Entity 44 - "Gossip Beacons"
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A collection of Gossip Beacons

Entity Number: 44

Habitat(s): Commonly Found in Level 6 and Level 8.


These entities are to be avoided. They do not and cannot cause physical harm, but can cause psychological harm. Gossip Beacons are mineral structures with an LED light embedded within them. Each Gossip Beacon is fully sentient, with individual personalities and memories. They are unable to speak verbally, and instead rely on auditory hallucinations to communicate with wanderers and other entities. They cause psychological distress by pulling memories and thoughts from their victims and repeating them out loud for all nearby to hear. They are also known to criticize their victims rudely.


Gossip Beacons have varying personalities, each having their own thoughts and experiences. They are fully sentient and have intelligence comparable to humans. Though personalities vary, they are generally cynical and demeaning. When a memory is pulled from a victim's mind, the Gossip Beacons will begin to verbally attack the victim about their actions, typically by outwardly expressing the wanderer's deepest thoughts and causing the victim extreme anxiety. The Beacons can all use the same memories or pull different ones individually. It is highly recommended to leave the area near the entity to prevent further stress.


Gossip Beacons are rectangular, mineral structures with an LED embedded within. These entities range in color but are most commonly red or white. They all appear to have a similar design, with star-shaped indentions along their sides. They range in height from 20-30 centimeters. They are unable to communicate verbally and instead rely on auditory hallucinations to speak. They are immobile but can be easily transported.


Gossip Beacons are a growing concern within the Backrooms. They are appearing at an increasing rate, with reports across several levels. They are most commonly found in levels with low light or cavernous areas.

Transcript of an Interview with a Gossip Beacon Found in an Abandoned Backpack:

[Unknown]: Do you have a name?
[Gossip Beacon]: A name? Why would I have a name? That's a question you should be asking yourself.
[Unknown]: I do have a name, but that is not of importance. If you could have a name what would it be?
[Gossip Beacon]: There once was a wanderer, like yourself. I saw their whole life flash before my mind, but one name stuck out to me. Jasper, I like that name.
[Unknown]: Ok, Jasper. What is the first thing you remember?
[Jasper]: Why would I tell you? If this is just a one-way conversation I do not want to continue.
[Unknown]: It's not, I still have a few more questions to ask you.
[Jasper]: You miss them, don't you? You miss your old life before you ended up here, forever.
[Unknown]: That is… not important right now.
[Jasper]: You know that you will never leave this place and it haunts you. Remember when you first arrived in the Halls of Yellow? The confusion, the guilt, the fear? Every day of your life will be like that from now on.
[Unknown]: I… I can't… do this right now. Leave me alone.
[Jasper]: It isn't me stating these thoughts, it's yourself.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • It is best to generally avoid Gossip Beacons.
  • Ignore their commentary, hearing them is unavoidable but do not let their criticisms affect you.


  • Do not respond to them. Furthering the conversation can lead to increased stress.
  • Do not take their judgments personally, they mean nothing and are meant to bother you.
  • Do not go near them, they remember everything that is pulled from your mind.

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