Entity 415

HABITAT(S): SD 5 Levels


Entity 415 are large beasts nicknamed Howlers. These entities are usually 11 feet tall, and are very lanky in structure. A Howler is easily recognizable by its glowing green eyes, black rock merged into its body, and constant low growls that the entity passively emits. These growls can be heard from a 10 foot distance, and if one hears a growl it is highly advised to move away or in the opposite direction of a Howler.


Howlers are not hostile towards wanderers, and will even run away from humans approaching them. These entities only fight back when absolutely necessary, using their hands to slash at approaching wanderers. Despite this, Howlers show incredible speed and endurance when running during a chase, even climbing on objects to gain height.

When a Howler is in an open area alone and is in danger, it will begin to convulse and hunch over, wrapping its arms around its chest. The dark rocks that cover its body will begin to grow, and after around 30 seconds it will shoot up and lean backwards to emit a ear-deafening shriek. Any animalistic, feral, or normally hostile entities within a 2 mile radius will be able to hear a scream from a Howler, and it is theorized that the Howler has a cognitive effect which "calls" other entities in the specified radius.

These entities will quickly begin to rush towards the sound of the howl, and at the point wanderers must begin to sprint as fast as they can. Said entities will enter an enraged state, similar to entities from Zone 3 of Level 197, and will not stop chasing their target until caught. When one escapes the level they are in, the Howler will resume its drone-like state until finding another wanderer, to which the cycle repeats again.


Howlers, when dissected, are very similar to humans, however there are a few changes.


A sketch of a Howler, drawn by the Data Digger who first encountered one.

  • Howlers' hearts will be polygonal black rocks, which beats just like a human's heart. Grinding can be heard as it pumps black blood through the being's body, assumedly the rocks of the heart rubbing together.
  • The lungs of a Howler are much larger than humans, estimated to be three times bigger than that of a middle-aged human. The organs wrap around the rib cage, spine, and extend down to the pelvis and even the tailbone. The lungs are supported by more black rock, resembling webs with how thin the material was.
  • Their vocal cords are much bigger and more complex than that of a human, and the neck bulges when it growls or shrieks. Cords are much thicker and durable, allowing the high-pitched scream to last for long durations.
  • The skin of Howlers is very tough, as most of the body is covered in the hard black rock mentioned prior. To cut into the skin, it took four members to pry open the stomach and two cutting into the rock to make it open. The only weak points on a Howler is the head, stomach, and spine. Every other part of the body is in some degree covered by rocks.
  • Howler's eyes are oddly similar to humans, only that the whites of the eyes are black and the iris is a dull green. Inspecting the retina shows no differences, and it is not known how these entities make their eyes glow green.

Every other aspect of a Howler mirrors that of a human. The leading theory from the Repository is that a type of infectious pathogen enters the bloodstream of a bleeding / wounded human and somehow morphs the body into a Howler. More research is needed to approach a conclusive result.


While exploring the forest of Level 220, a Data Digger came across a Howler alone in the clearing. When approaching it to see if the entity was peaceful, the Howler ran and climbed to the top of a hill. A log of further events is documented below.


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