Entity 58 "Potri"
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Entity Number: 58

Habitat(s): - Level 6
Potri is an invisible creature only found at level 6, although there have been unconfirmed sightings of this entity at other levels.


Photograph of the entity in a hallway of "level 6"


Potri is a tall and thin creature, measuring approximately 2 meters meters, his face is completely covered by what appear to be his eyes and the amount of these may vary depending on the person, his skin is rotten and completely dry. Her arms reach the floor and seem to be hanging from her shoulders, these arms lack hands.
The human eye is not capable of detecting her presence with the naked eye, so the only way to know if she is there is to take a photograph. If you keep taking pictures when you see that he is there, he will get closer and closer no matter how far you think he is from him, once he is close to you, your skin will feel dry, you will begin to have negative and depressive thoughts. After 7 hours to the exposure of the effects of the entity, you will feel the need to commit suicide in some way, no matter what you resist, depressive thoughts will consume your mind and you can do nothing else.


The creature behaves mysteriously, almost always appearing in the distance of some level 6 photographs, for each photograph you take, the closer it will appear, affecting more and more your sanity. It is a highly curious entity, but aggressive at the same time.


It is not yet known how this creature was discovered, but its first description was made by an anonymous explorer who listed it as "That suicidal thing"

Do's and Dont's:


  • Run in the opposite direction if you see his silhouette in your photographs


  • Staying close to the entity for a long time

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