Entity 503 - ”Volts"
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Volt Encounter #4
Electronics have shut down due to EMP disturbances. Broadcasts have been intercepted. Communications have collapsed. Unfortunately, this isn't the first instance of a major disruption to daily operations caused by Entity 503, and it certainly won't be the last.

Consequently, the investigation of Entity 503 will have to pause momentarily. The M.E.G. cannot risk any more instances of now-defective devices being permanently damaged by a short circuit.1


Corrupted photograph of an instance of Entity 503.

HABITAT(S): Metallic


Generally residing in scrapyards where they'll possess the greatest combat advantage, the Volts are massive conglomerations of metallic parts meshed together to appear and function like single, cohesive robots. A Volt's metallic apparatus, consisting of rusted gears, copper wires, and steel blades, serves as its robust, impenetrable body armor, making it practically immune to any external attack. They lack any distinguishable human or animal features, usually being described in appearance as nothing more than giant hunks of metal.

Although the choice of close-combat weaponry can vary from massive drills, blades, and saws, each Volt possesses the ability to manipulate a metallic object’s electric and magnetic properties. This causes its electrically charged outward appearance, which allows the Volt to fire swift beams of electricity when desired. These beams will deliver fatal electric shocks to any conductive surface and leave a pillar of smoke at the impact area. If a Volt comes into contact with a metallic or flooded surface, the entire surface becomes a voltage hazard. As a result, wanderers are highly discouraged from approaching the entity, as they will be fried by electricity on sight.

Furthermore, the Volts' ability to manipulate a metal object's magnetic properties allows them to thrive in a scrapyard environment, where the scrap metal can be used to upgrade their body armor or to fling at unsuspecting wanderers. Upon entering combat, a Volt will activate its magnetic field, sending out a shockwave that short-circuits all electricity-powered objects in a 50-foot vicinity to cause a blackout. This field impacts all nearby metallic objects, snatching hand-held radios and laptops out of wanderers' hands and combining the devices with the entity's apparatus, reinforcing its external defenses.

Despite their tremendous combat potential, because their bodies consist of thousands of metal scraps, the Volts are extremely sluggish in movement. Though this allows them to be outrun extremely easily by the average human, they may still attempt to fire beams of electricity or metal scraps as last-resort attacks. Attempting to engage in combat with this entity will almost guarantee certain death.

The reason for the Volts' hostility to wanderers is unknown, but M.E.G. researchers have noticed a fixation with human blood, presumably because of its iron content. Researchers theorize that the iron in the blood allows the entity to sustain its magnetic field and maintain its control over electricity.


On February 18, 2020, the M.E.G. operatives at outpost "Junkyard Dogs" on Level 817 were scouting around the level's scrapyard for spare parts when they discovered a Volt wearily combining random metal parts to create undistinguishable items. Confused, they asked Frederick "Rust Punk" Kaiser, the primary engineer in the level, whether this was the "combat robot" project he was working on. Kaiser denied any involvement in the Volt's creation, swearing that he had not seen anything like it in the 22 years he's resided in the level. Regardless, the operatives, still suspicious, approached the entity to investigate. As expected, the entity started attacking the operatives, who were forced to flee back to the outpost.

I don't trust Rust Punk's word on this. The only person in this level with the engineering experience required to create such a creature happens to deny being its creator. He did previously admit to trying to create a combat robot, but according to him, the project was canceled. I don't want to accuse him of anything, but his response is… questionable.

~ Operative Jaxon Dexter

Do's and Don'ts


  • Refrain from disturbing it. The best way to survive Entity 503 is to not engage with it in the first place—preferably by avoiding scrapyard environments.
  • Run away if spotted. Entity 503 will generally refuse to chase wanderers.
  • Take cover behind non-metallic objects. Entity 503 cannot manipulate anything that does not conduct electricity well.


