Entity 5 - "Clumps"
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A photo of a Clump taken in an unknown level.

Entity Number: 5

Habitat - Majority, most notably Levels 2 and 3.


Clumps are strange, dangerous bundles of limbs, capable of tremendous speed and incredible agility. Their preferred habitat in a majority of Levels are spaces which are tight in comparison to their size, with the largest recorded specimens being about 3 feet. Though this makes them difficult to spot, Clumps may still be seen in Levels 2 and Level 3.

Overseer Update: A strange, inexplicable phenomenon has occurred where the number of Clump sightings appears to be diminishing. Nonetheless, we can't truly acknowledge the possibility of extinction as most Levels are infinite, but… perhaps… we'll have to see. Please report any sightings of Clumps to the nearest M.E.G. member. - Overseer C.


Clumps seem to be in a constant state of hunger, roaming Levels in search of prey. When prey is found, Clumps will make their way towards it. When within 8 feet, Clumps will stretch out their longest limb in an attempt to capture it, bringing the prey towards their center to reveal a mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth. From there, the prey will be eaten. However, for unknown reasons, not many are known to attack right away.

Overseer Update: Recent developments have shown that Clumps are revealing signs of deliberate starvation, ignoring almost every wanderer that passes by unless provoked. Still looking as to why. - Overseer C.


As said before, Clumps consist of a multitude of limbs, all varying in length and muscular structure. This unusual structure affects the way Clumps run — they tend to swipe at the floor in order to move. Once in motion, they exhibit incredible amounts of strength and speed, being very agile with their movement. There have also been reports of eyes and ears being seen emerging from the mass of appendages.

Overseer Update: Dead and even living Clumps appear to have incredibly dry skin. We've demonstrated an attack on a few, and their bones were found to be extremely brittle. Though it was rare, we did see a pair- or more- of eyes on a Clump. It looked like it was… crying?

None of us were sure why, but something in our heads kept telling us that… "Their god was gone." I suppose… I suppose that'd be true for all of us. If gods truly did exist. - Overseer C.


The first report of a Clump was made by a wanderer by the name of Elliot Winston in which they encountered a Skin-Stealer and successfully escaped, getting attacked by a Clump shortly after.

To add, The Lost, one of the first and oldest groups of the Backrooms, seem to have have mentioned Clumps within ancient scrolls found deep within Level 3. They referred to them as "The Ones with Eternal Limbs". A translated excerpt of one of the scrolls is written below.

"προσταθεια1, knowing she would diminish alongside her beloved humans' wishes to band together and give peace to the walls of yellow, had to show them what true unification was like. Taking a group of humans under the guise of celestial guidance, she shall create the first true symbol of unification: the One with Eternal Limbs." Disgusted by what she had created, fearful, our people banished her, deep into the greenhouse of judgment. Still, she continued to make the Ones with Eternal Limbs with those who came by, even as she begins to fade away."

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Stay silent in their presence and keep at least 8 feet away from them.
  • Retreat at the sound of multiple people running.


  • Go near them at all, if one is spotted.
  • Try to interact with them.
  • Stick around when a Clump is moving into one's position.

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