Entity 4 - "Deathmoths"
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A close up picture of a Deathmoth taken by a wanderer.

Entity Number: 4

Habitat: Majority


Deathmoths are giant moths that inhabit the Backrooms. While the male Deathmoths are mostly harmless and possibly even tamable, the female moths are several times larger, can spit acid, and are entirely hostile. Deathmoths are attracted to light, so if you hear the fluttering of wings nearby, make sure to put any light source out. Smaller Deathmoths inhabit Level 2, Level 3, and Level 5, but the larger and more dangerous ones only appear in Level 5, where their hive is centralized and where the king and queen are. They have completely taken over the level, and are the only things there besides the mysterious beast.


Deathmoths vary in hostility and biology depending on the level they are found in. Level 276, considered the source of the Deathmoths, is where they are the deadliest and most aggressive. However, individual Deathmoths of every Level vary in danger.


The Deathmoths are giant moths, although they do not share many similarities with "Normal" moths. The majority of their lifespan, birth, and death, are completely unknown.


It is unknown when the Deathmoth Entity was found, but it seems that the group known as The Lost, called these Entities "The Flies of Terror".

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Avoid contact and do not act aggressive


  • Attempt to aggravate the moths or disturb the hives

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