  • Engage in combat. Every person who tried to fight Entity 503 was subsequently blown to smithereens by an electric bolt or impaled by sharp metal.
  • Throw any sort of liquid at it. Unlike most mechanized creatures, contact with liquid will not disable Entity 503. In fact, wanderers will be more prone to electric bolts if wet, increasing the risk of death.

Additional Documents

M.E.G. Event Log, The Must Yard, 07/06/2020

On July 6, 2020, the M.E.G. received notice of Volts appearing in other scrapyard levels—most notably, The Must Yard. Unfortunately, we have lost several M.E.G. Operatives to them, primarily due to the entities' electricity-conducting properties and that level's tendency to constantly flood with Almond Water. This combination of electricity and liquid proved to be fatal to anyone currently in it. Despite this major setback, we're currently in talks with the B.N.T.G. to formulate a plan of action against the Volts. In the meantime, we urge wanderers to avoid The Must Yard at all costs.

M.E.G. Event Log, Level 503, 10/03/2020

On October 3, 2020, an unknown individual corrupted the data slot for Level 503, threatening to "tear the M.E.G. down." Despite our best attempts to regain control, the page is currently stuck in a corrupted state. However, it has been theorized that the Volts are part of the "army" this individual is amassing. We will keep wanderers updated and safe if any revolt happens.

Letter #2 from Jaxon Dexter

Sorry for the previous letter, but new developments have led me to believe that Rust Punk is innocent. Just this past week, on May 23, 2021, I found Yellow2 investigating Level 817 and collecting scrap metal. Usually, this wouldn't be a cause for concern, but I noticed that the Volt, despite noticing him, didn't attack him. I initially attributed this to the entity losing its aggressive hostility, but the Volt still attacked us, even after Yellow's short visit.

I urge you all to investigate further.

~ Operative Jaxon Dexter

Researcher Report Audio Log

Date: June 2, 2021
People Involved: Stretch (Overseer-A) & Dr. Ryan Merolds
Location: Overseer-A's Office


[The door slams open.]

Ryan: Hey, I've got news, Stretch. It's… urgent.

Stretch: Oh? Did you finally figure out what was going on with those Volts?

Ryan: Yes… and it's not looking good. We received a letter from Jaxon the other day—looks like the Volts don't attack Yellow, the leader of the—

Stretch: I know who Yellow is. Have you spoken with him lately?

Ryan: Unfortunately, no. However, I am sure he is involved in some way.

Stretch: Alright. How about the database? The Entity 503 entry is… on critical status. We're receiving error codes left and right when trying to access or edit it. Have you found a reason for this?

Ryan: It's Koko.

Stretch: Hold on, that Backrooms Robotics AI? That Koko?

Ryan: Yes. She apparently switched to "PRS_3_AGY" for no reason. We intended for her to be cleaning M.E.G. database files, but she appears to be destroying them now. This is why Yellow's visit is quite concerning. We have reason to believe that Backrooms Robotics has weaponized Koko against specific pages on the database. This would also explain Level 503's corrupted "INFESTATION" status.

Stretch: I see… and what about the Volts?

Ryan: After further inspection, it appears as though the Volts have inherited Koko's "PRS_3_AGY" personality, which would explain their reckless destruction habits. Such an occurrence shouldn't be possible. Koko should be localized to the M.E.G. database.

Stretch: You're not saying…

Ryan: Unfortunately, I'm afraid this confirms your worst fears, Stretch. The numerous appearances of Volts in levels outside of Level 817 immediately proves Rust Punk's innocence. This leaves only one more potential creator of the Volts.

[Ryan pauses.]

I'm sorry, Stretch. They are synthetic weapons created by Backrooms Robotics… and they're planning full-scale raids on multiple M.E.G. bases.

Stretch: And they have our base layouts because of those… surveillance Lamps. They had it all planned out, didn't they? This situation is direr than I thought.

Ryan: I suggest we prepare to fight back against—

[Ryan pauses for a moment.]

Ryan: Is that thing… blinking?

Stretch: What thing?

[Stretch pauses]

Ryan: Someone's spying on us.


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