Entity 422
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Entity Number: 422

Habitat: Pipes, Small bodies of water

Entity 422, better known as Pipe Lurkers, are a species of serpentine organism that inhabit pipes and other water fixtures throughout many levels of the Backrooms.


Pipe Lurkers are serpentine in body structure, though their shape is disproportionately short, getting wider further up the body and ending with a large, mostly featureless, head. These entities have only an upper jaw, which contains a row of teeth that are very similar to those of humans, though larger and disproportionately long.

The entities are aquatic and will attempt to slither towards water when forced out of it, though they struggle to do so. Pipe Lurkers are adept at traversing tight, aquatic passageways and can briefly liquify their bodies to make it through particularly cramped spaces.

Pipe Lurkers have a large host of anomalous abilities, which are described in the Biology section below.


Pipe Lurkers, as their name suggests, spend the majority of their time in pipes, ducts, and other fixtures full of water. They navigate with echolocation and seek out wanderers with an anomalous extra sense that they use instead of sight, which allows them to detect fear or anxieties of or relating to water or aquatic life.

They are known to become distressed when in open water, as echolocation is ineffective and there are few people around who they can detect. It is not unheard of for them to wash up on beaches after starving should they wind up in the waters of an oceanic level.

These entities reach their victims by traveling into leaking pipes, faucets, grates, or other openings when their victim draws near.

When a Pipe Lurker has reached its prey, it will lunge at them, using its deceptively sharp teeth to tear off a chunk of the victim's flesh, which it will then take into its body by liquifying around it and working the fresh meat into it. This can sustain them for over a month.

Upon fully consuming the meat, it will quickly dissolve it within its body before attempting to reenter a body of water. For this reason, they prefer to attack wanderers in baths, showers, or pools, as any of these places make for an extremely quick getaway.


Pipe Lurkers are jet black in coloration across their entire bodies, save for their elongated teeth, which are typically a light shade of yellow. They range from 18 to 26 inches in length and weigh roughly 10 pounds on average.

The entities do not have eyes or a sense of sight. However, they do have a form of echolocation they use to navigate as well as an additional, anomalous sense that they use to find prey: the ability to detect certain kinds of fear. While they cannot detect an individual who is not afraid of water, any form of marine life, or the ocean without already being close enough to echolocate them, they can easily sense anyone who does display such phobias, though the reason for this requirement is currently unknown.

Though their bites rarely cause fatal injury on their own when treated, they are known to carry several different diseases, including Crawler spores, the Disease, and Rust. Despite this, they are entirely immune to having symptoms of these ailments themselves, making them incredibly efficient carriers.

These entities have the curious ability to briefly liquify their body, including their teeth, before regaining cohesion. This ability is often used to go through faucets and grates that would otherwise block their path.

One useful property of these entities is the fluid they produce when liquified. Referred to as 'Liquid Pipe Lurker', samples can be taken from the water while they are liquified in small amounts without harming them. When distilled, primarily to boil away any diseases, the fluid can be drank with the effect of much easier noclipping, a valuable utility for difficult-to-escape levels. Due to its fowl taste, it is often mixed with a different beverage before consumption.

Pipe Lurkers reproduce asexually when they have consumed significantly more than they need to sustain themselves, with the threshold being roughly two large chunks of meat in one week. They first find a secluded area with still water before liquifying and reforming into two beings rather than one, a process which take substantially longer than resolidifying normally.

Pipe Lurkers inhabit a wide variety of levels, though they thrive the greatest in levels with cramped environments and large networks of pipes. As such, they primarily inhabit Level 2, Level 141, and Level 189, though sightings of them are increasing in frequency in many other levels, including Level 9 in the tubs of homes and Level 130, in which their growth is believed to be significantly hindered by the level's sludge and native entities.

Survival Guide

Excerpt from Wanderer's Guide to the Backrooms vol. 2

These little buggers freak me out, which is the worst because it means they can easily track me. The best way to stay safe from Pipe Lurkers is prevention. Avoid levels 2, 141, and 189 if you have any phobias that could lead them to you, as they're most prevalent in those levels. Make sure to listen for any pings they use to echolocate as well, though they're usually hard to hear over everything else going on in their favorite levels.

If you're attacked by one, be sure to rub Almond Water on the wound in a generous quantity to help fight any type of disease it may be carrying, and remove bandages to repeat this step often.

Be sure to report any attacks or sightings to a M.E.G. official immediately, as they have an active program to track levels where they appear and quarantine water networks to starve them when possible.

In terms of getting use out of them, their fluid is admittedly a great utility. I'd recommend getting it second-hand if possible, though it can be very pricey. If push comes to shove, though, it can save your life. I've heard even biting into one works, not that I'd choose that over dying alone in some inescapable level.

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