Entity 54 - "Scrappers"
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Entity Number: 54

Habitat - The Must Yard.


Scrappers are huge humanoid-like Entities that roam around The Must Yard. These beasts are mostly hostile, and will attacked if provoked, or on-sight. They are very fast swimmers, but are very slow on land. Their food source is the many piles of scrap on the land. Their jaws are unbreakable, and their mouths are huge. A single bite can crush almost anything.


Scrappers are very intelligent, and usually builds tiny shelters around the place, and soon eat them after use. The Entities can also carry thrice their own weight. They usually wander to gather food to give to their children. Most are docile, and will not attack unless hungry or provoked. They will use their giant horns as weapons to attack their enemies, or they have been seen to use them to pick up extra metal scrap via their horns. They seem to like swimming in the Almond Water depths in their habitat, and usually stays underneath the water for long periods of time.


Scrappers are eight (8) feet tall humanoids, with large amounts of hair. These Entities have two sets of lungs, one that uses the Entities gills to breathe in water, and one for air. These creatures have large horns, and have been seen to use them to pick up metal scrap when they can't carry anymore in their arms. The Entities have strange tri-pod feet, that can walk across rough metal surfaces. The Males are usually around eight( 8) feet tall, while the females are around five (5) to six (6) feet tall. Their mouths are very large in size when opened, and can crush metal easily. The Entities are usually found in a deep sleep for most of the time, and are pretty much stuck like that. They cannot be woken up, nor moved while in their sleep, although they can get up when they choose to.


The discovery of this Entity is when The M.E.G. have discovered The Must Yard during a test with an old car from inside Traders Vault. You can find that Entry here: Log

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Don't interrupt them, and let them be.
  • If being chased, avoid the water if you can.


  • Aggravate them, or their family.
  • Do not try to scare them.
  • Do not disturb them while in their sleep.

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