Entity 51 - "The Mountain King Ritual"
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An image that was sent from an unknown wanderer after performing the Mountain King Ritual.

Entity Number: 51

Habitat(s): All


Entity 51, which has been named "The Mountain King Ritual", is an Entity/event that can occur in the backrooms. Preforming the ritual in any location will summon an entity that will chase you to the beat of the classical song "In The Hall of The Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg.

Preforming the Ritual:

Preforming the ritual does not require a specific location. You also will not require any additional objects. Sit down on the floor, clap 13 times, and say "I mock you foolish king". Then, punch the nearest wall as hard as you can, one time. Close your eyes and listen for music to begin. Do not open your eyes until you're absolutely sure you hear music.

Effects of the Ritual:

If you begin to hear faint music, you will know the ritual has started successfully. Begin walking at this point, and keep an eye on your surroundings. You will begin to see the new entity in the corner of your eye, following you slowly from behind. Skeletal humanoids, quadrupedal creatures, and other undocumented entities could chase you at this point. Remember, as the music picks up, the entity will start running faster. Be sure to pace yourself.

During the chase, you will find yourself being taken through several levels in an attempt to escape with your life. During the last 40 seconds of the music is the most intense, and the entity chasing you will run the fastest. If you manage to outrun the entity in the last moments of the song, the entity will vanish and you will escape with your life. If you don't, you'll be killed by the entity.

Surviving the ritual will give some kind of reward, though this varies from person to person. Rewards can include Almond Water, a bladed weapon, food, and other useful objects.The main benefit of the ritual is that the chase will often lead you to one of the upper safer levels, including Level 0 and The Hub. However, it wont always be an escape from any level/location.


A wanderer discovered the ritual, and wrote down the instructions on a scratch piece of paper. They was trapped in Level 6 and used the ritual to be chased out of Level 6, where they ended up in Level 11. How this person discovered this ritual is still unclear.

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