Entity 400
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Entity Number: 400

Habitat: Architectural
Mimics are only found on levels that have the appearance of a building interior, where they can successfully hunt.

Security Classification: PUBLIC


Entrance, or “mouth,” of a Mimic.


Mimics are living organisms that can disguise themselves as several rooms with an ajar door as their entrance. These doors are commonly used by these creatures to lure in wanderers.

Sometimes, walls near the door can be marked with arrows as if they were painted by other people. The markings don't lead to an exit from the level, and were instead made by a Mimic. Moreover, it seems that Mimics can store all possessions of digested victims and use them to fill the rooms with useful objects as another way to make their prey come inside.


Mimics may look passive; however, they are similar in hunting style to a flytrap. In their true nature, Mimics are extremely hostile, especially when they are starving.

These entities have two phases:

  • Phase of waiting — Mimics wait for their prey with active camouflage. During this phase, Mimics try their best to look like a seemingly normal doors, waiting for a wanderer to have their curiosity turn against them. After a long period of starvation, they become more aggressive and start to lure people with almond water and other items, placing them with their agile stomach walls and appendages near the doors. When the prey enters, Mimics prepare acid to dissolve the victims while they investigate their insides. When the acid is ready, Mimics go into attack phase.
  • Phase of attack — in this state, Mimics reveal their true appearance. All the insides of the rooms will turn into flesh along with several flexible appendages. Their flesh is constantly excreting acid that is strong enough to quickly melt the body of a middle-aged human. The space inside the stomach quickly shrinks, with the door turning into curved teeth, becoming a proper jaw. If Mimics are hungry or provoked, they will go into their phase of attack even without prepared acid. They will cripple their prey until it is completely immobilized. When a wanderer is trapped, Mimics shift their insides and digest the victim.

Known encounters:
Report #1
Encounter with the Mimic in level 4.
Luring method:
Walls near the door were marked with two arrows.
The Mimic placed 2 bottles of almond water near the door.Through the doorway, a tourist backpack could be seen on the floor in the room.
A radio-controlled drone with a camera was sent inside the entity. With the help of it, 4 more rooms were investigated. Inside the Mimic, the drone found a wristwatch, a hammer, a lighter, and army boots. The entity was presumably unable to digest them; as a result, it left the objects to bait future wanderers.
The group who found the entity removed paintings and walked past the Mimic. The drone was crushed by the jaws of the Mimic on its way out.

Report #2
Encounter with the Mimic in level 21.
Luring method:
The door had no number or label, but possessed a first aid kit nearby.
The wanderer who found the entity did not look past the doorway, so it is unknown what objects the Mimic prepared as bait.
The wanderer walked by the Mimic unharmed.

Report #3
Encounter with the Mimic in level 290.
Luring method:
The wanderer found the Mimic by following its markings. An axe was placed near the door. A coat could be seen through the doorway.
Not realizing that he encountered a Mimic, the wanderer took the axe and began to move towards the coat. He noticed bite marks on the coat and a torn sleeve. The wanderer tried to run out the door, but the entity clenched its jaws on his left hand before he could escape.
The wanderer chopped off his hand with the axe and successfully escaped.

Mimics generally put one object right next to the door so that it is in line of sight. The rest of the items are located deeper in the rooms, usually distanced from each other so the victim spends as much time as possible collecting them.


Information about the body structure of these entities was obtained during an autopsy. Unfortunately, because the internal organs were extensively damaged in the explosion that killed this entity, many organs’ purposes remain unknown.

Among the destroyed flesh, three organs were identified: the stomach, 4 acid-secreting glands located near the mouth, as well as the sac in which the undigested belongings of the victims were stored. This sac is located in the upper part of the stomach. The entity also has a nervous system and a circulatory system. Mimics have no bones or organs of vision, but they are extremely sensitive to vibrations, using them for navigation.

At their essence, these entities are parasites that attach to the walls of levels in the Backrooms and prey on any living creatures. The interior, furniture, wallpaper, and door all consist of organic materials that camouflage with the Mimic’s hunting ground.

The door leads directly to the Mimic’s stomach. The stomach walls of this entity tightly envelop the victims during the attack phase, immobilizing them. Then, the stomach itself shrinks to the size of the trapped prey. The composition of this acid is unknown, but it is capable of dissolving organic matter while leaving the victim’s belongings unscathed. The acid itself is viscous and dark red. Nutrients from the stomach are absorbed by its walls. The necessary substances for the synthesis of acid are sent to the glands. Mimics can redistribute organic materials inside their body, which is how their disguise is built. The same ability allows them to change their size and quickly regenerate. This makes Mimics incredibly tenacious.

It is not clear how exactly Mimics move through the levels, but no traces remain at their previous locations. Usually, they change levels after a successful hunt, but if there are still potential victims in the vicinity, they remain at their current location.


The first recorded encounter with the Mimic was reported to the M.E.G. in July of 2013. A group of wanderers was investigating Level 196. They found the slightly ajar door and a machete impaled in the floor. The leader of the group opened the door a little bit to reach for the machete. Starving, the entity immediately went into its attack phase. The door was covered with rows of curved teeth, starting to bite and grind furiously. The Mimic chewed the unfortunate man with its jaws for 10 seconds until he was dragged away from the door. The leader of the group lost the left part of his body and died due to blood loss.

Additional Info:

It was noted that Mimics are unpretentious and can even devour other entities like Skin-Stealers. However, Mimics still prefer to consume humans. Currently, they have not attempted to lure a non-human into their trap. It is unknown whether entities enter Mimics accidentally or whether their method of luring entities has not yet been identified.

The blood of Mimics is green due to the content of chlorocruorin.

When Mimics are hungry, a sour smell comes from them as they begin to produce acid in the presence of the victim.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Keep safe distance.
  • If it can be done safely, remove the Mimic’s markings and replace them with warnings.


  • Enter the Mimic.
  • Touch the door or nearby walls.

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