Entity 49 - "Combine"
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Entity Number: 49

Habitats: - Cosmopolitan in Levels with a low danger index.


A Combine is a collective organism resembling a flesh-colored centipede. It’s “back” is covered in 5 cm long black fur, similar to human body hair. Combines have a variable number of double-jointed legs that resemble human fingers; with the “nail” of the finger being a chitin-covered photoreceptor as well as acting as a nostril. This organ can open like a clam, where the Combine leg will extend a digestive pouch, liquifying and absorbing organic matter.
Combines do not have any set “head”, and are capable of detaching segments of themselves if they are too damaged.


Despite their odd appearance, Combines are nothing but simple scavengers that do not tend to attack other creatures, preferring to feast on mold, rotten food, and puddles of almond water. However it is not unheard of Combines attacking a moribund or sleeping person. They can oftentimes be seen following humans due to humans often leaving a trail of (or being) tasty morsels they can feed on.

If under attack or if they detect a sudden change in overall light, Combines tend to flee and detach from 2 to 6 legs from its body to act as bait/distraction for its attacker. If it begins to sustain a lot of damage, it will sever the damaged segment from both ends, oftentimes splitting into two relatively healthy Combines and one severely wounded segment.


Combines do not seem anomalous but rather a colony of mollusk-like individuals. Each leg and a piece of the back of the Combine is a single individual that shares just a superficial connection with each other; which can be severed should the entire colony be at risk with minimal damage to the entire organism.

Similar to mollusks such as clams or snails, Combines have blue blood and a very simple digestive, circulatory, and respiratory system; but unlike those invertebrates they have an internal skeleton and strong locomotive muscles similar to vertebrates.

Combines breed in a rather strange manner. They bud, with a newborn leg emerging next to the parent and pushing away other legs until it’s full grown. This may continue ad infinitum.


Combines are one of the most commonplace beings in the Backrooms; as such there is no “sole” documented first contact.

Additional Info:

Some rather creative outposts have even domesticated these entities, as their regenerating nature and omnivorous diet has made them a near-perfect meat animal; with “Backrooms fingies” being a popular dish of these people.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Disturb with light sources if their presence is annoying.
  • Scare it for some free meat.


  • Rest/sleep next to one, particularly if it is larger than you.
  • Leave unsecured edibles or drinkables behind.

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