Entity 467
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HABITAT(S): Blue Channel, Sub-levels

Drawing found on Level 70, presumably left by entity 467 after a recent attack


Entity 467, also known as "The Staff" are humanoid entities who watch over every wanderer who breaks or “pushes” rules. They watch over all of the levels, looking for people who break any rules set by any wanderers who clip into the backrooms. These are usually rules set in communities, although they have been seen to appear when breaking level-specific “rules”, like trying to break down the walls of level 0 or, more commonly, trying to enter through a locked and unbreakable door. All entities will have an empty name tag embedded in their clothes, although, on some occasions, nonsensical scribbles have been seen on them. What this means is currently unknown.


They have been observed spending most of their time wandering in groups around The Blue Channel, usually chatting about random, unknown, or unintelligible topics. If they sense someone is breaking rules, they will stop whatever they were doing immediately and no-clip through the floor, falling from the ceiling or walls next to the person who broke said rule. They will then -depending on the severity of the rule broken or pushed- either advise the wanderer about the rule they've broken, warn them that if they break the rule again “The Staff” will take action, threaten them, or -at worst- start running towards the offender and scream at them about the rules they've broken. Once this happens, the entity will begin glowing red. The Staff will then lunge toward the wanderer, snatch them, and take them to The Jail. Afterward, they return to The Blue Channel, where they will continue their normal behavior (presumably going back to the location they no-clipped from). This was proved by leading researcher Joane Harris and their team when they were observing a group of the Staff when one noclipped through the floor and returned three minutes later.
Most aren't usually seen around normal levels; however, they have been spotted wandering with other Staff around in the sub-levels. Why they do this is unknown, as approaching them on these levels leads to them getting startled and no-clipping through the floor.
If one finds and chooses to interact with The Staff while in The Blue Channel, they will respond in different ways depending on their appearance and personality, but will never act hostile. The responses will range from really happy and upbeat to depressed or angry. At the end of the article is an attached interview with one of The Staff.


As stated before, The Staff are humanoid creatures and can be confused with other humans by wanderers when searching The Blue Channel. They usually come in many different shapes and sizes, their personalities matching their looks.1 They have been seen to wear clothes from a lot of different time periods, although the color scheme has remained the same: Black cap and pants with a blue shirt.


The earliest known sighting was back in early 2021 by a person sent to explore level 108, also being given a camera to film the level. They soon found what looked like a “glitch” in the wall, surrounded by crystals. When they touched it, one of the staff members appeared through it and grabbed them by the shirt, screaming “Under construction, do not touch!” before no-clipping through the floors of that level. Since then, the footage has been burned to prevent anyone else from attempting this, as back then we didn’t know much about where they were taken. Since then, people have used this as a folk legend to keep people in order. No further investigations have been enacted on this since.

Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Go along with what they ask of you.


  • Break any rules.
  • Run away from them when they approach you.
  • Accept any offering of food given to you by an instance of 467 known as "Chibli"


Time: 10:10am
Date: 25/01/2022
Location: Level 36 Cafe [REDACTED]
Interviewer: M.E.G class researcher Joane Harris
Interviewee: Entity 467: "Chibli"

Joane H: Finally found one. I hope I don't almost fucking die this time.
[A door can be heard opening and closing]
Entity 467: Hm? Sorry someone called? Don't want to be seen interrupting something. Anyway, how are you?
[Clattering could be heard as Entity 467 was grabbing something from behind the counter]
Joane H: Uh. I don't think you should be eating that…
Entity 467: I don’t care, it’s delicious.2
[More clattering could be heard as they pulled out a small brownie from behind the counter]
Joane H: [brief silence] Just… Sit down.
[Entity 467 moves the chair on the polished wooden floor]
Entity 467: You're no fun. Anyway… What do you want?
[Slight munching could be heard from Entity 467's mouth]
Joane H: I've been sent by the M.E.G research team here to learn more about you "The Staff" as wanderers call you-
Entity 467: AH!! You're from that weird-as-boof thing. [Munching can still be heard] Call me Chibli, nice to meet you, Joane.
Joane H: But I… Wait, how did you know my name?
Entity 467: Oh pish posh. I know everything and everyone that comes and goes in here, you know I come from the blue channel. Right?? Oh dear, you guys are hopeless. Anyhow, don't worry. I'm your friend for this interview… I don't think the others agree that I'm their friend anyways… but, nice to meet you either way!
Joane H: Uh, thanks. Now, if you don't mind I have quite a few questions for you-
Entity 467: You want to know my origin and all of that basic stuff? Honey, there is way more that I know than you can possibly comprehend!! I watch over all the levels, you know? If you're also wondering, no. Us staff do not create anything; we just sit and observe each level so they work how they're supposed to. Using the blue channel to its fullest potential! Don't waste time with your pitiful questions, love.
Joane H: But why?
Entity 467: Why love? The Crystal King that's why! Or at least I think… Why, he’s the one who hired us to do all this. He promised to me, ME SPECIFICALLY, that he said he was there to "restore the order" or something. I don’t really know love, I just wanted something to do here in the backrooms. It gets very boring around these parts.
Joane H: Okay… But what do you mean you were “hired”? What were you before you became a “Staff”??
[Entity 467 puts their shoes on the table and sighs]
Entity 467: I was just like you, but now I'm better.
Joane H: Excuse me, can you repeat that??
Entity 467: Yeah! I was trotting around level 0, bored out of my mind when this patch of crystals appeared on the wall. I touched it to see what was going on, and this big royal-looking dude came out of it. He asked me if I wanted to “help restore the order of the backrooms” and I said yes. It’s not like there was anything else I could do. All this happened around a year and a half ago.
Joane H: And, what happened next-
Entity 467: Sorry love, some didoit decided to call me. N-Nice meating- I mean meeting you love!
[Brief pause. Entity 467 stutters, before jumping out of their chair]
Joane H: What’s going on, what are you doing?
Entity 467: Maybe we could have some more food later?
[Entity 467 no-clips through the floor laughing wholeheartedly]
Joane H: What the fuck?


Result: The log ended unusually, leading to new theories and questions popping up all over the place. Investigations are continuing with the mentioned Crystal King and certain glitches in different levels, stay away from any unusual level behavior.

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