means rather than being put there by other witches. Some of these creatures even display additional magical effects, aside from them being animate, so it is very important to be careful around them even though most are harmless.

It is believed that some of the skeletal creatures may be useful for binding2. Although they have less raw magical energy coursing through them daemons, they are much less volatile, and they do not have any equivalent to the daemonic hierarchy, so nothing like the damage incurred on the daemonic ecosystem will occur with their binding.

The Spell of Pumpkin Rebirth

from The Green Book: A Guide to Agricultural Magic by Petronilla Lemnos

The Spell of Pumpkin Rebirth is a complex agricultural necromancy spell that can be used to bring the dead back to life as a living skeleton, though how much of their soul will be retained in the resurrection varies from performance to performance. This spell works by channeling and trapping magical energy into a pumpkin seed and then hijacking the natural growth process to bring someone or something back to life. Parts of the spell can be changed as per your discretion, but I will outline what I believe to be the best way to perform it below.

1. First, choose the being you want to siphon power from. I would suggest looking under the "Demons" section of the "Magical Beings" glossary and looking for lesser demons who have associations with both necromantic and agricultural energy.

2. Bury the remains of the person who you are trying to resurrect. The more complete the remains are, and the more recent the death is, the more effective the spell will be.

3. Plant a single pumpkin seed right above where the body is buried.

4. Bury an offering to your chosen being. I would suggest something charged with black energy, such as the bones of a freshly killed animal. Place this burial in such a place that, when the symbol of sealing is drawn, the buried offering will line up with the sigil of your chosen being.

5. Draw a symbol that will siphon and trap magical energy inside it (See the "Symbols and Sigils" section for more details). I would recommend using a Kolgrim tristella of sealing. Draw the sigil for your chosen being in the appropriate place.

6. Grow the pumpkin as you would a normal pumpkin until it is ripe. This will take several months and should result in an extremely large pumpkin.

7. Once the pumpkin is fully ripe, carefully cut it open, and you will find the person you intended to resurrect reborn as a living skeleton.

[Five witches stand around a pumpkin; alone in a foggy plane.]

Elisabeth: Well, this is it. The moment of truth.

Matteuccia: Quiet. We must focus.

Elisabeth: I know I know. I'm just… nervous is all.

Lasses: Mood. But… why did we lug this thing all the way to Level 11 if we were going to bring it back here anyway?

Narbona: [laughs] Hubris?

Matteuccia: No. Not hubris. It was for many reasons. To lift our spirits; to channel the energy of the crowd; and yes, perhaps a little pride.

Lasses: Well, pride is one of the big seven sins, after all. Maybe it'll help with the dark arts.

Narbona: [laughs] Maybe.

Anna: Are we ready?

Elisabeth: Yeah. Let's start, maybe.

Matteuccia: Indeed.

[The four, minus Anna, begin chanting in unison, reading from a book in front of them.]

[Anna walks up to the gargantuan pumpkin, a dagger in her left hand. A nervous tremor can be seen as she lifts it to the flesh of the pumpkin, but her face betrays no such emotion.]

[An unearthly scream is released from nowhere and everywhere as the dagger is plunged into the skin of the pumpkin, and blood begins to pour from the giant plant's wound. Still, she continues to cut, her arms and body covered in the strange bloody fluid.]

[As the cut widens, a skeleton falls out. Its twitching form is covered in blood like some sick facsimile of amniotic fluid.]

Anna: S-Sally?

[The skeleton collapses in a heap on the ground, exhausted from its sudden rebirth.]

Anna: Sally, wake up!

[The skeleton begins to stir.]

Skeleton: "Sally"? Is that my name? [It speaks in a raspy croak]

Anna: You— Do you remember me, Sally? It's Anna!

Skeleton: I don't know. Who am I?

Anna: You're Sally L. Hess. Don't you remember?

Skeleton: I don't remember. I don't remember, but that doesn't sound correct. I don't think I'm meant to remember. I think I'm new. Tabula rasa. And yet I'm speaking, and I understand you.

Lasses: Maybe it didn't work. Maybe this isn't Sally. Maybe we've failed.

Narbona: How intriguing.

Skeleton: I don't mean to be a disappointment to you.

Anna: No! That's okay— What should I call you.

Skeleton: I do not know.

Narbona: How about Adam, for the first man— or maybe Eve; you do have Sally's rib in you, whether you like it or not.

Skeleton: The first "man"? I don't know if I feel like a man. But I don't think I'm Eve either.

Elizabeth: How about "Adym". With a "y". It's more unique anyway.

Skeleton: Adym… I like that.

Lasses: Adym, it is.

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