Entity 57 - "Tiletraps"
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An image taken at Level-11 where the first Tiletrap incident occured. Because of the slightly more detailed pattern, this area is considered to be highly dangerous.

Entity Number: 57

Habitat(s): - Architectural


Tiletraps are crustacean entities that reside inside ceramic tiles. Their size ranges anywhere from 2 to 5 inches.


Tiletraps are mostly docile and spend most of their time buried inside ceramic tiles. They are provoked by the slight distress created when a person subconsciously judges himself or another person lose the 'Tile Game'1. They only attack the 'losers' of the game.

First, they eat through the tiles they were on to reach the 'loser'. Once they reach their target, they quickly inject a venom that would paralyze but keep their victim completely awake. After that, more tiletraps will emerge from the ground swarming and burrowing through their victim. Tiletraps will always try to keep their victim conscious for the longest time possible.

After feeding, they use some of the digested parts to excrete ceramic and fix the broken tiles. They return to the tiles and fix any signs of damage from it.

Interestingly, some Facelings and even Insanities are observed to be playing the "Tile Game". Tiletraps would also attack any other entity that 'loses' the game.


They were initially discovered at Level 11 by a small group of wanderers in an attempt at documenting some of the structures found within the level.

Do's and Dont's:


  • Travel alone or in small groups when exploring an area with tiled floors
  • Hold a Bishop piece to remind yourself of the tile game
  • Leave the 'losers' behind


  • Travel in large groups in areas with tiled floors.
  • Attempt to rescue the 'losers'
    • You would also get devoured
  • Walk slowly in a tiled area

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