Entity 46 - "Faultcrawlers"
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Entity Number: 46

Survival Tips: The entity does not pose any immediate threat when encountered. However consumption of Faultcrawlers is strictly advised against due to high concentrations of poison within their blood. In general it is best to leave the entity alone as it provides no benefit to explorers and will cause no harm if left to its own devices.

Worth noting however is that high volumes of Faultcrawlers can be a sign of more dangerous entities nearby; as such, caution is advised. Nests of Faultcrawlers appear as large sprawling cracks on the walls, these nests can be much larger than they outwardly appear and can house hundreds of Faultcrawlers. Whilst normally docile, if a Faultcrawler nest is disturbed they will act defensively and swarm whatever caused the disturbance.

Description: Faultcrawlers are small centipede like entities with elongated mandibles resembling those of a stag beetle. They are most often seen gathered in small groups around large patches of mold though they have also been seen lurking around areas where more dangerous entities can be found. Faultcrawlers are scavengers by nature, eating mold or scraps of meat left from more violent entity attacks. They are also known to be communal creatures, living in small colonies around larger food sources. Faultcrawlers are known to nest in cracks present on the walls, whether they create these cracks or simply inhabit them is unknown currently.

The entity can vary in size wildly, some have been as short as 2 inches and it has also been documented that some Faultcrawlers have reached sizes nearing 36 inches. It is currently unknown if this is the maximum size for the entity as no larger specimens have been found yet. Larger Faultcrawlers are more commonly found within nests, where smaller specimens will bring back scraps of food for them, which displays some form of hierarchy. It is currently not known if there is a matriarch or other leading figure inside of Faultcrawler nests.

Faultcrawlers have been spotted on most levels however they are notably absent from level 5, level 7 and level 8. Their absence from level 8 is theorized to be due to predation from the local spider like entities inhabiting it.

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