Entity 420
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Entity Number: 420

Habitat: Majority


An image of a Jack-o'-Burger found in Level 4.


Jack-o'-Burgers are large pumpkins with no stems cut in half. In between the two halves, each Jack-o'-Burger is filled with ingredients similar to what can be found in burgers in The Frontrooms. They can be found in almost every single Level of the backrooms, but are most commonly found in Levels which naturally contain food (e.g. Level 6.1.) They are also found very frequently during the month of October.1 Over 4,700+ Jack-o'-Burgers have been found since 2007.

Upon consumption of a Jack-o'-Burger, the wanderer will begin to feel very stuffed and sleepy. They will then have severe hallucinations for 30-90 minutes before falling asleep for 4-6 hours. It is not recommended to consume a Jack-o'-Burger unless the wanderer is starving to death, because while they sleep they are susceptible to entity attacks and are unable to run or protect themselves.


Jack-o'-Burgers are sentient and fully aware. After keeping a Jack-o'-Burger in one's arms for more than 15 minutes, it will start whispering to the wanderer holding it. Over time, it will slowly get louder and louder until it is talking at a normal volume and having full conversations. It appears to send messages directly to the wanderer's mind and communicate with their thoughts, as you do not need to speak out loud to talk to a Jack-o'-Burger. It is unknown if they have full access to wanderer's thoughts. When holding a Jack-o'-Burger, wanderers have sort of described it like "Hearing a voice in their head speak to them." A wanderer can either communicate directly through their thoughts to the Jack-o'-Burger or they can just talk out loud and the Jack-o'-Burger will respond (most of the time).

Jack-o'-Burgers are also quite intelligent, with the average IQ of a Jack-o'-Burger being around 125. Most of them are well-spoken, even if they are insulting you.

Different Jack-o'-Burgers have different personalities. If a Jack-o'-Burger contains a large amount of meat, it has a boastful personality and will talk only about itself and its 'achievements'. If a Jack-o'-Burger contains a large amount of cheese, it has a kind, empathetic and nice personality, and it will listen and have in-depth conversations with wanderers. If a Jack-o'-Burger contains a large amount of tomatoes, it has a bitter personality and will insult wanderers. If a Jack-o'-Burger contains a large amount of lettuce, it will be less inclined to talk and will exhibit an introverted-like behavior, but it will be more inclined to listen. It is possible to find Jack-o'-Burgers which have different or mixed personalities, but the ones listed above are the most common.

Jack-o'-Burgers, are known to communicate with one another when in close vicinity, even if they aren't touching. It is unknown if it is necessary for a human to touch a Jack-o'-Burger to communicate with it. If a wanderer is holding more than one Jack-o'-Burger or touching another wanderer at the same time, the Jack-o'-Burger(s) and the wanderer(s) can communicate to each other by a combination of speaking and telepathy.

Jack-o'-Burgers appear to identify as genderless, although some may sound more masculine or feminine than others.

While eating a Jack-o'-Burger, wanderers report hearing a faint scream every bite, although they cannot place where exactly the sound came from. Most wanderers that eat Jack-o'-Burgers have no idea that it is sentient.


Jack-o'-Burgers are most commonly about 12 inches or 30.4 centimeters in diameter, although slightly smaller and bigger variants have been found. Ingredients found within the pumpkin buns usually include a smeat patty, 7-16 leaves of lettuce, 4-9 slices of American cheese, and 5-13 slices of tomato. They can rarely have sesame seeds on the top pumpkin bun.2 They have no limbs and cannot move on their own.


The first known mention of a Jack-o'-Burger was found on a popular online chatroom application specifically for the backrooms, known as Backdoor. An archive of the conversation can be found here.

doorBACKDOOR Backrooms' #1 Chat & Forum

> Public Chatroom 2

> User @Jack_Is_whACK entered the room.

> User @Balls_In_Y0_Jaws_312 entered the room.

[Balls_In_Y0_Jaws_312]: ████ ████████████ ████ ████ ███████ ████ ████ ████████ ████ ████ ████ YOU3

> User @GYR0SC0P3 entered the room.

[Fedora_Man_007]: What the heck, man? Did you not read rule #37? No inappropriate usernames allowed.

> User @Balls_In_Y0_Jaws_312 was kicked from the room.

[Jack_Is_whACK]: Hello! This is my first time using Backdoor.

> User @Apple_Topped_Jeans entered the room.

[Appled_Topped_Jeans]: Hey hey how's everyone doin

[GYR0SC0P3]: i'm stuck in the backrooms. not doing well;

[Jack_Is_whACK]: So, I came across this giant burger, whihc seems to have a top and a bottom piece of pumpkin where its buns are supposed to be. It's kind of hard to describe. It's really big and I'm really hungry. Should I eat it?

[GYR0SC0P3]: chow down i guess

[Jack_Is_whACK]: *which

[Appled_Topped_Jeans]: Look it up on the database

[Fedora_Man_007]: Yes, try that.

> User @Tim entered the room.

[Jack_Is_whACK]: I already tried and I couldn't find anything.

[Appled_Topped_Jeans]: Hey hey @Tim long time no see

[Jack_Is_whACK]: Who the hell is Tim?

[GYR0SC0P3]: !usercount

> There are 5 users in the room. (4 members, 1 moderator.)

[Appled_Topped_Jeans]: An OG user, he's been around since the launch in 2016

[Tim]: Just here to lurk

[Jack_Is_whACK]: Oh. Anyways, I'm gonna have a bite.

[Jack_Is_whACK]: Wow, this is delicious!

[GYR0SC0P3]: that's good i guess

[Jack_Is_whACK]: Uh… I could have sworn I just heard a yelp.

[Fedora_Man_007]: It's probably nothing.

[Jack_Is_whACK]: feelin kind of sleepyyy and like im high on life

[Appled_Topped_Jeans]: Are you feeling okay?

> User @-_- entered the room.

[Appled_Topped_Jeans]: You there??

> User @Jack_Is_whACK was kicked from the room due to inactivity.

[Appled_Topped_Jeans]: I wonder where he went

[GYR0SC0P3]: weird

> User @TH3_5U55Y_GR3Y entered the room.

> End of Archived Conversation

The owner of the account @Jack_Is_whACK was never found, as it is impossible to trace where the messages were sent from. It is unknown if they are deceased.

Additional Info:

Upon consuming a Jack-o'-Burger, Skin-Stealers will shapeshift into one before eventually dissolving into nothingness.

Many wanderers use Jack-o'-Burgers for therapy. They have found that the kind and introverted ones are usually the best candidates, if they are willing to be a therapist. Many wanderers also become great friends with their Jack-o'-Burgers, some even falling in love with them only to be heartbroken.

Additional information on Jack-o'-Burgers will go here once more information has been found.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Talk to a Jack-o'-Burger if you have been holding it for long enough
  • Give a Jack-o'-Burger to a trained professional if you can
  • Be nice to a Jack-o'-Burger, regardless of their personality
  • Ignore a Jack-o'-Burger when it is speaking to you
  • Ditch all your friends because a Jack-o'-Burger is the only friend you need
  • Eat a Jack-o'-Burger

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