Entity 39 - "The Arachnids of Level 8"
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Entity Number: 39

Habitat(s): Level 8

The Arachnids of Level 8 are any and all spider-like creatures found in the cave systems of Level 8.


A baby Frankenspider.

Survival Guide:

Level 8 is completely infected with spider creatures, but not every single one is hostile right away. Your best case scenario in Level 8 is to bring a flashlight, and Almond Water. The flashlight will allow you to see any spiders that may be in your way, allowing you to get past without disturbing them. The Almond water can be used to neutralize any poisonous bites you may receive.


The Arachnids of Level 8, otherwise known as Entity 39, is a collective term for the spider-like creatures found on Level 8. These spiders are extremely aggressive and poisonous, and should be avoided if possible. There are 3 known types of spiders on Level 8, although there could be more.

The Arachnids

These are the "normal" spiders of Level 8. They range from 2 centimeters to 2 meters in length, and some are highly poisonous. However they are not outwardly hostile. If you leave them alone, you're likely to not be attacked by them.

The Queen Spider

The Queen Spider is the mother of all "normal" spiders in the cave system. The Queen spider is HIGHLY aggressive and packs a potent venomous punch. She is about 7-10 meters in length, and will easily tower over most humans.


These spiders are unique in that they have impressive regenerative abilities, as their name may suggest. A gland found in its chest cavity heals the spider at an incredible rate, making them biologically immortal. Their queen has not yet been discovered.

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