Entity 5 - "Clumps"
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A Photo of a Clump taken in Level 2.

Entity Number: 5

Habitat - Level 2, Level 3, Majority


Clumps are a strange and bundle of limbs that are dangerous to interact with, They can be found in a majority of tight spaces in Levels, as that's their preferred habitat. They are dangerous, but some may not attack for reasons which are unknown. The earliest you'll see a Clump, is typically in Level 2 and Level 3.


While they're small and look harmless from a distance, every clump has one hidden, very long arm which they can use to grab you from up to Eight (8) feet away if you're not careful. Once a clump has grabbed you, they'll reveal a set of sharp teeth and begin to pull you in to eat you. It is believed your own limbs and possibly fragments of your mind are absorbed into the Clump.


Clumps are very bizarre in terms of appearance, being a ball of arms and legs with a strong, pulsing heartbeat. They usually run in a strange motion, with all of their legs and arms swiping across the floor to try to get to it's destination. Once in motion, they can be very fast, and they can leap over obstacles in their way. They are in-fact very intelligent, and can use their limbs to climb up surfaces that can be climbed, and they can travel in vents. One person claims to have seen eyes in the mass of appendages.


The first Modern report of a Clump was when these Entities were found by an anonymous Reddit user after they encountered, a Skin-Stealer, and successfully escaped, and got attacked by a Clump while typing their post. they have made a new post about how they survived shortly after. The group known as The Lost have mentioned Clumps in their ancient text found in The Backrooms. They referenced them as "The Ones With Many Limbs".

Do's and Don'ts:


  • At least stay away in a range over Eight (8) feet.
  • If you hear what sounds like multiple people running, please retreat.


  • Go near them at all, if you spot one
  • Try to interact with them.
  • Stick around when one is moving into your position.

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