Entity 45 - "Woodlins"
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The Woodlin.

Entity Number: 45

Habitat: Dry1


Entity 45, also known as "The Woodlin" or "Woodlins", are sentient and highly intelligent entities that can be found rarely across several Levels of The Backrooms. They manifest as face/humanoid-like patterns/designs/carvings in wood. If an environment has walls, floors, or ceilings that appear to be made of wood, its a possible spot for Woodlins.


Woodlins are incorporeal entities that visually manifest through the patterns found in plank wood, the interior of logs, or other materials that appear visually similar to wood. Its exact form varies, but generally appears as a humanoid figure or face. When exiting its surface, its physical body seems to be made from the materiel itself, and the entity becomes corporeal.


The Woodlins seem to target wanderers that are losing their grip on reality. If a target is not in a state of instability, they will stalk them for miles across surfaces and occasionally make their presence known, before disappearing instantaneously. Once the target is in an ideal mental state (i.e. paranoid), the Woodlin will partially no-clip out of the surface they reside in and attempt to grab them. If grabbed, the wanderer will be pulled into the walls, where it is assumed parts their body will be pierced with hundreds of small splinters. Then, they will be moved out of the surface.

Often the wanderer will be pulled in several times over the course of 2-3 hours if they are unable to escape the immediate area of the Woodlin. This cycle will typically be fatal if any splinters manage to pierce the lungs, heart, brain, or eyeballs. However, it is possible to survive if all/most of the splinters are removed. The bodies of victims of Woodlin attacks are irrecoverable. It is theorized that victims of Woodlin attacks actually become Woodlins post mortem, but this has not been confirmed.


On October 14th, 2018, a group of wanderers in Level 27 came across wooden ball of spikes on the ground. This object turned out to be a Deathmoth that had been pierced over 30 splinters, which somehow were all of equal length and suggested the shape of a sphere. The area was temporarily kept under watch, until 2 weeks later another wanderer passed through the area and was pulled into the wall.

Their body was not only covered in wooden shards, but also pierced through internally. A later autopsy showed splinters were in the lungs, stomach, genitals, eyes, and teeth, as well as all over the skin. While the wanderer survived most of the splinters being removed, they later died due to an infection after a cyst ruptured within their lower brain stem.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Keep a careful watch on patterns in the wood
    • Trust your eyes
  • If possible, keep a pair of tweezers on you


  • Stay too close to wooden walls
  • Allow the pain to get to you

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