Entity 54
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Entity 54 in Level 22.

Entity Designation: 54

Habitat: N/A


Entity 54, referred to as Grawlix by M.E.G. operatives, is an entity that manifests on solid surfaces as simple, animate drawings.


Grawlix is a friendly yet mischievous being, known to follow and play around with any wanderer who crosses its path. This entity does show genuine kindness when wanderers are in danger, instead trying to lead said wanderer to a safer area or level. Many claim that Entity 54 was vital in surviving dangerous situations and that the entity showed signs of happiness when they were safe.

Entity 54 often plays pranks and games on wanderers, much to some people's chagrin. Games Entity 54 will play include hide-and-seek, charades, and tag. The pranks Entity 54 usually plays are light-hearted and generally harmless. However, the entity seems struggles to understand the limits of human endurance for its more risky pranks.

Entity 54 enjoys interacting most with large groups of people, especially children due their willingness to play. When interacting with large groups, Entity 54 will often jump around excitedly and cheer.

Entity 54 responds to a variety of names, some of which include:

Grawlix - Used by M.E.G. operatives, coined by Operative Lime.
Scribble Pants - Used by Level 158 residents, especially O.J.U. members.
Kilroy - Used by The Originals on Level 5.
Mr. Lanky - See Discovery.


Entity 54 manifests as a simple drawing of a cartoonish figure. These figures can vary wildly in appearance and medium. It appears that Entity 54 cannot manifest as complex drawings, as attempts by the entity seem to cause exhaustion and even pain from overexertion. Entity 54 can shift its form as it pleases within the parameters of simple drawings. The entity can transfer from different solid surfaces as long as those surfaces touch each other.

Entity 54 can shift rapidly between forms, change its size, and even no-clip by entering a corner, usually appearing in a different section of the level it's currently on. Wanderers who've witnessed this no-clip describe it as Entity 54 "shrinking into nothing" or "how falling into a black hole might look". It often exaggerates its emotions to a comical degree and using comic lexicon to further display emotion. Some hypothesize Entity 54 does this to make up for the fact it cannot speak.

Entity 54 is able to interact with any drawn on object. It will be seen drinking and eating any drawn food and tripping over and falling on graffiti, often “smushing” the graffiti in the process. Entity 54 is unable to interact with our dimension, either transferring onto the attempted manipulated surface or going underneath it.


The first recorded manifestation of Entity 54 was in a lot of Level 11, often used by children in the level to play in. It took the form of a stickman that the children dubbed “Mr. Lanky” who then would participate in games of tag, hide-and-seek, and intricate games of make-believe, often accentuated with chalk drawings made by the children. Entity 54 was brought to the attention of the M.E.G. when a parent witnessed Entity 54 having a tea party with their child and was seen moving and pouring make-believe tea.

The following transcript is a short interview between M.E.G. Operative Leia “Poppy” Jackson and the previously mentioned child, whose parent has requested to keep anonymous.


Entity 54 as Mr. Lanky.

M.E.G. Operative Poppy: Hello, █████. Is it alright with you if I asked you a few questions about your friend, Mr. Lanky?

Interviewee: Okay! He’s really funny, and kinda weird and, and umm, umm…

M.E.G. Operative Poppy: [Poppy laughs] I see you’re excited. Can you tell me how you met him?

Interviewee: Mr. Lanky just showed up one day. Craig got chalk from the Mart1, so he umm, we uh, started drawing! We all started making this really big spaceship with everything: a pool, some snacks, the engine - those are important for stuff, daddy says - and Mr. Lanky came out of a crack in outer space! He started flailing around; yknow, since space is super dangerous, and Emily had to draw a room for him!

M.E.G. Operative Poppy: How fun! So, he played with you guys?

Interviewee: Yup! When we had to go home he looked sad though, so I made him a tall glass house just like ours to live in! He was really happy, beaming I think, I hear mommy call smiles that.

M.E.G. Operative Poppy: How kind of you, █████.

Interviewee: Thanks!

M.E.G. Operative Poppy: Did you guys play with him after that?

Interviewee: Yeah, of course! He likes to play hide-and-seek the most, so many cracks to hide in! [Interviewee laughs] He always forgets his hat sticks out of the crack!

Postscript: Considering Grawlix is able to hide in cracks in the wall completely, it's safe to say it did this so it could be findable for the kids. It's seemed to take notice of me interviewing these kids, or the kids told it about me. It waves to me on a wall whenever I pass by the general area. I’d like to interview the entity directly, but I don’t want to play a long game of charades to do so.
-Operative Poppy

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