Entity 440 - "The Historian"
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Entity Number: 440

Habitat: Level 718

Note: Due to Entity 440 referring to themselves as "we" in interviews it is assumed that they are a conglomerated consciousness and are thus referred to as "they" or "them" throughout the article.


Entity 440 appears as a large humanoid about 9 feet (2.74m) tall that glows with an intensity of 1,000 lumens, rendering them impossible to photograph and extremely difficult to view with the naked eye.

Looking directly at Entity 440 does not prove to be harmful to the human eye physically, though many have reported an urge to look away. The voice of this creature has proven to sound different to all who hear them. It tends to align with whatever one might think the voice of God sounds like. To many, Entity 440 sounds like famous renditions of God in media.

The biological sex of Entity 440 is also unknown though many attribute them masculine characteristics. The build of Entity 440 also seems to be more masculine. They have a broad upper-body and thick arms.

Anyone who interacts with this creature becomes calm and clear-minded. Mentally-ill individuals are also briefly relieved of their illness for the duration of their interaction.


Entity 440 has been known to answer any and all questions that it is asked. Questions asked to this entity are separated into two different categories: "metaphysical" and "non-metaphysical" questions.

Metaphysical questions —questions pertaining to the truths of the universe, of religion, and of philosophy— will not be answered by this entity unless the one who seeks the answer joins the ranks of the Silent Monks. The answer is then telepathically communicated to that individual, guaranteeing that the answers stay in Level 718.

Non-metaphysical questions are all questions not categorized above. These non-metaphysical questions may also include questions about the Backrooms, but not questions about the origin of the Backrooms.

Anyone not of the Silent Monks may ask Entity 440 to send them to a level of their choice, provided that level would align with what the M.E.G. classifies as Class: 0 or Class: Safe.

Note: Levels Entity 440 sends individuals to may include yet undiscovered levels of the Backrooms.

In previous interviews, Entity 440 has told interviewers that they (Entity 440) are able to create matter. Entity 440 will not clarify, however, the extent to which they can create matter. It is assumed that the objects used for the Silent Monks’ leisure activities were created by Entity 440. It should be noted, however, that furniture will commonly appear and disappear on Level 718, but never while an outsider is present on the Level itself. This is likely the doing of Entity 440, this is unconfirmed. This furniture may be removed from the level and used elsewhere normally. Researchers and operatives have been advised to proceed with the assumption that Entity 440 can create anything. This is for safety purposes.

It is believed that Level 718 would not function properly without Entity 440 and that Entity 440 will never leave Level 718.


All histological information about Entity 440 is unknown. It is not known if its physical body is made of tissue or if it is just pure light energy. Research into this subject is not advised. Questions pertaining to this topic have yielded no significant clarification from Entity 440.


According to Entity 440 humans first came in contact with them and Level 718 in 539 B.C. Entity 440 was rediscovered by a group of surveyors on March 22, 1984 by a relatively unorganized group of wanderers scouting different levels in the Backrooms. The first person of this squad to speak with Entity 440 was Jeremiah Madeira. He remains on Level 718 as a Silent Monk.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Avoid contact with Entity 440 in accordance with Addendum 01
  • Only enter Level 718 with two M.E.G. personnel unless the situation would make it unsafe to wait for personnel to arrive


  • Talk to Entity 440
  • Injure one of the Silent Monks

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